How to choose a quadcopter: Guide for beginners fly

This day has come: Advertising and entertainment video in Instagram did their job. Now you do not let the idea that you definitely need Quadcopter. Congratulations, ahead of the mass of unforgettable moments.

It remains only to decide which your first model will be.

Piloting of the quadcopter is one of the most exciting hobbies that have appeared in recent years. It is a chance to see the usual world from a new perspective, a dream of a dream for those who always looked at the aircraft flying over the head, but because of the circumstances chose a different profession.

In stores, they are full - large and tiny, with the camera and without, simple and painted no worse than sports cars. In general, for every taste and color. And yet, despite the availability, the quadcopter - the technique is quite complicated. How to be a newcomer who still does not understand anything in drones, but really wants to join their world? It was for such people that we wrote this guide. He will tell about the various features of quadcopters and best models put up for sale in the current year. Get ready, there will be a lot of information.

What quadrocopter do you need?

Since you looked into this material, it means that you are aware that just some Dron from the nearest store will not suit you. And most likely you know that among quadcopters there are several diverse categories - racing, children's, for aerial photography, sports, amateur, etc.

So, first of all, it is necessary to give preference to some one category. Further choice will depend on the characteristics, quality of execution, ease of management, cost and user reviews. Each model has strengths, and weaknesses. So the final choice of the copter is unlikely to cost without compromises.

Meet the quadcopters and important notation

Quadrocopter is an unmanned aerial vehicle allowed for civilians. Usually it has a X-or H-shaped frame and rises up with four motors. Propellers, respectively, four, and two rotate clockwise, and two against.

A gyroscope and / or an accelerometer for measuring roll, pitch and lycnation are hidden in the case. These terms are taken from aviation, they provide information on how the device is located in space with respect to three axes. Using the positional data, the propellers correct their position and work so that the device changes the course or retained the height for hanging at one point.

Quadcopters are incredibly maneuverable. In this, the cause of their frequent brushes: at high speed in the hands of the unsure operator, the device loses control and crashes into the first obstacle on the path. From a weak quadrocopter after a strong impact, a wet place will remain, but if you equip the propellers with protection, the effects of brushes can be reduced.

Its class depends on the physical size of the drone. Usually in the name of the model there is a numerical index, which indicates a distance in millimeters between two engines diagonally. This is the class. The most tiny devices belong to the classes of mini and micro - less than 250 mm. They can be launched indoors or on the street, but only in windless weather. Next, follow classes 250, 350, 450 and above. Drones class from 550 refer to heavy devices. They are able to carry a small cargo on board, for example, professional filming optics.

Not all devices can fly straight out of the box. Willingness to start describe the following reductions.

RTF is ready for flight (READY TO Fly ). The device has everything you need to climb into the air within a few minutes after unpacking. Provided, of course, the battery is charged.

ARF is almost ready for flight (Almost Ready to Fly). This product will enjoy the DIY-cleaned and everyone who is not averse to work with your hands to better understand the device of the device. ARF quadcopter comes in disassembled form. To build it, the user needs knowledge of soldering, mechanics and adjacent areas (or the ability to accurately follow the instructions).

BNF - need a binding to remote control (BIND'N'FLY). BNF types are equipped with everything you need with the exception of the signal transmitter. Buyer Waves to use any transmitter at its discretion. Binding to the equipment receiver is carried out according to the instructions.

In this manual, we will concentrate on RTF models, as they will not require any skills from you, harder the skill to cut tape on the package.

What characteristics are first and foremost?

Those who were not interested in quadcopters until today, will not be able to quickly decide on a suitable model. What is there, only the list of characteristics will plunge any novice in shock. What do all these terms mean? Which of them are important, and what no? Tell me with the most important.

Flight time

Depending on the category of quadcopter and battery capacity, the duration of the flight varies from 5 to 30 minutes. Most quadcopters designed for newbies, this indicator is 5-10 minutes. Elements of batteries in such models are easily changed, and in many forums you can meet quite a reasonable recommendation to take 3-4 spare batteries with you to quickly rearrange them and return to launch.

In the devices of a higher class, the flight time longer. But the accessories are more expensive to them. Depending on how seriously you will react to your new hobby, you can purchase an additional battery and thus double (or even triple) regular flight time. And also avoid offensive situations with not in time the discharged battery.

