How to connect wireless headphones to Android

Before use, Wireless headphones must be connected to a Bluetooth smartphone. Consider how this can be done on the example of the device on Android.

Regardless of which type of wireless headphones, you use ( TWS, Overhead, Full-size ), they are connected to the smartphone android to the same principle.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. Charge wireless headphones. If TWS are used (27] headphones, which are equipped with a charging case, check that it is charged. Usually, this is evidenced by the corresponding LED indicator.

Step 2. Before connecting, get the headphones from the case before connecting. For full-sized or intra-channel headphones, this step can be skipped.

Step 3. Move the device to search mode so that the smartphone can find it. For example, to connect the wireless RedMi Airdots, you need to hold the buttons on both headphs until it is turned off (you will hear a beep). Then, you need to hold both the buttons to turn on the headphones and some time after that while both indicators will not shine white.

Note! On how to translate your wireless headphone model to search mode, you can learn from the instructions or on the manufacturer's website.

Step 4. Open the settings "Bluetooth" on the smartphone while holding the finger on the corresponding icon in the notification curtain.

Step 5. Activate the switch next to paragraph "Enable Bluetooth".

Step 6. in section "Available devices" Your wireless headphones will appear. Click on them to start pairing.

Please note! The left headphone automatically synchronizes the sound with the right earphone. Therefore, if the phone has discovered both headphones, the connection is still performed to the right, since it is the main one.

Step 7. Check "Allow access to contacts and call log" (allow you to receive incoming calls) and press "Accept".

Step 8. The headphones will appear in section "conjugate devices". Here the battery will be shown here and the current state, for example, is actively and connected.

Step 9. In order to open additional settings, select a conjugate device from the list. A menu will appear in which you can configure whether to use headphones to call and play music. Here the device can be turned off.

If it is not possible to connect to headphones

If you cannot connect to headphones, then On the screen of the smartphone, a corresponding notification will be displayed.

If this happened, check the following:

  • Do headphones are charged and whether they are extracted Case.
  • whether they are included. To enable, use the device hardware button.
  • whether they are within the radius of visibility. Remember that Bluetooth Radius is limited. Therefore, if you remove from headphones too far, the sound will become a breakdown or disappear.
  • Headphones are working correctly. Try to make the factory reset and create a new pairing.
  • Wi-Wireless smartphone module is working. This can be checked by connecting another device to the phone.

E ON only one earphone

If the sound works only in one earphone, Perhaps you are inappropriately connected to the phone the left headphone instead of right. On each device there is a designation for which you can determine which headphone you use:

  • R is the right earphone.
  • L is the left headphone.

In addition, it may be that the right earphone you connected to the smartphone, and the left is simply not synchronized with it. In this case, put the headphones in the case and get them again. Or, simply press the button on the left earphone and it will automatically connect to the right.

Another way is to make a reset of wireless headphones. About how to do this, read in the instructions for a specific model. If, nothing of this does not help, perhaps the second earphone is simply faulty.