How to disable access to the microphone on android

With permissions, you can determine which data or functions will use applications loaded through the Play Market.

Most often, they are configured immediately after installation, when you first start. If necessary, you can limit access to previously issued features and data after loading. Next, we will tell you how to disable access to the microphone on Android through the settings and using special applications.

How to limit access to the microphone through the settings

on Android You can restrict access to previously issued permissions (for example, to the microphone and chamber) at any time. How to do this:

Step 1. Open the settings and select "Permissions" item here. In the open page, tap on the line "application permissions".

Step 2. Find in the list "Microphone". A new page will open, where you can limit specific applications access to the microphone. To do this, move the sliders to the state "ban".

Step 3. If there is no separate menu with permits on the smartphone, then using the settings, select "All applications" (may wear another name). Here find the application you want to limit access to the microphone.

Step 4. A page with installed programs will open. Here are found here "Application Permissions" (may wear a different name) and in the window that opens, limit access to the microphone or other features data.

Step 5. If you want to view a list of all available permissions, then click on the icon in the form of three points and select "All Permissions".


Step 6. You can also reset permissions and custom settings for all applications installed on your smartphone. To do this, in the list of applications, click on the icon in the form of three points and in the drop-down menu to "reset the applications settings".

Do not forget that some applications require constant access to the microphone. Most often, these include voice assistants, instant messengers and other programs that support calls or sound recording.

Antispyware applications

If you have blocked other applications from using the microphone through the settings, but this seems insufficient to you, then for maximum security of personal data you can use special utilities that block unauthorized access to the microphone, camera and geolocation.


Antispyware is a free utility with which you can block the camera, microphone, hide the location and prevent other applications from using user data. If necessary, you can configure notifications so that Antispyware notifies you if any program tries to access your camera or microphone.


KvdAntiSpy is an anti-spyware application that allows you to control other programs that have access to your microphone, camera, and location. With KvdAntiSpy you can monitor permissions in real time, create lists of approved applications and block programs with suspicious activity.

Paranoia Lite

Paranoia Lite is a free Android application that protects your smartphone from unauthorized access to camera, microphone and user data. Among the main functions is constant real-time monitoring. In addition, Paranoia Lite keeps an automatic record of all actions. Therefore, you can check the application activity logs at any time.