How to choose a table for a laptop?

A $20 table will allow you to work from home comfortably and stay healthy.

Modern man is mired in digital. Office workers sit at computers for 8-10 hours and, when they come home, they immediately stick to laptops. And if workplaces are usually decently equipped, then a home laptop usually travels throughout the apartment, ending up on the sofa, bed, and even on the user's stomach. Carrying a laptop, a person tries to find a comfortable position, since he is no longer able to sit at the table.

Of course, using a laptop in bed and putting it on yourself for health reasons, to put it mildly, is not very good. Even worse from this is the device itself, which “suffocates”. However, there is a panacea - this is a table for a laptop. In the article we will tell you what tables are and how to choose the right one.

Features of laptop tables

If your idea of ​​a laptop table is something like a school desk, you are wrong. Tables for laptops have a number of features, and the main one is the presence of special holes (or grooves) for heat dissipation. Thanks to this, you can significantly extend the life of the device.

If you're using a pillow as a laptop stand, you can start digging its grave now.

The second feature of the tables is portability. If the table weighs 5 kg, it is already considered heavy. On average, tables weigh only about 3 kg. It will not be difficult after use to fold such a table and send it to the wardrobe until the next time. Folding design boasts most laptop tables.

Tables with adjustable tilt angle of the tabletop are very convenient. Thanks to this feature, you can create the most comfortable working conditions for yourself. And so that the laptop does not slip, there is a side at the edge of the table top.

Manufacturing materials

Tables for laptops are made of different materials:

  • Tree.
  • Wood waste boards.
  • Glass.
  • Bamboo.
  • Light metals (usually aluminium).
  • Plastic.

The preferred material, in our opinion, is wood. Such tables are environmentally friendly, look great and are quite durable. Just look at this miracle from Bradex.

Products made from wood waste are not as environmentally friendly as wood products because glue is used to make them. But they are cheaper. Although plastic tables are considered the cheapest. Here is a know-name table from AliExpress that costs only $15:

for morning tea. The main advantage of such a device is that it weighs like a feather.

Metal tables for laptops are usually made of aluminum, as this metal is lightweight. Here, for example, Laptop Table X0016 with the ability to adjust the height of the legs looks very massive. It's hard to believe that it weighs only 1.5 kg.

A real gift for an aesthete will be a glass laptop table - although it is not easy to find one on sale now. Combinations are more common. For example, with a glass top and metal legs.

Bamboo products are also an infrequent guest in Russian stores, although it's a pity, because such tables are environmentally friendly, durable and look just super.

Types of tables

Tables for laptops differ not only in materials from which they are assembled, but also in design. Let's talk about each type in more detail.


Stationary tables differ from ordinary computer tables in their compact size. Because of this, they, as a rule, do not have drawers and shelves where personal belongings could be folded. There is also no compartment for the "system unit".

This is not to say that this is a very convenient option. Such a table, even if it is in a corner format, will still take up too much space in the room. And there's no way to put it together.


Hanging laptop tables are securely attached to the wall - they are also called wall tables. There are many different options, the simplest one is in the photo below.


Hanging tables are more convenient than stationary tables because they don't take up as much space. There are modifications with shelves and drawers, as well as with a folding table top.


Such a table is a must-have for those who like to work in bed. Most stand models have an angle-adjustable table top. The user will be able to work comfortably without worrying that the laptop will “suffocate”.

When you're done, you just put the stand in the closet. Such compact tables are made of wood, plastic, even light metals in combination with glass, but in any case they weigh nothing at all - not much more than the laptop itself.

Transforming table for a laptop

We have already presented a popular transformer table - this is Laptop Table X0016. If you're wondering why it's called a transformer, take a look at the photo below.

Due to the ability to adjust the legs, such a folding table for a laptop can be turned into a stand for further use of the laptop on the bed. Or set the tabletop as high as possible and work while standing - there is an opinion that when the posture changes productivity of labor increases. And when the work is done, you can assemble the transformer and hide it, for example, under the bed.

Of all the tables, the transformer is perhaps the most convenient. And the price, by the way, does not bite. Folding tables cost from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

Bedside table

Bedside tables are made in the shape of the letter "L", the top is attached to the bracket and is adjustable in inclination. Bedside tables have wheels, which is why they are also called rolling tables. Here is a product with double ventilation and an elastic band for fixing a laptop offered by Roll:

A laptop table on wheels can be used not only for work, but also, for example, for eating.

What else to look for when choosing a table?

We must also remember about health. Any ophthalmologist will confirm that in order to preserve vision when working at a laptop for a long time, it is important to keep a certain distance between the eyes and the screen. How to understand what this distance is? Extend your hand and touch the screen with your fingertips. Made? Great - this is the optimal distance. In order for you to be able to comply with this requirement, the laptop table must have sufficient width. It is better if the width is 50 cm or more.

Length is also important. When working at a laptop, both hands should lie on the surface to the elbow, and not hang. The main drawback of compact tables-stands and transformers like the mentioned Laptop Table X0016 is that hands cannot be placed on the table top. Such tables are not for long-term work, but to correspond with someone for half an hour at night.

If the table is not adjustable in height, you need to choose according to your height. The top of the screen should be at eye level for the user. We strongly recommend that you refuse to buy a table that is too high. You can not look at the screen from the bottom up - this is fraught with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

And finally, color. The table should be made in pastel colors - this will help to concentrate on mental work. Light blue, pale green, yellowish - that's what you need. Flashy shades - orange and red - will be more annoying and distracting. Say “no” to gray too, especially if you live in a metropolis. Gray drives one into depression, so designers are generally not recommended to use it in the interior.


To work comfortably with comfort, it is not necessary to make the permutation of furniture and equip the working area. Having bought a compact Stand for a laptop or a bedside table, you can work on the sofa and even in bed without fear of turning your laptop. However, the most convenient option is the suspension table with a folder folding upwards. Such a table will not take much space in the apartment and will allow the owner to work for a laptop for a long time and without prejudice to health.