How to clean the phone for android from garbage: manually and using programs

Without time, unnecessary files accumulate in the memory of the smartphone. They not only occupy free space, but also negatively affect the speed of the device.

To "garbage" files, it is customary to attribute cache and other unnecessary data (including temporary). For example, those that remained after reinstalling or deleting applications and are not used by the system. Next, we will tell you how to clean the smartphone from "garbage" and free up the memory manually or with the help of special applications.

as Delete Manual cache data

Cache is an intermediate buffer in the internal memory of the device in which temporary files are stored (including multimedia) and data. Most often, they are downloaded when the application is first started or on a special user request (for example, caching online music, video recordings).

With the help of the cache data, the device is quickly accessing the necessary information, thereby speeding up the operation of some applications or download pages in the Internet browser. Over time, too many unnecessary files accumulate in the intermediate buffer. Perform the following steps to clear the cache on the tablet or smartphone:

Step 1. Open the menu "Settings" and select "Storage" or "Memory" (the name may differ depending on the version of Android), which is located in the section "Device".

Step 2. A page will appear with detailed statistics of free and occupied memory. Press the line "Internal Common Drive".

Step 3. Scroll down the page down and press item "Kesha data" to delete the data of all cached applications. Confirm the action by pressing the "OK" button.

After that, all temporary applications data will be deleted from the device, including cached music, video and photographs. Other files needed for faster programs will be downloaded again, so you can not be afraid that you delete something important.

Applications for cleaning the smartphone

In addition to the contents of the cache in the internal memory of the device, other "trash" data is stored. For example, system files of already remote applications or old saves from games. Unfortunately, clean the android from the garbage manually will not work (only looking through each folder individually), so it is best to use special applications.

Clean Master

Average estimate in Play Market : 4.7

Clean Master is a free application with built-in antivirus to optimize mobile devices based on Android. Suitable for deleting cache and "trash" files. Additional built-in functionality:

  • Master of cleaning of RAM One TAP Boost;
  • Analysis Wi-Fi networks and protection against unauthorized connections;
  • AppLock to block applications.

The application is distributed free of charge and perfectly combines the functions for cleaning the memory and the anti-virus protection of the smartphone.


Average estimate in Play Market : 4.5

CCleaner is a multiplatform program to remove unnecessary files and monitoring system. Allows you to optimize the operation of the device, clean the cache, as well as get rid of other time data.

Additional features:

  • Built-in Task Killer to control tasks;
  • Function " Hibernation programs" to disable applications operating in background ;
  • Analysis of the load on the processor and the search for energy consumption programs.

In addition, the application is suitable for monitoring the main indicators of the system status and secure Internet surfing.

SD Maid

Average estimate in Play Market : 4.5

SD MAID is a set of tools for managing applications and files. With the SD MAID, you can delete "garbage", clean the cache, manage installed system and third-party applications. Additional feature:

  • Optimization of databases and internal memory management;
  • Built-in search for files (including duplicates) by name, date or other parameters;
  • Task Scheduler to launch schedule applications.

The program applies to a conditionally free basis and is suitable for optimizing Android database.

The applications described above are solely as examples. If for some reason they do not fit you or simply do not like, then in Play Market you will easily find another software with a similar functionality.

How to clean the smartphone from the garbage

completely clean the smartphone Or the tablet from garbage can only be using special software. In this example, we will use the free SD MAID application.

How to clean from unnecessary files Any Android device:

Step 1. Install the application via the Play Market, and then run it.

Step 2. On the main screen, click on the green button "Scan" to start searching for unnecessary files.

Step 3. A notification will appear with a request to give the SD MAID utility access to the internal memory and the SD card. Press to "provide access", if necessary, allow the application to view other directories, and then press the button "Ready". An analysis of the internal memory of the device and of the SD card will begin(if available).

Step 4. When the analysis ends on the screen, detailed information is displayed with explanations where and how much memory can be released.

Step 5. Click on the desired line to get acquainted with the list of files found in any of the categories presented. For example, "System". In the lower right corner, tap on the red icon in the form of urn to remove the data shown here.


Step 5. If you want to delete all files immediately, then press the button "Start now" at the bottom of the screen, and then confirm the action by selecting "Start".

After that, all "trash" files will be removed from the device. You can re-scan the system at any other time.

Now you know how to clean the phone on android from garbage and temporary files. To optimize the operation of the device, scanning with subsequent removal of temporary and other unnecessary data is recommended at least once a month.