A couple of times, such an annoyance has happened to me. My Phantom 3 almost reached the right point to take a picture from the right angle, but the battery sat down, and I did not have anything else, except to return home and put it for charging. The lesson was absorbed. Since then, without a spare battery, I do not go out of the house.


The camera is an extremely popular accessory. In a cheap segment, it is present as an option: the buyer himself decides, install it on board or do without it. By abandoning the camera, you can extend the flight for several minutes by weight reduction. But then only memories will remain from the start of the copter - no photos or video.


If at the end of the flight you expect to get visual content, without the camera nowhere. In some quadcopters, the optics are built-in, others have a special attachment for Gopro or another action chamber. Extraction settings are a separate topic. Typically, manufacturers of equipment for aerial photography allow you to adjust ISO, shutter speed, content resolution and some other parameters. Consumer Quadcopter with a camera is, of course, not a flying mirror, but in a sense it can be attributed to professional photographic equipment. It gives greater freedom of action, and at the exit often the dizzying material is obtained.

Headless Mode

The quadcopter has the front and rear parts. When you and the device, see in one direction, the slope of the joystick to the left on the remote control will send the quadrocopter to the left. But if the device turns out and will look into your face, the same action on the console will force him to deviate to the right relative to you. This is called control inversion, and newcomers it creates tremendous difficulties. It often provokes crashes, since the unprepared operator is difficult to follow the change of the position of the drone in space and adjust the commands accordingly.

It also helps the Headless mode. When it is activated and you move the joystick to the left, the drone will always fly to the left, no matter which side its left side is relative to you. This feature is especially handy for those who just want to have fun and not get into the nuances of the controls.

But getting used to flying without Headless Mode is the right thing to do, no matter how difficult it may be at first. The ability to steer a copter in the usual mode will allow you to easily switch from a budget to a more advanced model in the future and confidently perform complex maneuvers (you will upgrade your ability to navigate in space as a bonus).

Return home function

The command makes the quadcopter fly to the coordinate zero point, that is, to the launch site. It will come in handy in case the drone is out of sight, you have lost control over it, or there is a need to quickly complete the flight. It is worth remembering that on expensive drones with GPS and on cheap children's drones for 3-4 thousand, this function is implemented differently.

When launching an aircraft with a GPS module, you will have to wait a few seconds until the connection with the satellites is established. The drone will receive accurate location data and will be able to accurately return to the point from which it started. A cheap drone without GPS will simply turn around and fly in the opposite direction, but only if headless mode was activated beforehand. Otherwise, you will have to chase him until the charge runs out.

If the quadcopter does not have GPS, use the return home feature ONLY in headless mode.

3-Axis Gimbal

This is the part of the structure that keeps the camera in a horizontal position. The gimbal stabilizes vibrations along three axes to maintain a smooth image regardless of the direction and tilt of the quadcopter.

Flight range

An important indicator. It represents the distance limit, i.e. how far the drone can travel from the remote controller while maintaining communication with it. The flight range strongly depends on the class of the model and can vary from 50-100 meters for simple quadcopters to 5 km for advanced ones like DJI Phantom 4. We advise you to first decide for what purposes you will use the drone, and only then focus on this indicator.


Once you've decided on your first drone model, don't be too lazy to find out if any parts are included. Sooner or later they will be needed. Sometimes even a slight collision with an obstacle forces you to change propellers, engines, camera or landing gear. Based on this, choose the right drone with a rich set of consumables or such a spare part for which you can easily find in stores.

Useful tips for beginners

The flight time limit is due to the low capacity of the battery and the extensive energy consumption. Most quadcopters are notified when the charge is lowered to a critical mark, but still do not forget to post the battery indicator.

Since the flight time is rarely long, it will not be superfluous to buy a spare battery so as not to be distracted for charging the only complete.

Do not hope that the quadcopter for 10-15 thousand gives you high-quality video recordings or some other premium functions, for example, by traversal option.

Do not release the drone from the field of view. If you rely solely on the FPV function (first-person view), then accidents are not able to accumulate, as you cannot notice the power lines, approaching birds in time or other dangers.

