How to choose a mouse pad

The mouse pad helps to eliminate scratches on the table and improve the glide of the device on the work surface. Let's find the best models.

The mouse pad has become an indispensable attribute of a workplace in an office or a gamer's computer desk. This item serves not only for convenient positioning of the hand, but also for precise positioning of the optical mouse - most computer owners use this type of mouse. This is especially important for gamers and e-sportsmen, for whom every millisecond in games is precious, as well as accuracy. A single bug caused by misplaced mouse cursor that impacted accuracy could affect the outcome of a competition.

Also, a high-quality mat with the right surface is necessary not only for gamers, but also for people whose professional activities are related to art: designers, graphics engineers, video editors, and people working with graphic content in general. And properly selected, it affects the convenience, and sometimes the quality of their work.

Selection criteria

To make the right choice, you need to look at its characteristics, as well as take into account the properties of the mouse - the choice of some parameters of the mouse pad also depends on them.


This setting should be selected based on available table space and mouse sensitivity. If there is a lot of free space on the table, then you can buy a large rug. These are suitable for mice with low sensitivity - it is moved over a large area. For mice with high sensitivity, a small mat is sufficient, because. a small offset is enough to move the cursor.

The thickness is chosen based on comfort, it does not affect anything. Game ones are usually the thinnest, this is one of their features.

Material of manufacture

The markets are offered rugs made from a large list of materials: metal, rubber, polycarbonate, artificial leather, silicone, cloth and others. The most common is fabric and plastic. There are also variants of silicone, tinted fabric. These two kinds are easy to use, wear-resistant and inexpensive.

plastic. They have a good slip, but not such accurate positioning of the cursor, like fabric. If the rug is selected for simple work at the computer, then the positioning accuracy is not so important. They are more wear-resistant and easy to clean with a simple rag. Of the flaws - the legs of the mouse are faster than the plastic surface, and these mats cannot be folded for transportation.

tissue. Rugs from this material are buying gamers and creative people due to the accuracy of the positioning of the cursor. They are soft and pleasant to the touch, they are comfortable to turn and transport them. Of the disadvantages: they are not so durable, like plastic or metal, are more susceptible to pollution, threads may bloom along the edges.

Additional functions

Different manufacturers are the world unusual options for rugs with interesting chips, which Attract the user with their functionality or efficiency. These are backlit mats that look beautifully in the dark with USB ports for connecting flash drives and other peripherals, with charging for a battery mouse or smartphone, with a wrist pillow in the form of a relief pattern and other creative.

If some of these features are necessary in everyday use, then you can buy it, but it is necessary to remember that a beautiful print with time is getting straightened.

The best mats for the mouse

The rating of the best is headed by fabric with rubber base, these are the most practical and popular options among gamers, designers and simple users.

Mad Catz G. L.i.d.e. 38

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Stylish and neat silicone rug, Covered with cloth. Pleasant to the touch. A homogeneous fabric surface provides a slight sliding mouse without loading a brush over the entire working day. It works perfectly both optical and laser mice. Users celebrate comfortable work and the game with this product. Waterproof fabric is wisply and allows you to easily wipe it.


  • does not slide on the table.
  • is easy to clean.
  • Pleasant coating.


  • Gets dirty and collects dust.

HyperX Fury S Pro Extra Large

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An elongated gaming mat with a rubber base that allows you not to slip on the table when you actively move the mouse. Covered with a durable fabric that allows you to wipe or even wash it. The edges are stitched with a thread, prolonging its service life. Does not smell like rubber or synthetic materials. Has an unobtrusive design, does not distract from work.


  • Large size.
  • Stitch around the edges.
  • Smooth surface.


  • Straightens for a long time.
  • The smell of rubber.

SteelSeries QcK XXL

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An elongated gaming mat that can accommodate a keyboard and even a laptop. It has a rubber base covered with a synthetic water-repellent microfiber fabric that won't pick up dirt and allows it to be washed or wiped down. Also, this fabric provides precise positioning of the cursor when working. The large size provides enough room for maneuvers when playing.


  • Size.
  • Appearance.
  • Stylish.


  • Edges not finished.

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

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This rug looks very exotic, although it is made of rubber and fabric. The perimeter is illuminated with RGB LEDs and looks very impressive in a dark room. This backlight can be synchronized with other devices. The USB port for connecting a mouse allows you not to take up a port in your computer and not to pull the cord far - you can simply roll it up and connect it to this mousepad. It cannot be washed in water, but a smooth fabric is less prone to contamination and allows you to wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • Backlight.
  • USB output.
  • Pleasant to the touch.


  • The cable is located in the center.

Logitech G PowerPlay

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Strict black design of this product does not distract from work. Completed from rubber and tissue, has a thickness of 3 millimeters, which is convenient for active movements with the mouse. RGB-backlight perfectly decorates the workplace and looks effectively in the dark, and it can be changed. The structure has a device for wireless charging of the mouse, which makes it work with it more comfortable.

The dense tissue coating is pleasant to the touch, well suited for optical and laser manipulators, it is easy to clean, not so much exposed to pollution.


  • Wireless charging.
  • Disabled backlight.
  • Good slide.


  • Light music when turned on.
  • does not work with all mice.

Cougar Speed ​​2 S

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A small gaming rug is excellent for optical and laser manipulators. Durable fabric has a water-repellent effect, which allows it to be easy to wash or wipe it. In addition, it is not so susceptible to pollution as usual. The edges of the rug are trimmed, which increases the wear resistance of the product, the smooth surface provides a comfortable operation with the mouse and accurate positioning. Thickness of 5 millimeters provides comfort to hands.


  • Good coating.
  • stitched around the edges.


  • Thickness.

Gembird MP-Game20

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This rug will appreciate the gamers, not only because it is printed on it on the topic of the Survarium game, but also For its convenience: its base is made of 3 millimeters thick foamed rubber and a dense special tissue, providing a comfortable game with laser and optical mice.

Starting along the edges increases the life of the tissue coating, the rubber base is well cling to the surface of the table, which is very important with the active game. The tissue is dense and between the fibers does not get stuck dirt. The rug is easily clean or wipes.


  • Good slide.
  • Beautiful Print.


  • No missing.


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Comfortable gaming mat of an unusual shape with a stylish design and silicone wrist pillow. It provides a comfortable position of the hand and the prevention of professional deformation of the joint brush in people working at the computer.

The wrist cushion has the property to memorize and quickly straightens, pleasant to the touch, like the rest of the rug. The silk coating and very smooth, it quickly slides the mouse and the response from laser and optical manipulators is very accurate. The surface is water-repellent, which simplifies the cleaning of the product from dirt.


  • Pleasant to the touch material.
  • Comfortable form


  • The pillow is frozen quickly.
  • The smell of rubber.