How to connect Windows Phone to a computer?

any smartphone that is needed not only for calls, but also to view photos and videos, listening to music, reading books and other media solutions, will not be able to fully Without connections with a computer. Mobile gadgetholders often need to connect Windows background to a computer to transfer files between devices, save backup copies of important contacts and messages, synchronize custom settings and data.

In most cases, the task to connect Windows 10 Mobile to a computer is performed very simply and does not require any advanced knowledge and skills from the user. But still the novice owners of the smartphone will not prevent a step-by-step instruction, which allows to avoid possible errors in the process.

Compound of the smartphone and computer

So, for connecting a smartphone to a PC, you can use two ways: standard Windows desktop version and phone manager application, which can be installed from the Windows Store store (you need desktop Windows not lower than version 8.1). Modern operating systems make the process of connecting a smartphone with a computer as simple as possible and convenient, without installing drivers and perform operations on a mobile device.

Method No. 1. Explorer

To connect Windows Phone to a computer using a conductor, you must insert a connecting cable to the computer's USB port and the corresponding connector (mostly micro-USB) smartphone. After that, a new device will appear in the My Computer window (if the connection is performed for the first time, it may take some time until the computer recognizes the gadget).

By double-clicking the smartphone icon, the user will be able to perform various steps: Download and delete files, view the contents of the internal storage and SD cards - In general, working with a mobile device, as with a conventional flash drive.

The smartphone also appears in Device Manager :

Method number 2. Phone Manager application

You can install it from the Windows store (on Windows 10 it is installed along with OS) by reference

when connected Smartphone to computer The program will start automatically. If it doesn't, you need to launch it from the Start menu. The main window of the Phone Manager looks like this:

media files, contacts, documents and notes. The application gives detailed tips on how to use various functions of the smartphone, which will be useful for users who are just starting to work with Windows Mobile.


Microsoft has made both desktop and mobile versions of Windows equally functional, convenient and easy to learn. Thanks to this, to connect a smartphone to a computer, the user does not need to look for third-party programs - standard applications preinstalled in the operating system are enough.