According to the Government Decision, the quadrocopters weighing more than 250 grams are subject to mandatory registration in the Federal Agency for Air Transport. It is not necessary to go there personally, registration can be issued through civil servants.

Why do people buy quadcopters in general?

Most of the owners of quadrocopters came to their hobby, because they wanted to repeat the social networks seen in Aerophotographies and video. There is something in them that awakens the desire to remove the same if not better.

Well, if seriously, the areas in which drones are involved are becoming more and more: photo / video for training presentations, Watching the wildlife, study of the landscape and architecture, journalism, transportation, etc. Even if piloting is just a hobby, it is possible to develop in it in different ways.

Universal Quadcopters and Beginner Copter

Here we treated the devices that are easy to master the person of any age without the experience of air navigation. They are reliable and inexpensive, can withstand a serious collision (and not even one). Cool also the fact that for them you can easily find components, such as batteries, screws and engines. Service and replacement also do not represent much work. As soon as you read one of these devices well, you will probably want to master something more complicated. In this case, we have a couple more selection of premium quadcopters and aerial reconnaissance devices.

But let's start with the easiest. Among them:

  • Ryze Tello.
  • Altair Aerial AA108.
  • Altair AA818 Plus.
  • Hubsan X4.
  • SYMA X5HC.
  • UDI 818A HD +.
  • SYMA X8G.

And now about each more.


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miniature Toy drone, created in collaboration at once of three companies - Ryze, Dji and Intel. The developers set the goal to create not just an entertainment device for children, but also an educational tool. The work was crowned with unconditional success.

The TELLO quadcopter includes a fixed fixed chamber with a resolution of 5 MP / 720P, capable of shooting photos and videos with relatively good quality. There is an electronic stabilization in video mode, therefore, even without a three-axis suspension, the model is capable of writing smooth and smooth content. Positioning sensors are present on the bottom. They allow the device to hang in the air and maintain controllability when flying indoors and outdoors.

The flight time is 13 minutes, the maximum range is 100 meters. The EZ SHOTS feature helps to focus on piloting. In this mode, Dron automatically records short videos without user intervention.

In addition, several interesting modes diverge to this. The most spectacular - 8D FLIPS, in which the movement of the copter is changing in 8 different directions by simple swipe across the controller screen. Upon completion of the pyruet, Dron invariably returns to a stable state due to VPS sensors.

The battery and RYZE TELLO screws weigh 80 grams weighs, respectively, does not require registration.

Altair Aerial AA108

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Inexpensive, but a very ambitious device will delight the owner with a pretty design, a large set of functions and uninterrupted technical support. Altair Aerial is an American company that in opposition to Chinese manufacturers offers customers a clear instruction and provides all sorts of support.

The impression is that Altair Aerials employees are selected the most sought-after characteristics and implement them. Otherwise, it is not explained why in an inexpensive AA108 model there is anything that is so important for a novice user: the simplest controls, height control mode, height hold, drawing a route on the map, a signal about the low battery charge and output from the communication zone.

Of course, there is a camera. It is fixed in the housing, and its permission is 720p. Included with the copter is a spare battery that extends the flight time up to 20 minutes and a cardboard for the controller. On the software side, the quadcopter is supported by a ton of built-in modes that will not let you get bored in the sky.

Altair AA818 Plus

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The release of this model took place quite recently. It catches the eye with a contrasting black and yellow coloring and excellent build quality. Plastic fences around each of the propellers on the one hand make the structure somewhat heavier, but there is a sense in this. Since the device was originally designed for inexperienced users, protection is very useful when faced with obstacles.

The device is equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle HD camera. The rubber damper dampens vibrations to keep the picture stable. Supports first-person FPV view from smartphone screen or through VR goggles (not included, sold separately). Controlled by UDI RC's FlyingSee app (available for Android and iOS).

There is a 15 minute flight battery inside. Altair adds an extra battery to it, so the total flight time can be equated to 30 minutes, which is very good for an entry-level model.

Syma X5HC

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One of Syma's newest entry-level drones is the X5HC. She is small and strong. Its technical equipment includes a 2 MP removable camera (if you wish, you can change it to a more advanced one). The copter also introduces a headless mode and a new feature of the Syma X5 line - the hover mode. When the desired height is reached, the user can release the controller and the unit will then maintain that height until the joystick is moved up or down.

