How to connect the iPhone to the radio?

On how to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder, not only those drivers who are going on the far path are thought. Many motorists do not think even a short trip around the city without beloved music. Fortunately, to combine iPhone and modern radio tape recorder in the audio system can be in several ways.

More and more drivers refuse to keep the idea in the USB flash drive machine with music. It is much easier to connect to the radio iPhone and listen to songs loaded into its memory than constantly searching where the tinted medium of data has been driving.

Methods for connecting a "apple" device to a car stereo system. When choosing the most convenient way, the user is limited primarily by the technical characteristics of its machine and the radio itself.

How to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder using AUX cable?

Using AUX cable - having plugs 3.5 mm on both sides - is the most obvious and easiest way to connect the iPhone. One plug is inserted into the 3.5-mm connector on the radio, the second is in the headphone connector on the gadget. The "apple" device in this case acts as a sound source, and the car stereo system - as an amplifier.

However, Apple on the official website does not mention this method - and therefore does not approve his. Connection via AUX cable really has a number of disadvantages:

  • Driving a playlist using the buttons on the radio itself can not be.
  • The space in the car is lit by wires.
  • The gadget battery during listening to music is discharged.
  • iphones of the 7th modification in this way can not be connected. They have no 3.5-mm connector - headphones are connected to USB Type-C.

Eliminate the last disadvantage can be possible by purchasing a special adapter USB Type-C to 3.5-Jack. Such an adapter is inexpensive - it can be ordered from China for 80 rubles. However, find the adapter with Type-C to standard Jack in domestic communication salons and shops is not easy.

At the iPhone connection to the radio with AUX, there are advantages. First, this method does not require deep adjustment of the gadget or radio - it is enough to set the appropriate mode in the automotive stereo menu. Second, the user can listen not only songs from its own musical collection, but also FM radio - if, of course, it will install any application-radio.

How to connect iPhone to a radio in the machine via USB?

All modern radio tape recorders are equipped with USB ports. Connection diagram is simple: the cable USB plug must be inserted into the corresponding stereo connector, and the plug on the other side (Lightning, 30-Pin or Type-C) is in the mobile device.


With such a connection, the close relationship between the head device and the smartphone is set, so that it becomes possible to control the gadget, both using the buttons on the radio and through the remote keyboard, placed on the steering wheel.

The method of connecting an iPhone via USB has a different advantage - during the operation of the player, the gadget is also recharged.

Lack of connection via USB is only one - the presence of unnecessary wires in the cabin.

Aphon connection via bluetooth

Connecting a "apple" gadget to Bluetooth magnetol - a more complex method than two described above. However, in case of success, the motorist will be able to avoid using the wire.

Connect the iPhone with a car stereosystem via bluetooth:

Step 1. Go to " settings" iPhone and find the section " Bluetooth".

Step 2. In the " Bluetooth" switch the same slider to the active position.

Step 3. Open the menu " " on the radio and select the option " phone. After that, the radio starts the Bluetooth signal of the mobile device.

Step 4. Install the pairing - in the device " of the device" on the iPhone screen, select the automagnet model and enter Password. Password is usually simple - 0000.

Step 5. Wait for the connection to be completed - it may take a couple of minutes. The connection is successfully installed, you will learn from the message that will appear on the radio display.

The connection method through bluetooth has a number of disadvantages:

  • Active Bluetooth quickly discharges the battery.
  • The data transfer rate is limited by the technical parameters of the mobile device and the channel bandwidth.
  • The wireless data transmission protocol is not present in all radio tape recorders - although over time the number of radio without Bluetooth is rapidly reduced. By the way, to solve the problem of the absence of Bluetooth will be able to acquire a special module that connects to the auxiliary connector of the radio.
  • When installing the pairing, the user may encounter the fact that the iPhone does not see the radio.

Problems when connecting a "apple" gadget with a car stereo system through bluetooth is not uncommon. On the Apple website there is a whole section dedicated to how to solve them. The cause of problems can be, in particular, the irrelevant version of iOS on the iPhone. The user who wants to connect the smartphone with a radio wireless way, will have to update the "Operation" on its mobile device to the newest version.

What is CarPlay and how to use it?

