How to create playlists for iphone?

To create a playlist for iPhone, it is not at all necessary to be an ITunes connoisseur and a long-term user of Apple. This operation is routine, and it runs directly on your mobile device. How to make the owner of the iPhone to collect your favorite compositions in one selection?

The value of musical playlists is also known in winter - when the user iPhone is forced to take a glove on the cold, take into hand Metal apparatus and try to press the button on the sensor, which at a negative temperature is not very listened. Perform the listed operations every time in the headphones begins to sound the fed one melody, little pleasure.

Playlists allow you to group songs "under the mood" or on another criterion - it is enough to start one playlist, and nothing more to switch. Some users of Apple Technology avoid playlists, because they believe that they can be created only with the help of iTunes. Of course, this is a delusion: to generate playlists, it is not necessary to contact the stationary PC.

How to create a playlist on iPhone?

The user who wants to create a playlist, first need to be clarified which version of IOS is on its mobile device. If the "Ourser" version is below 5.0, first it is necessary to take care of the software update. Owners of "apple" gadgets with more modern iOS must act like this:

Step 1. Open the built-in application " Music" and select the tab " playlists" in the lower left corner.

Step 2. Click on the button " a new playlist..." with a red plus card.

Step 3. Assign the list of playback that is created, name. For example, if you collect music for training, you can call the playlist " Fitness".

Next, press " Save."

Step 4. Choose those melodies from the library you would like to see in the playlist. To add songs to the playlist, press the "+" button opposite its name.

To speed up the search for the composition, you can streamline tracks according to artists, Genre, albums using tabs located at the bottom of the screen.

After adding a song to the playlist, its name, like the button with a plus, change the color to gray.

Step 5. After completing the filling of the playlist, click " ready".

Thus, on the iPhone, you can create an unlimited number of playback sheets.

How to create a playlist in iTunes?

The skills of the formation of playlists in Aytyuns are mainly useful to conservatives who persistently do not want to update the OS of their devices to modern versions. Make a playlist in iTunes as follows:

Step 1. Open Mediacombine and follow in the " Music".

Step 2. In the top menu, select the " file tab and click on" a new playlist".

Create a playlist, and without resorting to the menu - using a combination Ctrl + N.

Step 3. Assign the name to the new list to be easier to navigate the list of existing selections.

Please note that iTunes automatically forms a number of playlists - for example, "Music of the 90s" and "25 most popular." In the last, let's say, include those compositions that, according to statistics, the iPhone user listens most often.

Step 4 . In the created playlist, add music. Press the " button to edit the playlist."

From the overall list of the library, drag the compositions that you want to include in the playlist, to the right side of the window iTunes.

Step 5. After fill in the playlist, press the " button".

Next, then the user arises to transfer the playlist from iTunes to the iPhone. Run it simply: it is enough to synchronize the gadget with a mediacombine. Connect the smartphone to the PC and follow in the device control menu.

Then press the “ Synchronize ” button which is in the lower right corner.

After that, disconnect the gadget from the PC and enjoy the selection with the best music.

How to delete a playlist from iPhone?

Deleting a playlist from an iPhone can be done in several ways:

Option 1. In the “ Playlists ” section of the “ Music ” application, swipe from right to left on the playlist, then press the red button “ Delete ”.

Option 2. Go inside the playlist and click on " Delete". Then confirm your intention to say goodbye to the collection by clicking on " Delete playlist" in the menu that appears.

Option 3. Delete selection in iTunes, then sync iPhone to PC.

All methods are equally effective, only the last one is much more time-consuming than the first two.

Genius playlist - what is it?

Behind the pretentious name Genius hides one of the Apple ecosystem services. The function of this service is to select tracks within the library that are similar in style to the one the user is listening to.

Service Genius operates as follows: it receives information from the owners of Apple technology about the order in which songs are played in their personal media libraries, accumulates information, analyzes it based on a secret algorithm and based on behavior The mass of users gives recommendations to a particular music lover. Streaming services and Pandora operate using similar methods.