The flight range is approximately 30-50 meters, but in fact the connection is kept at a distance of 80-100 meters. With a standard battery, the enjoyment of the flight will not last long - about 7-9 minutes, but this is a standard figure for an entry-level drone priced under 5 thousand rubles, so it is simply unreasonable to demand more.

UDI 818A HD+

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Many beginners start with this drone for one simple reason - it is easy to fly. It is very responsive, quickly responding to user actions. The 2 MP camera will capture the memories of flying, and the headless mode will make it easier to learn piloting at an early stage.

Outdoor flights are fraught with the fact that the small quadcopter can easily leave the visibility zone. In this case, the return function to the database will help. One press button - and very soon you will meet with him.

Inside the box lies the set of accessories that the IMG compensates for the cost of the drone. First, it is a card reader and SD card by 4 GB. There are 4 spare propeller in case the main kit will fail, 2 batteries (500 mAh, 3.7 V, charging time 90-120 minutes), and each provides 7-9 minutes of flight. Complete panibank by 2200 mAh recharges one of the batteries until the other is in use. On the way to the place of flight, you can charge two at the same time.

The model has two speed modes: slow and more manageable MODE 1, fast and aggressive MODE 2. Choose any depending on the piloting skill.


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An excellent option for dating, especially if you were looking for a quadrocopter with a camera. To the initial level, it refers primarily because it provides 4 high-speed modes - from slow to faster. This makes it easier to piloting for novice users and allows you to develop as skill grow.

But also the device will be interesting to users of the middle and advanced level: to play with it at maximum speed will not get bored. It has 2 megapixel camera, return function home and HEADLESS mode. The flight radius is 100 meters, the duration of 7-9 minutes, and the battery charging time is 80 minutes.


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If you managed to look at the forums of the owners of the Dronov, you probably came across questions in the spirit of "Which Quadrocopter to choose a novice." In 90% of responses mentioned SYMA X8G. Why? Well, if only because it is durable and multifunctional, equipped with a removable 8 MP camera, which is four times the resolution of the two previous models. Video filming is available in Full HD format with a speed of 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames. Fastening compatible with Gopro, the regular camera changes without any problems.

The intelligent IOC orientation control system allows you to specify the front of the drone, which further simplifies navigation (this is a kind of improved version of the Headless mode, which is also present here too). X8g is fully ready for flight from the box. It comes with protective sideboards for propellers, SD card and a set of spare screws. It can be said that this is the perfect choice for a novice who hopes to combine flights and aerial photography, but not yet ready to spend several tens of thousands on the high-end device.

Extraction quadrocopters

A separate question - how to choose a quadcopter with with a video camera. By this category, ordinary people are interested in the most. After all, it is they allow you to take out shock videos from a bird's eye view and bring to their owners a heap of likes in instagram.

Each new generation of shooting quadcopters is smarter and easier to operate. The best-selling of modern devices receive smart functions for a safe return to the starting point with a low battery charge, care from obstacles, circular flight around the selected object, following the in advance of the specified route and many other useful chips.

Below we listed the best drones for aerial recovery. The further you look, the more functional models will meet. So, in line:

  • Yunec Q500 + Typhoon.
  • Yunec Typhoon H.


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DJI MAVIC 2 in Zoom and Pro variations - the last addition to the lineup of compact, but powerful DJI drones. Zoom is more suitable for people who want to relieve an object that is not close to it (useful when shooting wildlife, in lively urban areas or near the regime objects). Mavic 2 Pro is focused on video operators and photographers, for which the priority indicator is the characteristics of optics.

In general, the fundamental differences relate to the chamber. The zoom modification comes with a resolution of 12 mp and an angle of 83 degrees. In the Pro version, the resolution is increased to 20 megapixels, but the viewing angle is less than 77 degrees. In both cases, the camera is attached to the moving mechanism with the rotation function in three axes. It is based on the one-name sensor from Hasselblad - the first joint work DJI and HASSELBLAD for creating high-quality optics for consumer drone. But let's not forget about other characteristics.