CarPlay is a communications solution proposed by Apple motorists. The main task of CarPlay is to give the driver the opportunity safely to use the mobile device behind the wheel. Once the device is connected to the CarPlay, the iOS interface is broadcast to the built-in information and entertainment system and appears on the display posted on the torpedo.


Put routes in navigator, Write and send messages, receive calls, as well as to control musical playlists A motorist may not be distracted by the road - for example, with the help of voice control Siri.

Connect the iPhone to CarPlay will succeed with 3 methods:

  • via a USB cable.
  • By pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel.
  • via Bluetooth.

If the first two methods are obvious, then the third needs more detailed consideration. The method of setting the pairing described above will not suit - the user needs to act somewhat differently:

Step 1. Activate the creation of a pair of Bluetooth in the car.

Step 2. On the mobile device, proceed along the path " settings" - " main" - " CarPlay" - " Available cars" (" Available Cars ).

Step 3. In the list of available cars, choose your own. So the user will start the iPhone connection process to CarPlay.

The method of connecting to CarPlay via Bluetooth may differ slightly depending on the iOS version of the mobile device!

Unfortunately, while the carplay is capable of not every owner of the apple device. The list of machines that support this feature is limited, and it includes only premium cars. The first to integrate CarPlay in their cars were Mercedes and Volvo. Now with this feature employs 49 machine manufacturers. With a complete list of cars supporting CarPlay, you can familiarize yourself with here.

Not every iPhone is also suitable for working with CarPlay. We need a gadget of the 5th or more new modification with the iOS version above 7.1. Apple Tablet Connect to CarPlay will not be able to.

Connecting to Magnetol O Car

Owners of iPhone 4 and 4S, deprived of the ability to use CarPlay, can resort to another curious way to connect "Mobile..." To the radio - also wireless. The French firm Oxygen Audio launched the original O Car Magnittor. The main feature of the radio is complete integration with the iPhone.

The O CAR device is equipped with a dock connector, with which it is connected to the gadget. Smartphone is fixed between two clips. The holder can be left in a horizontal position or deploy to vertical. The control of the audio system is carried out from the "Mobile Phone" touchscreen. Challenges entering the gadget are processed through Bluetooth headset.

The advantages of using O Car are:

  • There are no excess wires in the cabin.
  • iPhone recharges until the motorist listens to music.

minuses are larger, and all of them are essential:

  • there is no possibility to reproduce Music from another carrier (for example, from flash drive).
  • O Car It is difficult to find on the market - the goods are considered obsolete, like all accessories intended for iPhone 4 and 4S.
  • The acquisition of O Car "will fly into a penny" - the cost of the product in online stores is now 6.5 - 7 thousand rubles.

What should I do if the audio system cannot be connected to the audio system?

To connect the iPhone to a regular audio system of a car, which initially no interface for connecting external data carriers, you can use the FM transmitter. This device is able to broadcast MP3 files to the FM radio wave.

How to configure listening to music via FM transmitter?

Step 1. Insert the transmitter cable with Jack 3.5-mm into the mobile device.


Step 2. Connect the FM transmitter itself to the car cigarette lighter.

Step 3. Install any radio frequency on the transmitter.

Step 4. Activate the radio mode and select the same frequency.

Step 5. Run on the iPhone reproduction of the musical composition. If the connection is successful, you will hear the song in the columns of your audio system.

Method of connecting an iPhone to a magnetol through the FM transmitter will not be reliable. In urban areas, use this device will be problematic due to the fact that the ether is so crowded - a bit of free frequencies. Therefore, the FM transmitter should be considered as a temporary solution - for that period, while the driver saves money to a modern audio system.

In Britain, the distribution and use of FM transmitters is prohibited. "The Law on Radio" of this island state is punishable by everyone who "steals" radio waves. In Russia, there is no prohibition on transmitters. These devices are sold in all major electronics stores and have a trifle price - about 300 rubles.



Of all the described methods, the content is most convenient to connect an iPhone to the radio with a USB cable. No "dances with a tambourine" - insert the plugs on both sides and rejoice in music! The gadget itself will be recharged, and not to spend energy - this is the main advantage compared to the connection through AUX.

attention also deserves a way to play music from iPhone on the radio through CarPlay technology. However, this method is available not to all motorists - only owners of expensive foreign cars or premium audio systems.