How to choose a laptop for a programmer

Are you a programmer looking for a new laptop for work? Buying the first model in the market - not the best idea. And today we will tell you what characteristics should pay attention in the first place.

There are many manufacturers and models of laptops - from powerful gaming devices to thin and light ultrabooks, from expensive MacBook Before budget models of type Chromebook.

Some laptops are intended for certain tasks, such as business, creativity, study and games, but find a laptop for programming - that more task!

If you are looking for a new laptop on which you plan to program, then below we collected a list of basic characteristics to pay attention to.


Display - One of the main things that the programmer must take into account. Throughout the work, you have to look at the screen 99% of the time, so the selection of the display type should be approached as responsibly.

Display Diagonal

If you are not very careful about portability, then try to purchase a laptop With the maximum large screen.

Everything is simple here. The smaller the display, the smaller the workspace you get. In addition, the text, icons and other user interface elements will be less, which will lead to greater eye fatigue.

In addition, the programming best suits the display with the aspect ratio of 16:10, and not standard 16: 9, present in most modern laptops.

It is also worth noting that the sensor displays or type 2-B-1 laptops are not very suitable for programmers. They do not cost additional costs, unless you plan to use your computer for other purposes.


External monitor

To date, most laptops allow you to connect at least one external Monitor through HDMI port. It is quite useful, especially for those who often work with several windows simultaneously. However, the screen of the laptop itself will certainly be less than an external monitor, which is not too comfortable and may complicate the work.

If you plan to connect two or more external monitors to a computer, it is important to make sure that this or that model supports this function. Most of the laptops of the initial and middle levels allow you to connect only one external display via HDMI.

Thus, the laptop must be equipped with Thunderbolt 4 with DisplayPort technology support along with HDMI. In this case, you can connect two displays and use them at the same time.


Regardless of the type of activity, it is always better to have a high-performance processor. However, not everyone has an unlimited budget, which is why when choosing a processor should consider several important points.

Do you use many applications at the same time, with multiple windows in each? Do you work with large volumes, which takes a lot of time on processing?

  • If so, then preference should be given to the number of kernels, and not a net computing power.
  • If you mainly plan to work only with one program, the processor with a high clock frequency will be suitable for you.

But in any case, we recommend purchasing at least a mid-level processor. The fact is that entry-level models, such as Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3, are not always able to process some tasks on time.


Regardless of whether you buy a laptop to work in the office, Programming or games, to date, the minimum recommended volume of RAM is 8 GB. However, if the budget allows you to purchase a model C 16 GB.

If you still buy a laptop with 8 GB RAM, then in the future it will need to be updated to 16 GB.

type and volume of the drive

If you want the computer to work fast, then It is necessary to purchase a model with SSD. This type of drive is much faster than HDD, so you will quickly perform any tasks.

To date, 256 GB is a minimum for laptops, but, of course, the more, the better, and the most preferred option is 512 GB.

You can also select a combination of SSD and HDD. In this case, the solid-state drive must be a capacity of 256 GB - you can install OS and frequently used applications on it. Thus, when programming, everything will work much faster.

Archive and other files can be stored on the usual hard disk.

Operating system

The choice of the operating system depends on what type of programming you do. Do you work with MAC systems, Windows or with all OS at once?

In the case of MacOS, choose the product from Apple. At the moment, the company offers a wide range of devices from MacBook Air M1 to 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max (the choice depends on the budget).

If you are working with Windows, you get an unlimited number of options. The same applies to Linux, since this OS can be installed on almost any device.

In addition, some manufacturers offer laptops with pre-installed Linux.

You can also create a multi-loading system that will be able to work with both Windows and Linux or MacOS. You can also use the Wine program to start Windows on Mac. However, processors on the latest Mac M1 use another architecture, which can affect the emulation process.


Programmers often underestimate the keyboard - one of the most important peripheral devices. Yes, the keyboard is incurred with the processor or monitor, but you, as a programmer, it is important to purchase a reliable and convenient keyboard, because 90% of working time has to work with it.

The keyboard layout will differ, as some users prefer a full-sized device, while others are design without a digital block. It is also worth considering convenience - be sure to check the keyboard before purchasing.

There is no possibility to customize the keyboard laptops, so when buying a separate model it is important to be careful because there are different types of switches and cap caps. It is recommended to try them before buying them.


If you are often traveling or working outside the house, then it is important to purchase a laptop With a battery that is able to work all day.

Among the favorites here - Apple M1 MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad x1 and HP Envy 14.

In addition to the autonomous time Work, in the laptop there may be support for Power Delivery. This technology allows you to charge a computer using panibank.