How to choose a smartphone case?

Mobile Accessory Market - Buyer Market. The range of various covers and bumpers is now just gigantic. How not to get confused and choose exactly the case, which is 100% justifies expectations?

Selecting Cover for a smartphone Buyers in the salons sometimes pay even more time than the choice of the gadget itself. It is understandable: It is the case that plays a decisive role in how the smartphone will look like. However, in the catalogs of cellular salons and electronics stores, an explicit imbalance is observed: covers for iPhone and Samsung of different types on the shelves mass, but to buy an accessory for the Chinese model like Xiaomi or Meizu - a real problem.

But this problem has a solution. In the article we will tell, where and how to purchase a cover for any smartphone, as well as clarify whether to buy a universal accessory.

Does the Case for the Smartphone need?

Demonstration of the bright individuality of the gadget owner is not the only reason why the case is necessary. This accessory also performs other functions:

  • is used to protect. It is a protective function that is the main one - any case even with the most nontrivial design should be able to save the gadget when falling or soften the blow.
  • serves for convenience. The case provides friction due to which the risk of gadgets from the hand is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the case contributes to more comfortable use of the device with a metal case in the cold season.

What makes the covers make?

The material for the case is capable of serve:

  • leather. Unfortunately, most of the "leather" covers are not made of natural material, but from leatherette. The buyer can make sure that when familiar with the contents of the label. The low value of the material explains the minimum cost of such covers (200-300 rubles). Clip-case from genuine leather from Apple is about 3,500 rubles.
  • Plastic. Covers from this material are the cheapest - in the salons you can find similar accessories with cost below 100 rubles. The main disadvantage lies in the tactile sensations : to touch the plastic cover is much less pleasant than to the leather. But plastic is a flexible material: from it you can create an accessory even the most bizarre form.
  • Fabric. Fabric covers went into the past and are in demand only among the conservatives. A fabric cover is not able to save the gadget when falling - it can only be protected from dust and scratch. The cost of such accessories is very low - in the salons they, as a rule, are launched with stock products and are sold for 50-70 rubles.
  • Silicone. Silicone case - another anachronism. Such products were at the peak of popularity of a dozen years ago - then they were put on push-button models. Now in stores you can find lining on the rear panels from silicone - moreover at the lowest prices. Silicone has a significant drawback - it is short-lived : a cover from this material in just a few months of operation literally falls apart.
  • Tree. Tree case is a real find for fans of environmentally friendly materials. However, this accessory is quite difficult to find on shop windows - in addition, its cost may be an unpleasant surprise for the buyer.
  • Metal. From the point of view of protection against metal case there are no questions - they provide the best protection compared to products from other materials. However, the metal case significantly increases the weight of the gadget, and it can deliver the owner of a mobile device of inconvenience. In addition, the cost of metal accessories is quite large.

What types of covers are found?

Covers differ from each other not only by materials from which they are created, but also a way to attach a gadget, degree of protection, shape, design. Stripping from all the criteria given, it can be determined that the covers are the following types:

Flip-Case (it is a folding case). Often such a case is called a book, but this is erroneous: bookcases look different. The camping case consists of two panels: front and rear. The rear has side edges that fix the device. The front closes the screen when the smartphone is not used, and drops down when the need to take the call.

Flip cakes are very popular. Such a cover perfectly performs a protective function, protecting the gadget from all sides. The user can easily access all connectors and physical buttons. There are no particularly significant disadvantages of flip cases, however, when buying, you should pay attention to how the front panel is connected to the back. If the fastening is unreliable, the front panel may simply fall off during operation.

Recently, flip cases without side edges have become widespread - the gadget is fastened with Velcro. It is not recommended to buy such cases for a number of reasons (even though they are cheap): firstly, the smartphone inside such a product is not fixed securely enough and may fall out, secondly, on the back of the gadget from the "Velcro" there will certainly be a trace.

Cover-book (aka cover-cover). Just like the flip case, it consists of two panels, only the front panel folds not down, but to the side.

Such covers have a rather presentable appearance and are very popular, especially among girls. In addition, they provide reliable protection. But book cases also have disadvantages. The main one becomes obvious at the first attempt to receive a call: the front panel has to be turned behind the back when talking, otherwise it covers the user's face and wildly interferes. The second disadvantage is that now more and more book cases are produced with Velcro, and such a mount, as we have already noticed, is unreliable.

Since 2013, universal book cases with large cutouts on the back panels (for a camera, a flashlight, etc.) have appeared on the market. The cost of a universal cover is much lower than the original one, but the buyer is likely to be disappointed with it.

