How to disable the "Find iPhone" function?

The useful effect of the function " Find an iPhone" (" Find My iPhone ) It is difficult to overestimate: the function allows you to locate the lost gadget, remotely delete the personal information of the owner from the device's memory, block the iPhone, thereby turning it to theft into a completely meaningless thing.

However, the problem of the user this option can also deliver. Let's say if the phone " hung" and its owner expects to correct the problem by restoring OS through iTunes, it is waiting for disappointment - Aytyuns will give an error and recommends to turn off " Find My Phone. The service center will also not accept the gadget with the activated option " to find the iPhone" - just because it will not be able to do anything with such a device. Therefore, the priority task of the owner of a broken iPhone is the remote deactivation of the "capricious" function.

4 cases when you need to disable "find iphone"

without deactivation " Find My iPhone Do not do if necessary: ​​

  • Restore the firmware or update the operating system of the device.
  • Restore data from backup iTunes (about this procedure here ).
  • make a complete reset of settings (along with content).
  • Contact the service center to eliminate any system problem.

Experts recommend everything else to keep the function " to find the iPhone" included, but in fact, users do not always benefit from compliance This rule. If the attackers are able to take possession of password from iCloud of the user, they will easily be able to turn the gadget into a useless metal bar in order to follow the next blackmail of its owner.

How to disable the "Find iPhone" function through "Settings"?

The easiest way to deactivate the option " Find My iPhone" through " settings" smartphone. In this way, it is possible to use in the absence of a "crisis situation" - for example, if the gadget owner wants to restore data from a copy or simply accepted a weighted solution to abandon the use of the function " to find the iPhone, in order not to get into a stupid situation.


Disconnection is done like this:

Step 1. Go to " Settings" iPhone and select Section " icloud".

Step 2. Scroll down, find the button " to find the iPhone" and switch it to an inactive position.

Step 3. In the window that appears, enter the password from the Apple ID and click " Turn off. "

After that, to the email address (which serves as a login of an account ICloud ) will receive a notification that the function " Find My iPhone Disabled.

How to disable the "Find iPhone" function remotely?

If for some reason the access to the gadget, which needs to deactivate the option " Find My iPhone", no (smartphone is broken, stolen or lost), you can Take advantage of one of two ways to disable.

Both methods are able to give the result only if the lost device is "offline", that is, it is turned off or resides in " airport".

via the application "Find iPhone"

Install on any other device with the IOS operating system program " Find My iPhone"- in the AppStore it is available on this link. Next, do this:

Step 1. Go to the program by specifying the account data from account ICloud of the lost gadget.

Step 2. Wait for the program when the program will find ICloud devices.

Step 3. In the list of tied gadgets, find the iPhone on which you want to turn off the function.

Step 4. Spend your finger on the right to the line with the device - the red button " Delete will appear. Click on it.

Step 5. In the confirmation window, press " Delete".

Next, you can safely try to restore the gadget through iTunes or carry to the service center.

through a computer on the Iklaud

to untie the mobile device from the "Cloud" Apple can also be:

Step 1. Go to Official portal ICloud and log in.

Step 2. Open the application " to find the iPhone.

Step 3. Enter the password from iCloud again.

Step 4. In the navigation menu, click on the " button all devices" and find that the device you want to untie iCloud.

Step 5. Click on the string with the name of the gadget.

Step 6. You will find yourself on the page with a description of the device where you will see the " button from" Finding iPhone "(" Remove From Account ") in the center. Click on it.


Step 7. Confirm What you want to remove the device from iCloud - press " Delete" ("Remove").


If a small window appears instead of a page with a description The upper right corner (offering entering the device to the disappearance mode), then disable " to find the iPhone" need a little differently.

Press a small gray button with a "cross", located on the right in the string with the title of the gadget.

Then confirm that you wish to untie the iPhone from the "clouds".

If the device is in "Online" mode, the removal button will not appear.


It is necessary to bind iPhone to iCloud and activate the function " Finding iPhone"- a big question. Starting from 2012, the Internet will periodically shock the news that the next vulnerability has been found in the protective program from Apple, which gives fraudsters the ability to turn off " Find My iPhone", not knowing AppleID and password From ICLOUD - many of the identified methods are effective.

The effectiveness of the function is very doubtful, while the main disadvantage is obvious - if the phone hangs or break with the " to find the iPhone, to repair it very problematic.