How to disable energy saving mode on android

To provide a longer work of the smartphone at a low battery level, the power saving mode automatically turns on. Sometimes it creates certain inconveniences. How to disable power saving mode?

Consider how energy saving mode is turned off on Android in the quick access menu or in the settings, as well as how to activate its automatic shutdown in cases where it is not Needed.

via the quick access menu

Step 1. Touch in the notification curtain Icon "Savings".

Step 2. Please note: the icon becomes inactive. This suggests that the power saving mode is disabled.

Disconnection on schedule

in order not to turn off the power saving mode manually, You can do this scheduled. It can be done so that the phone disabling unnecessary applications and wireless modules, for example, at night, especially if you do not turn off your smartphone at this time. In order to set the Schedule of Power Saving Mode, do the following:

Step 1. Go to Android settings. To do this, open the notification curtain and touch the gear image.

Step 2. Select Section "Nutrition and Performance".

Step 3. In the window that opens, go to additional settings.

Step 4. Activate the switch "Use on a schedule".


Step 5. Open item "Ending".

Step 6. Set the time to disable the savings mode. Press "OK".

Note! In the same menu, you can set the time not only automatic shutdown, but also automatically turn on the power saving mode.

Depending on the charge level of the battery

, the power saving mode is a useful function in cases where the battery charge of the phone is not outcome. However, when you put a smartphone for charging, the need for it disappears. In the latest versions of Android, you can set the power saving mode automatically depends on the battery level. To do this, go to section "Energy Saving" and activate the switch "Disable automatically" :

Pay attention! The phone will automatically turn off the power saving mode when the battery charge is achieved more than 60%.

Disconnection for individual applications

In some Android versions, the function of adding separate applications to exceptions is available. The program selected programs will not be distributed to the power saving mode and optimization of the battery consumption. To set exceptions, do the following:

Step 1. in the section of the power and battery settings, select "Exceptions from Energy Saving Mode".

Step 2. Activate the switches next to the applications you want to add to exceptions.