How to create email on Android phone

How to create an email on the Android phone, if there is no computer at hand, and Email is needed urgently? We tell how to make it simple and quickly.

When registering in various services, creating electronic wallets or to pay for the purchase in online store can not do without email. It is something like a virtual user passport. It is necessary for work and communication. Create an email on a PC or laptop for most people is not difficult, but make email on the phone is also quite easy.

postal services, both free and paid, there is a huge amount. Consider how to make email in several most popular free services.

Gmail email

Another 10 years ago postal search giant was not So popular, and now without it can not do the owners of mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

without Account Gmail The user has no access to numerous Google services, including game store and applications Play Market, Google photo, Cloud storage and others.

How to create mail (account) Gmail

Do this in the phone settings or in a mobile browser - difference in the process of creating Email No:

Step 1. Open the program "Settings" in the phone or mobile Google browser and go to the tab "Accounts". Scroll down the screen down and click on the inscription "Add Account".

Step 2. In the service list that opens, select Google. Next, select "Create Account".

Step 3. Indicate what purpose an account is created - a personal use or control business.

Step 4. In the Fold field, enter the required data: the name and surname (not necessarily use these data, you can specify fictional).

Step 5. Specify the number, month, year of birth and the floor. If you specify age less than 18 years, access to the content of the services will be limited, as it adapts under minor users.

Step 6. Come up and enter the login and password from Email - the password must contain from 8 characters, consist of Latin letters and numbers and be complex.

Step 7. After creating a login and password, the service will offer to specify the phone number - it will be needed if you have to change the password from mail.

Step 8. Take the Terms of Service - To do this, scroll down the document down and press the button "I accept".

Email Yandex (Yandex)

"Yandex" - a popular Russian search engine with a variety of additional services, including e-mail.

Create email in "Yandex" can be in several ways. Most Android phones already contain the built-in Mobile Browser Yandex, in which you can create an account with mail. In addition, you can make email in the Settings application. Another way is to download from Play Market Program "Yandex.poshta".

How to create an email on Yandex

Consider the option of creating an account and Yandex Mail through the phone settings.

Step 1. In the settings of the device, go to section "Account" and click on "Add an account".

Step 2. In the service list that opens, select Yandex and press item "Create ID".

Step 3. In the form of registration, specify the phone number to which the service will send the code for identification (to this number then The email created) will be tied).

Step 4. Enter the resulting code in the field that opens. In some cases, it is entered automatically. Sometimes the service does not send the code, but makes a call to the specified number, and the user for identification you need to enter the last four digits of the number from which the call was performed.

Step 5. After confirmation using code or call in the registration field that opens, specify the name and name, then click on the button "Next".

Step 6. Come up with login and password - the system will automatically offer login options, but they can be deleted and introduced mine. After that, the process of creating an account in Yandex will be completed.

If you often use the browser Yandex, authorize the mail created to see correspondence. To do this:

  • Open the Mobile Browser Yandex and go to the mail page - for this, click on the envelope icon at the top of the screen;
  • The service will propose to choose the account to which the mail will be tied - specify the newly created.

If you don't need a browser, download the application "Yandex.poshta" and log in to it with the help of a newly created account.

Email Mail. Ru

Create mail on the service Mail. Ru in two ways: through the application or mobile browser. The mailing process is almost in both cases the same.

How to create email Mail. Ru

Service For security purposes, it does not allow to create screenshots, so rely on the step-by-step actions outlined below.

Step 1. Download in Play Market Program Mail. Ru or open any browser on the phone, type in the search bar Mail. Ru and go to the registration page.

Step 2. Fill in all the proposed fields (name, surname, date of birth, floor) and accept the terms of use.

Step 3. Specify the phone number to restore the password. If you do not want to specify the number, select the phone that there is no phone and the service will be prompted to enter characters from the image to identify.

Step 4. Allow access to certain parameters or skip this step - if necessary, you can later make changes to the resolution through the settings.

Step 5. Press the button "Ready" and on this process of creating an email Mail. Ru will be completed.

Yahoo Mail

In Russia, this postal service is not particularly popular, but one of its useful functions is the ability to create additional postal addresses. They are created instantly, and at any time they can be deleted, while the main account remains working. Such "temporary" boxes are convenient if you need to register on any site, but I do not want to specify the bullet. In addition, users Yahoo are available 1 TB for data storage.

How to create Yahoo]

as in The case with mail Mail. Ru, for safety , Yahoo does not allow creating screenshots, so rely on the step-by-step actions below.

Step 1. Download the mail service application from Play Market and launch it.

Step 2. To create an account, click on the inscription at the bottom of the screen "Register".

Step 3. Make the data required by the service in the opening form: name, surname (you can use fictional), Mail address, password, phone number, date of birth. Paul indicate optional.

Step 4. Confirm that you are not a robot by selecting the desired image elements.

Step 5. Allow the service to send an SMS message with the verification code to the phone number specified during registration. After receiving the code, the mailing process Yahoo will be completed. You can proceed to setting up an e-mailbox.

Rambler mail

Internet portal Rambler stood at the origins of Runet, and from 1996 to 2011 search engine Rambler was one of the leading in Russia. Now the Internet portal includes a large number of services, including the free mail service of the same name.

How to create a Rambler mail

To create an email

Step 1. Download Rambler/Mail from Play Store and launch it.

Step 2. In the entry form that opens, select the option "Registration".

Step 3. The new user registration box will open. Enter the data that the service requires: the login and password of the mailbox being created, the security question and the answer to it.

Step 4. Enter characters from the picture.

Step 5. Enter your first and last name, gender, and date of birth. The system also asks you to specify the locality, but you can skip this item.

Step 6. Press the “End registration” button. After that, the process of creating email Rambler will be completed.


Email, despite being considered an anachronism by many, remains one of the most convenient means of communication for people. You no longer need a computer to create it - you can easily set up an email account on your Android phone. The fastest way to create mail is in the service - this can be done in just a few steps.