Both variations are equipped with a collision prevention system, which gives newcomer additional confidence at the first flights: Drone sees obstacles in its path and itself finds ways to bypass them. In addition, there are significant improvements in other useful functions, which were first implemented in the original Mavic Pro - Active Track 2.0, Occusync 2.0. Communication radius increased to 8 (!) Kilometers, plus the functions of the Hyperlapse and the exclusive Dolly Zoom for Mavic 2 Zoom are fully updated.


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DJI MAVIC AIR is an exceptionally miniature device with reduced power consumption and one of the most promising drones for a wide audience. It has something that is looking for 99% of users: Camera 4K, slow motion at 120 FPS and 1080p resolution, the function of caring from obstacles in three directions (in front, rear and bottom). In addition, it has a foldable design, like the famous Mavic Pro, but occupies an even less space. For this reason, travelers and travelers are chosen.

The manufacturer is provided not only by the standard set, but also combo Fly more, where other accessories are included two more additional batteries. A total of three batteries provide 55-60 minutes flight.


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DJI SPARK size is completely laughing, and Ambitions are even debugged: its creators expect any little to capture the self-drone market. But it is necessary to treat him with respect, because its characteristics do not give slacks.

The SPARK model with a 5-inch smartphone supports gesture management, and not simple, but extended. Raise the palm in the air, and Drone will make a turn around her. The movements of the hands can be ordered to fly back, approach or follow the owner. You can admire him and he will move away to take a picture of you from the distance. By the way, about photography: the camera has a decent resolution of 12 megapixel, removes Full HD 1080r at 30 frames per second. 4K No, but with existing indicators, the first steps in the aerial photography and so will be successful.

The intellectual DJI modes are so well worked out that sometimes it seems as if Dron himself guess the operator's desires and practically does not require participation from the part. In general, it can be recommended to those users who expect to shoot more themselves, and not surrounding landscapes. If it seems to you that for the drone of such a miniature size, its price is too high, then think again about what he gives in terms of shooting. Each of these opportunities with interest compensates costs.

Yunec Q500 + Typhoon

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Yuneec is not considered one of the main DJI competitors. This Chinese manufacturer produces high-quality amateur drones and does not forget about post-selling support. The model refers to the semi-professional apparatus for shooting, is equipped with CGO2 + camera with a 16 MP matrix FullHD 60 FPS and is equipped with a ST-10 + remote control with a 5.5-inch touch screen.

Many users choose Yuneec due to well-thought-out control panels. The built-in screen gives an important advantage: do not have to configure the pairing with a smartphone or buy an independent gadget for control.

The flight time is about 25 minutes, in the kit there is a second battery, which in the amount gives almost an hour. This is more than enough to search for spectacular angles and recording long-lasting videos, and a newcomer enough time to get used in the air.


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AuTel's American company has created a real competitor at once with two popular series - DJI Phantom and Yuneec Typhoon Q500 +. In X-Star Premium, there is everything you need for high-quality shooting according to modern standards: Ultra HD video camera, Live View mode at a distance of up to 2 km (analog Lightbridge) plus autonomous flight modes that are configured through the Starlink application (Android, iOS).

Outdoor GPS / GLONASS navigation systems will be taken care of the exact positioning, as well as protection against SecureFly magnetic interference. A separate advantage I want to note that the Capter comes with a good set of accessories. Among the hard presentable case (you feel James Bond), MicroSD 64 GB card, fast Charger (time until the battery charge takes 1 hour), battery with intelligent power consumption, Spare screws and minor details.

As you can see, the set is impressive. But that's not all. Autel client support service is known as one of the best in the category of drone manufacturers. It works 7 days a week and ready to advise on any issues.

Yuneec Typhoon H

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Typhoon h has no four propeller, and six, so it refers to the class of hexacopters. The market entry took place several months ago, and the device had already managed to consolidate the status of a competitor DJI. Most often, it is compared with Phantom 4. The choice between these two models is really not easy. It is like comparing Android and iOS, Windows and Mac, etc. In general, a lot comes down to personal preference, although the Typhoon H is more aimed at advanced users, while the Phantom 4 can handle any operator, regardless of skill level.

Typhoon H features smart flight modes, frontal obstacle avoidance system, movable landing gear (retractable during flight), 4K 360-degree camera. From the ground, the aircraft is supported by the ST16 controller with a built-in 7-inch touch screen. To separate shooting control from the drone itself, you can optionally connect a second controller.

