How to disable the sound of the camera on the iPhone?

Apple is notorious for making life difficult for its users. Even such a banal operation as turning off the sound of the camera shutter is not easy to perform on an iPhone. The article will talk about several effective ways.

When you take a photo , iPhone makes a loud click that mimics the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because the characteristic click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out which of them became the object of interest and got into the frame.

Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake - they look for a solution in " Settings". But there is no toggle switch in iPhone's " Settings" to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone without jailbreak?

The easiest way to get rid of the shutter click is to set the gadget to silent mode. You can use a special lever located on the left side of the mobile device.


]". You need to go to the section " Sounds" in " Settings" and move the slider " Calls and reminders" to the left until it stops.

If the iPhone is in silent mode, the user, of course, will not hear more than a shutter click, but also calls and message notifications. This is a significant drawback of this method.

There are other ways to get rid of the camera sound:

  • Take pictures while shooting video. There will be no click, but the pictures will be of rather poor quality - because they will receive the same resolution as the video.
  • Shoot with headphones connected to the 3.5mm jack. In this case, the shutter sound will go exactly to the headphones, and others, most likely, will not be able to hear it. However, wearing headphones specifically for the purpose of taking photos without attracting attention is absurd.
  • Take pictures while the audio player is silent.
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Alas, all of the above methods are from the realm of “life hacks”. To remove the shutter sound at the software level, you definitely have to jailbreak.

How to turn off the camera shutter sound on a jailbroken iPhone?

On a jailbroken iPhone, you can disable the shutter click without affecting other system sounds. But for this you need to use computer software - one of the following file managers: iFile, iFunBox, iMazing. We recommend iFunBox because it has the most intuitive interface and is easy to use.

How can I turn off the shutter sound of the camera through the iFunBox file manager?

Step 1. Run the utility and go to the " Browser file" tab.

Step 2. Among the root folders, find the one that has the name " Raw File System" (" Raw File System"), and select it with the cursor.

Step 3. Follow the path /System/Library/Audio/UISounds. In the last subfolder you will find the file photoShutter.caf.

Step 4. Change the name of this file in some way. You can, for example, add the number 1 to make " photoShutter1", or swap the letters. Deleting the file photoShutter.caf is not recommended. Otherwise, if you later want to return the shutter sound, you will be faced with the task of finding this file on the Internet.

Step 5. Save your changes and close the iFunBox utility.

Mute the iPhone camera using different file managers is almost the same. Minor differences can be only in the early stages.

If the user of a jailbroken iPhone does not want to make changes to system files, he should resort to another way to disable the shutter click - download and install the tweak designed for this from Cydia. The tweak is called Silent Photo Chill and is available in the ModMyi repository.

Are there any iPhones that cannot turn off the camera sound?

Does the iPhone camera click even when the device is in silent mode? Well, we can only congratulate you - obviously, you got a smartphone intended for sale in Japan. Turning off the shutter sound on such a "mobile phone" will be possible only after a jailbreak.

It's all about Japanese law. One of the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun prescribes that any photographic equipment must necessarily emit a characteristic click while photographing - this applies to both professional cameras and mobile phones. The law is aimed at combating voyeurism, a sexual deviation that consists in the desire to spy on people in intimate situations. In Japan, voyeurism has become a serious problem after the opportunity to purchase a compact smartphone with a camera and participate in the "hunt for skirts" became available to everyone.

When buying a Russian amateur photographer, make sure that the iPhone is not intended for the Japanese market. Checking is simple: just pay attention to the name of the device model. Information about the model can be obtained by going along the path “ Settings ” - “ General ” - “ About this device ”.

Latin letters at the end of the model name carry information about the country. In our case, the name contains the letters RU, which means that the iPhone is intended for Russia. If the model name contains the letter J, the smartphone is “Japanese”.

Models with the letters KH in the name should also be avoided. These gadgets are made for sales in China and South Korea. South Korea also has a law similar to Japan's, although in this country voyeurism is not fought so hard.


There is no official way to get rid of iPhone camera shutter click. The easiest solution for the photographer is to turn off the sound on the gadget completely using a special lever.

There is also a method that allows you to remove only the shutter click, leaving the rest of the system sounds at the same level. However, only users of gadgets on which the jailbreak is already installed can resort to it. “Hacking” a device in order to get rid of the camera sound is just stupid.