How to delete a contact on Android?

Android operating system, like any other, is not perfect. Therefore, users may have different problems, including those with preserved numbers. In this guide, we will tell you how to remove contacts on android, how to get rid of double contacts and correct other address book problems.

How to delete phone number in android

Delete contact from the phone book is easier than simple. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Run the application contacts (may also be called people depending on the version of OS)

Step 2. Press and hold on the contact you want to delete before the context menu appears.

Step 3. Press the " button to delete", and then confirm the selection.

How to remove contacts with SIM card

To remove contacts from the SIM card, you need First configure their display. The sequence of actions is as follows:

Step 1. Run the application contacts.

Step 2. Press the " " 51] menu " " smartphone.

Step 3. Application settings will open, press the " display button".

Step 4. Install the checkbox " Contacts SIM cards" to the position " included.

Step 5. Return to Appendix Contact, find the SIM card contacts appearing in the number list (they will be displayed with the corresponding mark), select and remove them at your discretion.

Batch removal of contacts

Allocate and delete each contact from the Android phonebook separately - a rather time consuming and boring occupation, if there are several numbers in the phone hundred. Therefore, you can use the batch removal function:

Step 1. Run the application "Contacts" and click on the icon "show more" (in the form of three points). In the context menu that appears, select "Settings".

Step 2. Here are found item "Group removal". Press "Select All", and then click on the icon in the form of a basket. If necessary, you can delete only the contacts of a specific group. To do this, go to the appropriate section.

On older devices, the procedure for action will differ slightly:

Step 1. Run the application contacts.

Step 2. Press themenu of the smartphone.

Step 3. Press the " button additionally.

Step 4. Press the " button packet removal".

Step 5. You will return to the application contacts, where you can set the ticks opposite the desired numbers and remove them with one click of the button.

Why double contacts

Installation of various firmware on a smartphone followed by The synchronization of the data can lead to the appearance of double contacts on Android. As a consequence, the book of numbers can grow up to indecent sizes, and the user will have to constantly wade through the debursion of the same contacts. It is possible to partially solve this problem with the help of a duplicate association function:

Step 1. Run the application of contacts.

Step 2. Press the " menu" of the smartphone.

Step 3. Press the " button additionally.

Step 4. Press the " button to combine duplicates".

Step 5. The OS will offer to find duplicates of contacts and combine them. Press the " button to merge" to start this operation.

How to remove duplicate contacts on Android

You can also remove duplicate contacts using the contacts using Means of service Google or third-party applications, for example, Duplicate Contacts. Consider both options.

Google Contacts

Step 1. Run the browser and go to the address

Step 2. Enter data from account Google.

Step 3. Press the " Find similar contacts" button.

Step 4. Select duplicate contacts and delete them.

Duplicate Contacts

Step 1. Install and run the application Duplicate Contacts.

Step 2. The program will scan the list of contacts and show if there are duplicate numbers on the smartphone.

Step 3. Select and remove duplicate contacts.


Any problem that arises with a smartphone is easily solved if you know what to do. In this guide, we have shared how to delete contacts on Android; in addition, on our website you will find solutions to other issues related to the address book - how to copy contacts from Android to computer, how to transfer contacts from Android to Android, how to restore remote contacts on Android, and others.