A user who has the opportunity to consult with Genius should not be sure of his own exclusivity - data about his musical preferences is also analyzed by the service.

The Genius service is completely free - only iTunes 8 (or higher) and an account in are required from the iPhone owner) iTunes Store. Before using the service, you must activate Genius. How it's done?

Step 1. Launch iTunes and select the “ Music ” section.

Step 2. Find the block " Music playlists" on the left side of the screen and click on the item Genius.

Step 3. A window will appear, acquainting the user with the capabilities of the service. It is at this stage that Apple warns that it will collect and store information about the musical preferences of the Gadget owner.

If you are satisfied with the conditions put forward by the "apple" manufacturer, press the " button to enable Genius.

Step 4. Wait for the activation procedure to complete. That the inclusion of Genius was successful, will notice the following message:

to start "ingenious »Playlist, the user needs to choose one of the compositions of the library (key) and then select the" file to select " " - " New Genius playlist.

Genius -Pleist will appear in the list " Musical playlists".

If Aytyuns"swears" and gives an error, the reason is most likely due to the insufficient number of songs in the library.

Service Genius is able to rescue, for example, when organizing a festive evening for Valentine's Day. For the user to do not independently select the romantic compositions from the library, it can click on the conditional " Lady in Red" Chris de Bourg and to start the useful Apple service to business.

How to create a smart playlist for the iPhone?

Smart playlist is a list of playback with songs automatically selected iTunes in one or more criteria.

Here is an example: the user of the iPhone wants to "clean up" the library and remove the song from it that is rare. It can form a smart playlist, choosing the "reproduced" criterion (the number of listening) and putting the value "less than 3 times". After listening to the selection, it will definitely decide which compositions should be sent to the "basket", and what is worth provide one more chance.

Mediacombine allows the owner of the gadget to apply a huge number of criteria - it is possible to select songs by genre, by year of release, in duration, even by tempo. Of course, all these data should be spelled out by ID3-tags of compositions, otherwise the sorting will not be completed. Create a smart playlist follows this:

Step 1. Run the iTunes programand in the " file" of the main menu select " New smart playlist".

Start the process of creating a smart playlist can be and otherwise - through the keyboard key CRTL + ALT + N.

Step 2. In the form that appears by clicking on the line, where the default " artist is registered, open the list of criteria, then select the appropriate.

We will try to select the most dynamic compositions, so we will establish the criterion " pace.

Step 3. Determine the condition of the criterion - in the adjacent field, where originally established " coincides with." Once we want to quickly music, here we need to choose the option " more than".

When choosing the condition "coincides", it will be possible to select the composition according to the exact value of the tempo, and, By setting the condition "C", you can form a range of permissible values ​​- for this you will have to fill the fields "from" and "to".

Step 4. In the final field, write the value of the parameter. To get a smart playlist with dynamic music, we will make a number 160.

If one criterion is not enough, through the button "+" You can add them as much as you need.

Step 5. Complete the process of forming a selection by pressing the " OK button. To transfer the created playlist to a mobile device by synchronization.

Users of Apple's technology often arises the question: what is the difference between the smart playlist and Genius -plastylist, if both are compilation of similar music? The answer is simple : In the formation of a smart playlist, no secret algorithms are not used - the selection of compositions is carried out more mathematically. Creating a selection Genius - the procedure, to the end understandable only by Apple developers.


Create a playlist directly on iPhone and through iTunes is the same simply - that's just the second way to take more time, Which will definitely leave the user to search for a USB cable and launching a capricious mediacombine. Therefore, to contact Aytyuns For the formation of musical collections, it is advisable only in three cases: First, if the user still needs to throw music from a PC to an iPhone - the formation of a playlist in this case will be a side, Second, if the user has an Apple gadget with an "Operation" of the old version (up to 5.0) and it simply cannot create a selection on a smartphone, Third, if the iPhone owner needs smart - Pleylist or playlist Genius. List of reproduction lists of the last two species can only be formed on PC.