How to choose a monitor stand

The owners of stationary computers often face the situation in which the monitor may interfere with the organization of the order on the desktop or its position is uncomfortable for comfortable use.

In this case, the monitor stand will come to the rescue. At first glance, this device is hard to call necessary, but in some cases it is indispensable. Below, let's talk about how to choose the right table stand for the monitor, to whom it needs, and also consider the best models on the market.

Why and who needs a monitor stand

The question of why the stand is needed for the monitor will come to the head to many users who first encounter this accessory. The answer is simple here - to install the monitor on it. But its necessity depends on a number of moments. The stand will be required if:

  • The monitor is located below the recommended height, and its leg has no appropriate adjustments;
  • It is necessary to more effectively organize the workspace.

Unclear monitors have a stationary leg that does not provide any adjustments or allows maximum adjusting the angle of inclination. At the same time, for security of view, the display is necessary in such a way that its top panel is placed on the height of the eye. With this position, the user looks at the screen from top to bottom. This reduces the stress of the eye muscles and contributes to the best moisturizing of the eyeball. In addition, with this position, the load on the neck and shoulders decreases, which means that the user is less tired. Purchase a stand will allow you to choose the optimal height and install the monitor in accordance with the recommendations of ophthalmologists.

The second situation when the stand can help - the release of the desktop. Most often, the monitor has a sufficiently massive leg, so it takes a lot of space, which reduces the free work area. As a rule, the stand under the monitor inside the hollow, that is, it lifts the display above the table and performs a kind of shelf where you can fold the paper, remove the keyboard when it is not needed or place other necessary things.


How to choose a monitor stand

The first one to decide when the support is selected is what kind of you will arrange. All desktop stands are divided into two categories:

The bracket implies that the monitor is suspended, and not, but it is mounted on the table itself, and not the wall like this It usually happens this type of the holders. Such supports provide many adjustments - height, angle of inclination and even the orientation of the screen in space. The minus is that not all desktop brackets have a reliable mount, and they are not always convenient to use them, for example, if the table is moved close to the wall.

The second option is directly the stand. She looks like a small table that puts on the desktop. About such supports and will be discussed in this material. To correctly select a stand under the monitor, read the following features:

  1. The ability to adjust the height. Some stationary stands, that is, the height of them is not regulated, others have several provisions, which is more convenient and allows you to flexibly adjust the height. It is relevant if you have a height adjustment chair, and you don't like to change your position in the process. The stand without adjustments is suitable for those who are going to establish the monitor once and does not plan it more and more.
  2. Dimensions. When choosing a stand, you need not only to decide - whether you need a model with or without adjustment, but also choose the option with the desired height. For this house, measure the height to which the monitor should be raised so that its upper edge is at the height of the eyes, and then select a model with a suitable height. In addition, make sure that the length of the stand is more legs and enough to provide good stability for the monitor. In addition, the market provides models with a large working surface, where two display can be placed at once or you can decompose any other things.
  3. Permissible weight. For most stands, manufacturers indicate the maximum allowable mass to which the device is calculated.
  4. The presence of additional shelves or pockets. The simplest options are miniature tables without any additional options. More advanced stands may have retractable shelves, pockets for different kinds of smallest things, stand for smartphone, etc. Such models will not just raise the monitor on the optimal height and unload the table, but also conveniently folded inside different useful trifles.
  5. Additional connectors. Some stand models can be equipped with additional outputs, for example, USB-C or USB-A, which will allow you to connect a smartphone for charging, a mouse or keyboard, as well as connectors for reading memory cards or audio output 3.5 for headphones. At the same time, the stand itself is connected to a PC using the appropriate power cables.
  6. Material of execution. The most common options for making a stand for monitor - plastic, chipboard, metal, glass. Models from chipboard are usually the most inexpensive, but they do not offer any additional options. Plastic is considered the most fragile material, but the stands of it often have a storage system of any trifles or things. Metal is the most reliable and expensive option, often with additional options. Glass - looks beautiful, but it will cost expensive and it is not too practical, as unreliable.

Otherwise, it is necessary to make sure that the monitor stand has good stability and does not reinfect under the weight of the display installed on it. Regarding the cost and design - it all depends on personal preferences. A rather specific feature is the built-in RGB stand, it is hard to call it necessary, but for some users it can be useful.

Best Stands for Monitor


  • Size (W * V * D): 500 * 82 * 202 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Permissible weight: 20 kg
  • Features: -

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This model is the most simple stand of the high quality of the manufacture of aluminum. It has small sizes, weighs only 2 kg, but at the same time withstands up to 20 kg, which, according to the manufacturer, enough for monitors up to 34 inches.


