How to delete an application with iPhone?

AppStore is replete with free applications: the user literally scatters eyes when it comes to this virtual store for the first time. The user installs funny applications one after another, without arguing about their utility, as well as how the memory litter of the iPhone : will depend on. At the first "alarm symptoms", the user is already starting to think about how to delete applications from iPhone until the need to reset the settings to the factory has arisen. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove - the owner of the "apple" gadget has the right to choose himself, which he fits more.

We delete the program from the desktop

Removing games and applications from the desktop (this method is also called by 5-touches ) - the simplest option. Follow such instructions:

Step 1. Click " Home" to return to the desktop.

Step 2. Touch your finger icons of the application that you would like to remove, and hold 2-3 seconds until all the icons are trembling. After that, you can remove your finger.

You will see that "cross" appeared in the upper left corners of the icons.

Step 3. Click on the "cross" - iPhone will ask for confirmation of the removal operation and warn that all data stored in the program will be erased.

Step 4. Press " Delete", and the icon will disappear from the desktop - this means that the program is removed from iPhone.

Step 5. Click the " Home" (44] "button again so that the icons stop" trembling "and you could again fully use the gadget.

Please note that the icons of embedded applications also "tremble" with a long press, but the "cross" does not appear above them.

Delete any standard applications with iPhone is not possible.


We delete unnecessary applications through "Settings"

Delete programs through the built-in application " settings »You can only with those gadgets on which the iOS version is installed above 5.0 (inclusive). This method is more informative - users can see how much the memory is occupied by the program, and it is on this that it is based on the feasibility of removal.

To completely delete the program through " settings", act as:

Step 1. Go along the path " Settings"-" Main"-" Statistics", and you will see a list of programs installed on the gadget. Initially, only the most "weighty" applications will be displayed - if you want to view the full list, click on the button " Show all programs."

On the right you can see the weight of the application.

Step 2. Select an unnecessary application, click on its icon and on the next page click on the button " Delete the program". Then confirm the deletion in the window that appears.

This delete procedure completed.

How to completely remove applications through iTunes?

Email applications from the iPhone can also be through iTunes, let it be not the most convenient and fast way. It is necessary to act like this:

Step 1. Connect the gadget to the PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch Aytyuns.

Step 2. Select the connected device in the sidebar on the left. If there are no panels, you can call it by pressing Ctrl + S.

Step 3. On the Device Management Screen, select the " program tab.

Step 4. You can remove one of two ways. First method : Find an unnecessary program in the list and press " Delete".

Second Method : Listay Home Screens, select the one on which the unnecessary application is located, and click on the screen with the left mouse button. twice. Then just click on the "Cross" located above the unnecessary application.

Step 5. Press " to apply", and after synchronization The program will be removed from the iPhone.

Applications are not deleted: What is the reason?

If during a long pressing the "tremble" icon, but the cross in the upper corner does not appear, it means that the settings have a ban on removing programs. It is possible to remove this ban:

Step 1. Follow the path " settings" - " main" - " limitations".

Step 2. Enter Password of security (the one that you always enter when unlocking the gadget). Be careful: There are only two attempts!

Step 3. Switch the toggle switch in front of " Delete Programs" to the active position.

You can then delete applications in the usual order.

The owners of the iPhone with Jailbreak can also face problems when removing Cydia programs - often there are no "cross" on icons. In this case, to wash the applications better directly through an alternative store (the path " Cydia" - " Manage" - " Packages").

Is it possible to erase the game data on the iPhone?

Progress in games from the AppStore is tied to the account, so if the user wants to start the game first, he has two options:

  • Create a new account at the initial start of the application.
  • Remove the gaming achievements through ICloud. To do this, on the device you need to go along " settings" - " ICloud" - " storage and copies" - " Storage" and Switch the toggle in front of the application name to " . Off."

It is after removing the game data from iCloud a user can be sure that The application is completely.


An important advantage available to Apple's owners is that even after removing with the iPhone, any application can be restored, because programs They are binding not to a specific device, but to an account in iTunes. You do not need to worry for paid software: for re-loading a remote application to pay again they no longer have.