This model can be classified as a full-fledged professional-level shooting drones. Proof of this is her participation in commercial filming.

DJI Mavic Pro

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In the entire DJI family, you won't find a smaller quadcopter with a similar level of capability. Its main feature is its ultra-compactness. Due to the folding handles, it will fit in your pocket, you can take it anywhere without fear of overweight in luggage. In addition, the package contains everything you need, including a 12 MP camera.

Preparations for launch and shooting take seconds. The radio flight range reaches 7 km, which is an amazing indicator for shooting wildlife, landscapes with difficult terrain, hard-to-reach objects, etc. You don’t have to personally worry about the safety of the drone in the air: a smart obstacle avoidance system with 4 vision sensors will protect you from crashes (below and front). The software includes gesture control, a sports mode, and many convenient features that you never get from a cheap-class device. In a sense, this is a reduced copy of the Phantom 4 with an expanded set of options.

It would seem, where is it better? But there is where. The Mavic Pro has an upgraded version of the Mavic Pro Platinum. Its advantages are increased flight time, 60% less propeller noise and a new propeller design.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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) An updated version of the popular Phantom 4 has finally seen the light of day. And most importantly, met all expectations. Without a doubt, this is the best camera drone of 2020.

It differs from its predecessor by a 20 MP camera based on a 1-inch sensor with support for DNG RAW photo format, f/2.8 aperture, mechanical shutter. In the right hands, all of these tools pave the way for creating vibrant and detailed images for both amateur and commercial use. The video mode has also received improvements: the bitrate has increased to 100 Mbps, the dynamic range has expanded. In addition, the shooting 4K appeared at a speed of 60 fps and creating slowdown rollers.

The ambiguous feature of the basic Phantom 4 was that obstacle detectors worked only when the copter flew up. This, of course, helped leave the collisions, but not always. Dji listened to the complaints of users and equipped the new version of the drone with additional infrared sensors to detect obstacles in five directions (front, rear, sides and below). The updated model is much better protected from surprises and is almost invulnerable in the air.

Yes, by the way, Professional Phantom 4 is presented in one, but in two versions. One comes with a PHANTOM 4 base controller with an attachment for a smartphone or tablet. The second version control panel has a built-in 5.5-inch display with anti-reflective coating and increased brightness.

Lightbridge technology is also present. The remote control automatically detects the signal interference and switches between 2.4 GHz frequency bands and 5.8 GHz. The flight time is increased to 30 minutes depending on the meteo conditions.

Racing Quadcopters with FPV

to the racing categories include small unnotes. They are designed specifically to participate in high-speed competitions overlooking the first person (FPV). They have many differences from apparatuses for aerial photography and amateur copers. They are usually well balanced by flight time, ease of use, and performance. Their speed can reach 160 km / h (record - 263 km / h), they are extremely maneuverable and at high speed they are extremely difficult to control.

Racing drones are not intended for beginners!

If the Office falls into the hands of a person without a developed piloting skill, the consequences may be sad for both others and the Kopter itself. At extreme speed, Dron easily comes out of control, may cause injuries to surrounding people or damage someone's property. We advise you to master this category only after you feel confident in piloting a simpler and obedient device.

But if you already have a navigation experience, welcome to the last part of our selection.

The forums meet stories from people who claim to buy a finished racing copter - the case is unfavorable from the point of view of finance and technical part. Supporters of this idea recommend collecting their copter independently. The solution is wonderful, but it is suitable only to those people who can work with their hands. Just follow the instructions from the Internet - this is not enough. At a minimum you need to be able to handle the soldering iron.

Assembly of a copter from zero is good because you will thoroughly know its device and, if necessary, you can always quickly repair or upgrade it.

On the other hand, why spend a lot of time when you can see the entire working device in the sky today? The finished model from the category RTF FPV (ready for flight, first-person appearance) will save your strength and time, and emotions will give no less than the drone collected from scratch.

Let's see from which the racing drone is:

  • superframe frame;
  • 4 motor;
  • 4 screws;
  • 4 Electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC);
  • antennas;
  • FPV monitor or glasses;
  • Remote Control;
  • Video transmitter and receiver;
  • radio transmitter and receiver;
  • Li-Polymer Battery (Li-Po);
  • Battery straps.

