How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

There have never been in your house a robot vacuum cleaner? We will tell why he is needed and how to find a suitable model.

Each (well, or almost every) the mistress will agree that the floor washing is one of the most tedious work on the house. Different flooring, whether it is a carpet, linoleum or laminate, require a specific approach. If the four-legged pet dwells in the apartment, the cleaning is complicated by the fact that with sex you have to collect wool, scattered feed and wipe tracks from dirty paws. Naturally, the Force takes away Nemeless. And the dust under the closet and the bed also does not remove itself...

Fortunately, our world moves towards automation, more and more devices facilitating household tasks appear in stores. Modern owners no longer chooses the idea to rush around the apartment with a broom and a cloth, they are worried about other questions - for example, how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment?

In terms of efficiency , the vacuum cleaners are not inferior to manual, and smart functions allow you to customize the schedule, duration and cleaning mode. Of course, such amenities are present only in top models, but also a standard robot flap is good at least that it does not have to move it manually. It will collect dirt and with an open surface, and will be pregnant to hard-to-reach places, that is, look under the bed, wardrobe, etc.

If you always dreamed not to spend your legitimate weekend with rags, a robot flask for an apartment is exactly what you need.

We know what to buy an unfamiliar gadget is not easy, so they wrote a guide especially for beginners, that is, for those who were thinking about what robot vacuum cleaner Choose for your home.

For the most impatient: it is very brief about how to choose the right vacuum cleaner

by the type of flooring and the availability of animals in the house. What is selected by the floor: laminate, parquet, carpet, tiles, linoleum? Is there animals in the house? If this is a cat, does the vacuum cleaner for the toilet fall in the area of ​​the vacuum cleaner? Learn the characteristics of the devices with the answers to these questions. The fact is that some vacuum cleaners better cope with the removal of wool from the carpet, others carefully clean the solid wood and vinyl coatings.

by budget. On the purchase of a multifunctional robot flap, you can spend from 10 to 100 thousand rubles. The models of cheaper is characterized by a very meager set of settings, they do not have mobile roller brushes, Wi-Fi and other advanced features. However, for novice users and such a device will become a favorite home assistant.

For the convenience of control. Many models of smart vacuum cleaners are configured through a mobile application. Some save data on work progress. The question is only one: do you want to control the cleaning process via the smartphone or not?

by duration of work. The greater the battery capacity, the longer the vacuum cleaner will be able to work before charging it is necessary. Accordingly, such a model is optimally choosing for a spacious home. You can save, preferring a device with a small battery, which is independently returned to the docking station and recharges before continuing.

Those who are not sufficient for some brief tips, we suggest to understand the details, how to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for the house.

Why do you need a rob in the house?

The future that fiction writers dreamed about, has already come. By cities ride cars without drivers. Drons are observed for safety from the sky. While the whole family at work and school, a robotic vacuum cleaner is cleaned in the apartment.

Of course, the purchase of such a vacuum cleaner will not get rid of the need from time to time to carry out general cleaning with your own hands. However, his help is difficult to overestimate: he will pick up eating crumbs, filler for cat toilet, hair, threads and wool, lumps of dust and other countless garbage. Put it in the office, and instead of contemplate the flooded floors, you can pay more time to work. As a rule, the Roboklazos launches once a day or several times a week on a schedule. Special HEPA filters for allergies will additionally take care of your health.

What robot vacuum cleaner to buy for a big house or apartment?

The main criterion for beginners choose a robust flax is the scale of the home. Some models in their dimensions and battery life are more suitable for small apartments, such as Ilife V3S Pro. Others, like Irobot Roomba S9, for more overall premises (apartments with four and more rooms or houses with an area of ​​180 square meters).

It is still necessary to take into account which area will be available on the fact that the vacuum cleaner is available: not everyone can freely go under the furniture. Usually it hinders a large body with a camera at the top. So, Dyson 360 Eye 12 cm height will not be cleaned under the sofa or chest. Unlike it, EUFY ROBOVAC 11S 7.5 cm high has better permeability.

What on the floor - a tree or carpet?

Most of the robots vacuum cleaners are well coped with cleaning carpets and solid wood. ROOMBA S9 and other high-end models with the camera themselves change operation mode depending on the type of coating, increase the power when the carpet is detected and reduce the speed when moving to the wood coating. The presence in the house of the Palace or a short rigid vice carpet can also affect the choice. It is worth remembering that the models from the budget list tend to stick on carpets with a long pile.

The easiest way to choose a robot flap for cleaning the floor of solid wood, that is, for parquet and laminate. You don't have to bother very much, you can take one of the cheapest, for example, Ilife V3S Pro (it will be perfectly cope with the collection of pet wool).

For vinyl and tiled floors, it is better to better search for a function of a wet cleaning (present in Irobot Braava Jet). But here it is necessary to remember that the full floor washing such a model will not replace: judging by tests, hybrids, which can and wash the floor, and wash the floor, none of the tasks do not cope with the top five.

