How to connect smart watch to the phone android

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular. They can not only send notifications to their owner and track his sports activity, but also open up additional opportunities for him. But, how to connect a smart watch to an Android phone?

Any smart watch interacts with a smartphone through a special application that can be downloaded from Play Market. Usually, on the box with the device you can find a link or QR code , making it easy to download the desired program.

Consider the connection process using the example of Xiaomi Amazfit and their proprietary application Mi Fit. The tips below can be applied by connecting any smart watch - only the visual design of the assistant program and the location of menu items differ.

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Check the smartwatch battery. If necessary, put them on charge. Usually, this takes no more than 3-5 hours.

Step 2. Open your smartphone settings and in "Connected devices" or "Wireless connections" (name may vary from the version of Android installed) find "Bluetooth". Move the switch to the on position.

Step 3. In subsection “Available devices”, the name of the smart watch will appear.

Step 4. Open the application store Play Market and in the search bar enter the name of the program (in in our case Mi Fit ). Select "Install", and when finished press "Open".

If there is a QR code on the smart watch box, it must be scanned — Play Market will automatically open on the desired application.

Step 5. If you are running the app for the first time, you may need to register. Enter your email address and create a password. Instead, you can also sign in using a third-party service, such as Facebook or Google. In this case, you do not need to create a password.

Step 6. In order to connect the smart watch, click on " +" in the upper right corner of the application.

Step 7. Select “ Clock ” from the list that appears.

Step 8. Warning will appear that when the device is connected, information about activity, sleep and user pulse will be collected. To continue, select "I agree".

Step 9. Select the type of clocks that you are going to connect.

Step 10. For a faster pairing, bring the smart clock closer to the smartphone.

Step 11. If the device was successfully connected, a notification MI Fit will be fixed in the notification cortex. This is necessary in order for Android to automatically unloaded the running application from the device's memory, thereby possible uninterrupted synchronization hours and smartphone.

If the clock loses communication with the smartphone

in most smartphones on top of Android, a corporate shell from the manufacturer is used. In addition to differences in the interface, it may contain third-party optimizers, which are designed to improve performance devices and increase its energy saving.

However, some shells without parsing are discharged from memory any applications that work in the background, due to which the clock loses communication with the smartphone and cannot receive notifications. In order to correct this problem in Mi Fit, you can do the following:

Step 1. In the tab "Profile" In section "My devices", select the connected smart clock.

Step 2. Lay item "Start in background" and click on it.

Step 3. Read the instruction that is contained on the current page. As can be seen to avoid breaks in connection, you need to change the autorun and battery management rules. To do this, in turn, you must press "Go to Settings" buttons. It simplifies the search for the desired settings in the Android system.

Step 4. In the autorun settings, find Mi Fit (or another application, if used - Chances from another developer) and move the switch "Allow the application to start automatically" to the position is enabled.

Step 5. In the Background Settings, select the parameter "no restrictions".

In the smartphones of different manufacturers, these settings may differ slightly. However, the essence does not change. It is necessary, first to allow the application automatically, if suddenly, for some reason it will stop working. And secondly, you need to prevent system optimizers from closing the program to save energy. The battery life of the smartphone will not change from this, since modern watches use energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 and newer, and the problem will be solved.