How to disable T9 on Android?

At one time, we could not imagine work on the phone without T9. Writing the text without this technology turned into a real torment. T9 in those days was absent only on ultra-budgetary devices. Now the situation has changed. This T9 is already less likely finding his place on smart gadgets. The large screen allows you to use a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard instead. How to turn it on - will be told in today's material. We also mention how to remove autocorrection.

Disconnection T9

Some modern smartphones are still offered to use T9 to enter text. In this case, the keyboard takes the appearance of the one that is familiar to us through the button mobile phones. But often such a virtual keyboard does not have a rich vocabulary, because of what it incorrectly picks up words. As a result, the user is upset and starts thinking about how to turn off T9 on Android. And this is done very simple.

ATTENTION: On some branded shells, the T9 disconnection process may differ. Our example is given for Touchwiz - that is, for SAMSUNG smartphones.

Step 1. Go to " settings".

Step 2. Go to the " language and input". Here you contain all the settings regarding virtual keyboards and even voice input.

Step 3. In the " settings of the keyboard and input", you must select the virtual keyboard you use. What exactly do you use - you can find out when I look at the " keyboard by default.

Step 4. You found yourself in the settings of the selected keyboard. Here are looking for the item " Mode T9." Deactivate the switch next to it.

Please note: Many virtual keyboards do not have support for T9. For example, the default Google Keyboard offers a QWERTY layout, and therefore, after installing this utility, you will not need to visit settings. Yes, and on modern smartphones Samsung, the need to turn off the T9 occurs extremely rarely.

Turning off autocorrection

Sometimes under the words "Disable T9 on Android", the user understands not a notorious technology, from the 90s, and the author. The Android operating system as a whole and virtual keyboards in particular can automatically make letters in capital, place the points and correct the words. Sometimes it is not necessary to the user. You can turn off autocorrection without much difficulty.

Please note: this time we will show the actions on the example of “bare” Android - this is how you see the operating system on devices of the Nexus family.

Step 1. Go to device settings.

Step 2. Go to the " Language and input" section.

Step 3. Now turn your attention to the subsection " Keyboard and input methods". Here, select the virtual keyboard that you use to write text.

Step 4. On the page that appears, click on the item “ Text correction ”.

Step 5. Now you can turn off auto-correct items you don't need. So you can force the smartphone not to capitalize the first letters in sentences. You can also disable automatic word correction.

You can disable auto-correction on the T9 phone in another way. To do this, just launch any application and call the keyboard. After that, click on the gear icon and in the window that opens, select "Text correction".

Here you can set various typing options. For example, disable "Autocorrect" and "Hints". Depending on the version of the application and other features of the device, the names of some items may differ.

This is how easy it is to remove the T9 mode from the keyboard designed by Google. Other similar applications use a similar method to turn off auto-correction. And some virtual keyboards do not support this feature at all.