How to choose a keyboard for PC

The keyboard is the most important device for both text input and for the gemina on the PC. The device has a huge impact on the overall experience of working with a computer. Now there are many models in the market, which allow you to print faster, more precisely, as well as less tiring.

It is because of this that the purchase of a new keyboard is pretty a complex and responsible process. Below we placed a detailed guide, in which we will tell about the most important aspects when choosing a device of this type.


We use the keyboard more often than any other peripheral device. In this regard, it can be harvested except the mouse.

Keyboards have different types of keyboards called switches, which directly affect printing. Thus, the text set on different models always varies.

In particular, the keyboards have a variety of characteristics (for example, the key running, responsiveness and much more), each of which, of course, is pretty subjective - the keyboard that one person likes to see terrible for another.

There are many types of switches, but the most common are membrane, scissor and mechanical. Each species has its strengths and weaknesses, and we will briefly consider each of them.


Membrane switches are made from rubber or silicone gaskets. The key is a lid that is attached to a vertical plastic rod with a cap at the bottom right above the three-layer membrane.

Keyboards with membrane switches are usually much cheaper. This type of device is highlighted compact (keys thickness of several millimeters), high reliability and almost perfect protectedness from dirt and moisture.

The disadvantage is almost the complete absence of tactile feedback.



Scissor keyboards are equipped with rubber dome-shaped gaskets, and to connect the cover of the key The rod uses a special "scissing" mechanism.

This type of switches is used in the keyboards of modern laptops. They are quiet, more responsive and accurate, and also have a small length of the stroke.

New MacBook from Apple is equipped with a special mechanism called "Butterfly", thanks to which the keyboards are incredibly thin with an extremely short move, but very clear response.

Scissor switches are used not only in laptops. You can find them in miniature models, as well as in the keyboards of the island type. In addition, many low-profile devices also use scissor mechanism.


Mechanical switches are of different designs and designs, but in each of them Metal springs are used, which are compressed when the user presses the key. The keyboard of this type, as a rule, provide tactile feedback, work even on the middle of its stroke and generate different levels of sound.

Mechanical keyboards are favorites among gamers due to accuracy and long service life due to a stronger design.

They are also popular and among users who gain huge amounts of text, since it takes less time to trigger the key. Thus, they can provide a very fast and accurate set of text.


Most PC keyboards use similar layouts with the same sets of main keys. These include:

  • Symbols: The letter, digital and punctuation keys
  • modifier keys : Such as SHIFT, CTRL (control), Alt and Fn (Functions)
  • System command keys : ESC (ESCAPE) and PRTSCN (Print Screen)
  • Editing keys : ENTER, DELETE and Backspace
  • Navigation keys : Arrow keys, Home, End, PGUP (Page Up) and PGDN (Page DOWN)
  • Function keys: Volume, brightness of the display and others

However, the main The keys may also differ depending on the device. For example, Apple keyboards are used by the CMD and OPTION keys, and many new keyboards of other brands include various menu screens to work with Windows 10.

Some models also include numeric keyboards that help speed up and increase the efficiency of entering numeric data.

Previously, the standard keyboard was equipped with exactly 104 keys, but the times change and today it is the minimum number of keys, since many models have more keys.

If you buy a keyboard in Russia, then most likely get the QWERTY layout (it also concerns other CIS countries and states using the Latin alphabet).

These keys are placed in the upper left corner of the keyboard, and also determine the location of the rest of the letter buttons.

There is also a courtyard keyboard offering another layout that can provide a faster and accurate set of text, but this type of layout has not been widespread. At the moment, QWERTY remains the most popular.

Special keys

Some brands add additional keys to control various functions, for example, multimedia keys for controlling audio and video playback, optional buttons for System management (sleep mode, power failure), and much more.


A set of text, probably, the most popular task that we perform when Working with keyboard. Thus, it can cause many physical problems, from simple fatigue to real diseases, such as a custod canal syndrome (although it is still unlikely).

That is why many brands now produce ergonomic models, when working with which users have to keep hands at a more comfortable angle, which reduces the load.

Basically, such keyboards have a semicircular shape, an enlarged key and keys for hands. But you can meet various designs: from a simple change in the angle of inclination of the keyboard so that the hands and wrists remain under natural angle, to separated models in which the hands and wrists remain in the form of the letter "V".

Wired or wireless?

Also to date, it is often necessary to choose between wireless and wired keyboards. The main advantage of wireless models is that users are easier to move them, as well as in the absence of a constantly interfering cable.

However, of wireless keyboards there are disadvantages:

First, meal. There are two options: replaceable batteries, or a periodic connection to a charger. Most often, users can connect a wireless keyboard to a PC via a USB cable.

Also, the devices of this type have a delay between the keystroke and the registration of its signal on the PC. This is a particularly important indicator for gamers, because in some games even the share of a second may be fatal.

However, recently, manufacturers have significantly reduced the delay in modern wireless devices, but it remains an important factor if you are going to pick up the keyboard for hardcore Taitles (more about this in the next section).

Finally, wireless keyboards use one of two technologies for connecting to PCs: Radio frequency (RF) compound, or Bluetooth connection.

Typically, the laptops are equipped with Bluetooth, however, when connecting a wireless keyboard to a PC, a special adapter has to buy.

One of the popular examples of RF technology is unifying from Logitech is an adapter that operates at 2.4 GHz and supports up to six wireless Logitech products.

Unifying receiver is usually supplied with mouses (and keyboards) from the brand, and you can attach it to the PC, and then connect multiple compatible Logitech devices.

Wireless keyboards have their advantages, and they are usually more expensive than wired keyboards. They are becoming increasingly popular and absolutely accurately deserve attention.


when buying a keyboard in any Online store Technique, you will see that The game keyboards refer to a separate category. This is a good reason: game models are optimized for gamers and have some specific characteristics.

  • First, the game keys are usually connected via USB. You can find both wireless models, but most gamers prefer to avoid even small delays in order to ensure the highest possible response in first-person shooters (FPS) and other action games.
  • Secondly, the game keyboards most often use mechanical switches, primarily due to a quick response and durability. And some keys are made at all more durable (for example, W, A, S and D).
  • Thirdly, many game keyboards support the backlight features to highlight certain keys, such as WASD, and offer a brighter experience (in direct and figurative sense).

The LED RGB highlight system is capable of creating millions of colors and various effects.

Finally, the game keys are very easily configured under a specific user. The best models allow you to create various key combinations for certain games that can be easily switch between different colors!


Purchase of a new keyboard is not the easiest process, and your final choice He will greatly affect the experience of using the computer.

When choosing a keyboard, it is worth carefully considering many aspects, starting with switches that best match your text set style and ending with layout.