Only one question remains unanswered: what quadrocopter to choose for air racing? Here they are:

  • TBS Vendetta.
  • Eachine Wizard X220S.
  • Arris X-Speed ​​250B RTF.
  • ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro.
  • Lumenier QAV210-RTF Charpu Edition.


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Let's start with one of the well-known models. It is designed specifically for flying free-style flights and races overlooking the first person, has small sizes (Class 240), the body is fully made of carbon fiber. The copter is not only easy (just over 400 grams without taking into account the battery and the camera), but also incredibly durable.

The design of the drone is modular. It has a retractable tray with electronics. Levers and engines support the replacement to hot, that is, without turning off the power. When repairing does not require a soldering iron. This significantly saves the time spent on maintenance, and the owner remains the opportunity to customize the device to its taste - put more powerful engines, another battery, etc.

DRON is truly lightning. Be careful with him: it is able to climb up to 1300 meters away, to fly 3-5 minutes at speeds of more than 100 km / h, and when diving, the speed easily rolls over the mark of 150 km / h.

Eachine Wizard X220S

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Wizard X220S is also popular among extreme speeds of extreme speeds. The model refers to the category RTF, it works from a lithium-polymer power member with a capacity of 1500 mAh.

The hardware is represented by 2300 kW engines, BL Heli 20 AMP speed controllers and the SP Racing F3 flight controller. On board is also installed a first-person vision system, a 200 MW video transmitter with a frequency of 5.8 GHz, an FPV camera at 700 TVL. All you need to do after unpacking is to configure the signal receiver using the BetaFlight configurator. And if everything works out on the first attempt, the Quadcopter will reward you with an instant portion of adrenaline.

Durable frame and set of spare propellers will give you additional confidence in their forces at the first launch. Do not be afraid to produce this little beast to freedom, it is designed to disseminate the sky, and not dust in the box.

Arris X-Speed ​​250B RTF

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In its characteristics, Arris X-Speed ​​differs little from large players. Is it worth cheaper, only this reduction in no way compromises its capabilities. From the premium segment, it adopted a solid construction based on carbon composites and fiberglass. It has almost everything that needs to start to the sky, with the exception of the battery item. Arris recommends purchasing for this model lithium-polymer battery 3S (1500-2200 mAh) or 4S (1100-1500 mAh).

From the visual side, the most impressive part of the drone is its frame, or rather the mount for the FPV element. The camera is separated from the basic frame with balls to clean the vibration, and the slider is located on the top plate to adjust the angle of inclination. In general, the appearance of the copter aggressive and very noteworthy.

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro

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Vortex 250 Pro perfectly combines reliability and maneuverability in the sky. Among the racing models is a premium product, which despite the high cost of becoming popular.

DRON is supplied in a soft foam case, burned accurately on the dimensions of the frame. The length is 25 cm, which is considered to be a standard size for racing copter.

Vortex 250 was significantly upgraded compared to the older version, which is called Vortex 285. The updates touched the design (new product is equipped with 4 mm flat levers from carbon fiber). You can hang GOPRO to the built-in mount for the camera, in the structure there is a vibration quenching. Also began adjusting the angle of inclination for a convenient view during the flight.

Lumenier QAV210-RTF Charpu Edition

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This model is a scaled version of QAV180 - the smallest FPV quadrocopter from Lumenier. The index 210 in the title corresponds to the length of the frame 210 mm. The drone arrives to the owner of the already fully assembled and configured, but with one nuance - there is not enough radio receiver. The model is named after Carlos Puertolas Charp, one of the most famous professional drone reserves, which is a high estimate of drone abilities.

The model HD 1080p is provided in the model. It is removable. At its discretion, the drone owner can put better optics, for example, from Mobius or Gopro.

QAV210-RTF Charpu Edition was produced by a limited version, and it is now extremely difficult to find it.

Communities of FPV Racers

And here you have a racing drone. What to do next? You can go to the first workouts, but it is better to start with studying the experience of professional raisers to inspire their success and take up their advice. There are weight of such communities on the Internet, and if you find Russian-speaking easily, then in foreign things it is easy to get lost, because the border of the drone lovers community is much stronger than.

To chat with like-minded people or just read their stories to search for inspiration, visit the following groups in Facebook:

and other useful pages:

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