How to connect a computer to the Internet via iPhone?

Everyone knows that you can organize the distribution of Wi-Fi from iPhone. But this way of “sharing” the internet is not the only one; there are even more effective ones. In the article we will describe in detail each of the possible ways.

iPhones of the latest modifications can fully replace laptops and stationary PCs. However, some operations are simply inconvenient to perform on mobile gadgets. For example, when reading blog articles from a large laptop screen, the user strains his eyes to a much lesser extent than when trying to make out letters on a small gadget display.

Luckily, Apple developers have endowed iPhones with the ability to share mobile internet. By organizing the distribution, the user can connect the PC to the Internet and continue to perform their tasks on the device with a more comfortable keyboard and large screen. There are several ways to connect a computer to the Internet via iPhone: the user can choose which one is most convenient for him.

How to connect a computer to the Internet via iPhone: a common method

Most often, users connect their PCs to iPhone via Wi-Fi. We will not describe this method in detail – there is a article on our website dedicated to it alone. Let's just tell in a nutshell: the owner of the iPhone needs to find in the “ Settings ” section “ Modem modem ” and activate the toggle switch of the same name.

Then the user should switch to the PC and click on the network icon located in the taskbar.

Next, you need to find your device in the list of wireless network connections and connect to it.

How to provide a PC with the Internet via a USB cable?

You can distribute the Internet from iPhone to a computer via USB as follows:

Step 1. Switch the slider " Tethering" in " Settings" iPhone to the active position. You will see the following window:

Select the option " USB only".


Step 2. Connect the gadget to the PC with a USB cable. A blue strip will appear at the top of the iPhone screen - the right sign that the pairing between 2 devices is installed.

Step 3. On the PC, go to " Network Management Center and General Access", then follow the " section Changing the adapter parameters".

You will see that a new connection to the local network appears in the list of network connections, called as a mobile device.

Try to enter the Internet. You will find that when connected via USB, the data load occurs even faster than via Wi-Fi.

At the PC connection to the USB gadget there is a different advantage: the charge of the iPhone battery is consumed to a much lesser extent.

How to use Bluetooth to connect a computer to the Internet?

Connect the iPhone to a laptop to distribute the Internet through Bluetooth. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Go to the " Bluetooth section in" settings"iPhone.

Step 2. Switch Bluetoothtoggle switch to the active position.

iPhone will start searching devices for pairing.

Step 3. Activate Bluetooth on PC. If the laptop is equipped with the corresponding module, the wireless adapter icon will be in the system tray (at the right side of the screen).

Click on the Bluetooth icon with the right mouse button and select " Open the parameters.

In the " parameters Bluetooth" check the box next to " allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer."

Step 4. Once again, click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and in the menu that appears, select the option " Add device.

So you will run the search procedure on the computer.

After the PC finds the iPhone and the pairing will be installed, you can enter the Internet via the browser on the computer.


Despite the fact that iPhone users are more familiar to distribute the Internet to a computer via Wi-Fi, the wired connection looks even preferable. It slowly consumes battery charge and provides a higher connection speed.

Method of connecting via Bluetooth Among users is unpopulated for a number of reasons: First, not on all PCs there is a Bluetooth module, Second to The pairing has become possible, the user will have to find and install the necessary drivers. Few people want to spend at this time, especially if you consider that the benefits of Bluetooth connection compared, say, there is no Wi-Fi connection.