Are there any cats and dogs in the apartment?

The presence of pets is taken into account by many producers of Robosles. Already mentioned Ilife V3S Pro and Roomba S9 show the best results to remove wool from carpets and solid surfaces. In addition, they are equipped with HEPA filters that purify air from allergens.

Robustles capable of cleaning wool, scattered feed and filler for tray - this is, of course, an indispensable assistant in cleaning. However, its disadvantage is maintenance. Brushes are rapidly wear out, filters are clogged. All these consumables require a timely replacement. We must not forget about the need to shake often and wash the container. To do it less often (not every day, but let's say, every more cleaning), it is better to look for a model with a container from 600 milliliters.


Do you need smart functions?

Internet is our relationship not only with friends and close, but also with household appliances. ROOMBA models, Shark Ion R85 ​​and many others are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and a convenient mobile application, however, the set of functions and settings, these applications can vary greatly. Accordingly, the control of the vacuum cleaner will be more or less convenient.

If an application is developed for a robot flap, it is most likely supported and voice control through Yandex Alice, Google Assistant or another helper. If so, you can activate the device with a simple "start cleaning" command.

But after all, the presence or absence of an Internet connection is not the main criterion for choosing a robot of the vacuum cleaner. Models with Wi-Fi cost more than standard, so in order to save from wireless functions, you can refuse. At the same time, it should be noted that some devices are equipped with two types of control at once - a mobile application and remote controls on alkaline batteries. For example, the semi-premium Samsung Powerbot R7070 comes with a remote control in case the user does not want to control it from a smartphone.

What about hybrid vacuum cleaners?

The idea of ​​combining dry and wet cleaning sounds tempting only in theory. Testing by the Tom's Guide website showed that hybrid robotic vacuum cleaners (vacuum cleaner + floor washer) are not capable of performing either of the two functions qualitatively. Only iLife V5s Pro received a good rating from the site, and only due to the fact that it is inexpensive and vacuums more or less well. As a floor washer, he is very, very mediocre.

So it's better to buy a specialized robot floor polisher for mopping.

Autonomy as always important?

Long-term autonomy is generally viewed in a positive light. But for choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, this nuance is not unambiguous. If you have an ordinary two-three-room apartment or a studio in general, you can exhale - there is no point in shelling out for the most long-playing device.

On average, the robotic vacuum cleaner can work up to one and a half hours without recharging. Expensive models - up to two hours. Some may return to the station on their own to recharge, and then continue with the unfinished cleaning. We refer them to the most profitable and economical options.

How much money to cook?

Robotic vacuum cleaners differ significantly in size, height and scope of functions. The price also depends on this. Since the issue of finances is acute for most buyers, we will tell you when and how to choose an inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaner for an apartment.

As with other gadgets, the more money you give away, the more opportunities you get in return. Of the advanced features, the most useful is building a map of the premises for accelerated cleaning. Devices with a camera or sensors Lidar have this capability. But if we talk only about cleaning, then cheap robotic vacuum cleaners for 15 thousand or less do just as well as models 3-4 times more expensive.

What can you get from a vacuum cleaner for beginners worth less than 15 thousand rubles?

Low to mid-range robot vacuums fall into this category. They offer a long cleaning time, spacious containers, they have a low height and, accordingly, good passage under furniture. The trade-offs are that these models often lack Wi-Fi connectivity and room mapping functionality. Their movement looks chaotic, and where the vacuum cleaner will move in the next second is quite difficult to predict.

What can you get from a vacuum cleaner for 15-50 thousand?

First, more or less streamlined navigation (applies to models with a camera). At the bottom of that range is the popular Roomba 675 with Wi-Fi and voice control but no mapping. A more advanced level is the Neato Botvac D4 and Neato Botvac D7, which have sensors for detecting obstacles and building a map. The most advanced models can be forced to be sent to a specific room for cleaning.

What can you get from a vacuum cleaner that costs more than 50 thousand?

Multifunctional and reliable home appliances have never been cheap. There are not so many robotic vacuum cleaners in this price range. And in truth, most people get along just fine with cheaper models. Advanced functions are:

  • Scan the room with an IR camera or Lidar.
  • Mapping multiple floors.
  • Forced cleaning of specified rooms.
  • Teamwork with other robotic vacuum cleaners and cleaners.

Top of this segment according to Tom's Guide is iRobot Roomba S9+ with IR camera. Its docking station is equipped with a container where the collected garbage is transported during recharging. This means that after each cleaning you don’t have to empty the container in the vacuum cleaner itself - it’s enough to shake out the garbage from the station once or twice a week (the S9 + version with a docking station without an additional container also exists and costs less). S9+ can work together with the iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot cleaner. The combo turns out to be expensive, but so effective that you will forget about the need to wash the floors by hand for a long time.