  • Size (W * B * d): 500 * 140 * 220 mm
  • Material of execution: plastic
  • permissible weight: -
  • Features: Three retractable drawers

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This inexpensive model will have to do with those who are looking for a practical stand that will allow not only to raise the monitor, but also folded different little things. For them, there are three drawers here. This stand is made of plastic, it comes in two color versions - black with white or only white.


  • Size (w * B * D): -
  • Material of execution: Metal
  • Permissible weight: 15 kg
  • Features: Height adjustment

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The monitor stand could get a reward for the most minimalistic design. It has nothing superfluous, but with this model is comfortable and popular. It is metallic, supports weight up to 15 kg and its height is adjustable from 11 to 18 cm. For stability, its lower panel has anti-slip legs. This stand is for sale in white or black.

Fellowes FS-80311 OFFICE SUITES

  • Size (W * V * D): 500 * 105 * 355 mm
  • Material of execution: Plastic
  • permissible weight: 36 kg
  • Features: Retractable drawers, 5 height adjustments

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This model at a low price has received a rather comfortable design. It provides for five height settings, which will make it possible to choose the optimal position. This stand under the monitor is designed to screens up to 28 inches and weighing no more than 36 kg. It has drawers, which will allow folded inside the useful accessories. The housing is made of plastic.


  • Size (w * B * d): 546 * 90 * 200 mm
  • Material of execution: Metal
  • Permissible weight: 30 kg
  • Features: Wireless charging for smartphone, additional outputs

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This metal stand is suitable for monitors with a weight of up to 30 kg and a diagonal to 27 inches. It has an ergonomic form, good stability and comes in several modifications. The basic version is just a stand, adding about a thousand rubles you can buy a variant with four USB-A outputs and wireless charging for a smartphone.


  • Size (w * V * d): 604 * 80 * 215 mm
  • Material of execution: Metal, plastic
  • Permissible weight: 15 kg
  • Features: Wireless charging for smartphone

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This stand under the monitor will not please the height adjustment, but it has beautiful appearance, good stability and reliable design. It is designed for monitors with a diagonal of up to 32 inches and withstands weight in 15 kg. The model is quite wide, so you can put any more things on it. A pleasant bonus is a wireless charging that will allow charging compatible smartphones.

Alloyseed T1

  • Size (w * B * d): 550 * 75 * 200 mm / 410 * 75 * 200 mm
  • Material of execution: Metal
  • ​​
  • Permissible weight: 30 kg
  • Features: Foldable design, additional outputs USB-A, RGB-backlight

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This model will like those who are looking for a beautiful and functionally device. She has a foldable design, which will reduce the width of the device. The stand is characterized by high resistance, has four USB-A exit and RGB backlight, which can be disabled if necessary. Complete cable for connecting to PC has a length of 1 meter. Additionally, there is a retractable stand for a smartphone and a small box where you can put pens or any other little things.


  • Size (W * V * D): 796 * 40 * 56 mm
  • Material of execution: Aluminum, plastic
  • permissible weight: 10 kg
  • Features: Height adjustment from 32 to 400 mm

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This stand is suitable for monitors or laptops. It has the most simple design with an elegant appearance, it can be compactly folded, which will simplify storage if the stand is not needed. Thanks to the gaslift mechanism, you can customize the optimum height.


  • Size (W * B * D): 220 * 45 * 215 mm
  • Material of execution: Aluminum
  • Valid Weight: to 22 kg
  • Features: Additional connectors

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This stand for the monitor from SATECHI is a rather miniature device, which nevertheless pleases with a large number of connectors, which, in fact, turns it into the docking station. The model is made of aluminum, on the front panel it has a modern USB-C, three USB-A, a Cartrider for SD and MicroSD, as well as 3.5 to connect headphones.

It is worth noting that the model is initially created for the IMAC and it is quite compact, so choosing third-party monitors, consider the dimensions of its legs.

Fellowes Hana

  • Size (W * B * d): 300 * 153 * 632 mm
  • Material of execution: Metal, wood
  • permissible weight: 20 kg
  • Features: Three adjustments in height, 4 USB outputs

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This is a fairly expensive stand under the monitor will like those who are looking for a functional and representative option. She has a reliable metal base, the platform is separated by a veneer. The model assumes three height adjustments - 102, 127 and 153 mm.

On the front panel there are two USB-A outputs for mobile devices, there are two more USB-A outputs that are needed to connect the mouse and keyboard. Complete wires are used to connect the support to PC and power supply.