According to many portals, the overlay is the most popular type of cases for smartphones. In fact, this is doubtful: book cases and flip cases look much more impressive and protect more reliably. The overlay covers only the back and sides - the screen remains vulnerable.

Overlay cases have two advantages: firstly, they do not increase the weight and size of mobile devices, second, they provide room for bold design decisions. For example, among young girls, a version of a cover-lining with bunny ears is popular. The main drawback was mentioned in passing: since the screen is not protected, the owner of the gadget has to glue the film.

Covers can be made from various materials. Accessories made of silicone and plastic are more common, less of metal and wood.

Bumper. The bumper only covers the sides of the smartphone. Because of this, there is a feeling that the gadget is not protected at all

However, the bumper protects the smartphone much more reliable than it seems. The edges of such an accessory face a little over the surface of the smartphone, so if the gadget falls the plastics directly to the screen, there will be no damage - it will take the bumper. The advantages of such a cover are to cheapness, as well as in the fact that it practically does not change the appearance of the device - let's say, for many users iPhone it is extremely important to show that they are in their hands it is an iPhone.

Case. This option is the easiest and one of the cheapest, but you won't call such a case. The device is fully placed in a case-case and is out of it with the help of stons.

The case is made of opaque material and has no cutouts that would give access to connectors and physical buttons. The main advantage of the case is the ability to ensure comprehensive gadget protection.

The popularity of such covers in the past, and one of the reasons for this is a global trend towards an increase in the size of mobile devices. The case on a smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches would be completely ridiculous.

Holster. Cobar Case, which is attached to the belt, still enjoys in demand among men, although it looks like a "aliel from the past".

Cobura has two advantages: first, it really reliably protects the gadget, secondly, hobur Easy to pick up for almost any size for a smartphone. However, to use the mobile device, it will have to completely remove from such a cover, and this is not all convenient. In addition, Cobar Case - an inappropriate solution : A young man, "dressed" his gadget thus risks to be ridiculous with his peers.

There are other types of covers - say, moisture-proof, sports type, with an additional battery - however, they are less common than those listed and look rather specific solutions.

How to choose a case for a smartphone?

First of all, it is necessary to abandon the acquisition of universal covers, which consultants of the salons often impose on customers as a decent alternative in the absence of original accessories.

A universal book is not capable of performing any of the traditional functions of the cover. It will not be able to guarantee reliable protection, because the smartphone is attached to the rear panel only on the "velcro". The design of the universal case is also hardly pleased - most of these accessories are performed in a very ascetic style.

To buy a case for a smartphone and do not regret it, follow these tips:

Decide whether you need a cover Urgently or you can wait. If your smartphone is "dressed" in an old cover, which "breathes on incense", but to continue to protect the gadget for some time will be able to order a new accessory in some of the Chinese online stores (for example, Gearbest or Aliexpress ). Chinese trading platforms have become a real discovery for Russians - here and prices are lower, and the range is wider. For owners of rare smartphones models, Chinese portals - Panacea; In the catalogs of these stores you can find a cover almost any gadget. One misfortune: delivery from China has to be expected by a month and a half on average.

If you do not have a cover capable of providing a temporary basis to protect your gadget, it is better not to risk - you should refuse the option with China and purchase an accessory in the cabin.

Decide on the material and view of the future cover. Each user has its own subjective preferences and approximately represents "its perfect case". On the compromise when choosing a cover, it is not worth going - this is the best way to be disappointed in the purchase.

Do not buy a cover in the cabin without interpreting. Even if the box is written that the accessory is intended for the model that lies in your pocket, get a packaging cover and put it on a smartphone .. Why is it important? The real chaos is often created in the warehouses of outlets - especially when revisions are held. As a result, the box may not be at all the accessory about which is stated on the label.

Feel free to apply for the exchange. For this, you do not need a solid reason - Suffice to say that the accessory did not like. Exchange must be manufactured while performing three conditions:

  • from the moment of purchase, no more than 2 weeks passed;
  • Accessory retained a commodity look.
  • The buyer has a check.

Return the case back to the store without packaging it is possible - but still packaging is better to save. Store consultants will be difficult to sell a case that has no box.


Choosing which case for the smartphone is better suitable, not only the appearance of the accessory should be taken into account, but also the degree His ability to protect the gadget. Cover books and flip cases perform protection function on "excellent", therefore it is recommended to prefer their linings and bumpers.