How to choose a fitness bracelet

In 2022, every second user will have a fitness bracelet. The popularity of this gadget is hard to underestimate, and the variety of options in stores makes you wonder how to choose the right one.

Not only the number of models puts potential buyers into a stupor, but also the range of prices. Today, trackers can cost from one to several tens of thousands of rubles. What fitness bracelet to choose so that it does not become a mere trinket, but brings practical benefits? After all, first of all, this gadget was created to control your own health, and only then is it a fashion accessory on hand. In addition, any buyer wants to buy the model that will meet his requirements and will not require an overpayment for unnecessary options. This is what we will talk about today.


The choice of a fitness bracelet should first of all begin with an assessment of its capabilities. Also, you should decide for yourself what you want to get from him. Many wearable devices fall under the category of these devices. Conventionally, they can be divided into groups:

  • Narrowly targeted (heart rate monitors, pedometers, stopwatches, etc.) - as a rule, they have one function, but cope with her best.
  • Motivational - basic devices with advanced features, designed not to collect information as accurately as possible, but to a greater extent to encourage the user to do something: walk more, monitor calories, sleep, etc. Most buyers need just such devices.
  • Multifunctional - such devices often have a large display, an increased set of modules, advanced features when synchronizing with smartphones. To some extent, they can be equated with smart watches.
  • ​​
  • Specialized - fitness trackers designed for specific sports, such as running, swimming, etc.

Even the simplest models will be able to count the steps, will tell about the distance traveled during the day and even calculate how many calories were spent per day. Moreover, budget trackers will report that the owner sits for a long time without movement and it's time for him to warm up. In general, these functions are enough for most ordinary users who are not engaged in training and want to have a common idea of ​​their health.

If you want in addition to the above options, it is possible to interact with the smartphone (read messages, control alarm clock, to see incoming calls), that is, it makes sense to consider the second category - multifunctional trackers. They are very popular today and are inexpensive.

If the future owner is seriously interested in sports, then he should pay attention to models created for specific disciplines - running, swimming, cycling. Even golf players will find a device for themselves, able to improve their game skills. "Specialized" devices are able to give more useful information about training, as well as help it plan and adhere to the plan in the process.

Pulse Control

Measurement of the pulse or heart rate is a function that with Recently ceased to be something exclusive. If earlier for counting the heart rate required a special breast belt, today this option can be built into a regular wrist bracelet.

Whether the calculation of the pulse is needed or not - to solve users individually. However, for athletes, the heart rate is particularly relevant, as it allows you to choose a pulse zone and make training more efficient and directed: on the growth of muscle mass, work on endurance, fat burning, and so on. In addition, there is an opinion that the most accurate calculation of the calories is impossible without measuring the pulse, and the correct sleep control is impossible without this option. Modern fitness bracelets can measure the pulse around the clock or directly during sports.

In addition to athletes, it is necessary to know their own pulse to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In recent years, medical functions are increasingly embedded in smart bracelets. For example, fitness trackers with pressure measurement were presented. Experts relate to such devices skeptical and do not recommend using them for medical measurements, but still a general idea of ​​the state they form, and this can be useful.

GPS sensor

Any modern smartphone is equipped with a GPS sensor, but fitness The tracker often remains deprived of them. The exception is the models of the highest and average price segment. If the buyer does not plan to seriously play sports, then this option is useless - by mistake, many believe that it is necessary for counting steps. However, for runners, cyclists or hiking lovers, the GPS module will be the way to accurately measure the distance traveled, learn about the speed of movement, pace or to see the accurate route.

Not all models demonstrate adequate operation of the GPS module, but there are also those bracelets that make it right. With them you can get acquainted in our thematic selection.

Sleep Analysis

Monitoring Gradually becomes one From the basic functions of trackers. Nevertheless, disputes about the benefits of this option to this day a lot. It is quite obvious one thing - those who wear bracelets around the clock will be able to receive detailed information about their dreams. In this case, it is not only about the number of hours, but also the phases of the night rest. Moreover, expensive models are capable of not just a soft vibration to wake up the user at the right time, but also calculate the phases and the optimal time of awakening so that the owner of the device woke up resting and fresh.


One of the important criteria for choice is the presence of moisture protection in the device. It may seem to many that it is relevant for swimmers or fans of water sports, but do not forget that the risk of getting under the rain is always there, and no one takes a journey umbrella in the park. In addition, any athlete sweats at workouts, and even if there are almost a hypoallergenic strap with the straps, the tracker itself may not be protected. This means that over time, he may fail if it does not provide protection against moisture. Thus, when choosing it is better to give preference to the waterproof fitness tracker.

Another point associated with moisture protection: when purchasing it is worth clarifying, which is protected by the device. There are different levels of protection - simply from splashing, from water in the pool, or a full protection against salt sea water with the ability to immerse a larger depth.


Any modern electronic device works from power sources. This imposes restrictions on the autonomous time of its use, so it must be taken into account when purchasing. Of course, the working hours of the fitness tracker and the smartphone are incomparable, since the first less than energy-dependent electronics inside, however, and they have no battery reserve.

The power consumption is more affected by the display and the operation of wireless modules. On average, modern trackers are able to work around 1.5-2 weeks without recharging. But there are models with autonomy to several months or years. Usually, they have a power source that cannot be charged.

To choose a good fitness bracelet, it is also important to look at how it charges. In the market, you can find models with a standard connector of type microusb, models with wireless charging, with branded cradle (usually causes a mass of negative emotions) or the above-mentioned devices with batteries that serve the year, and Then change to new ones. In the latter case, it should be thought - and will there be new batteries on sale after the expiration of the year or two.

The presence of wireless interfaces

is mentioned above that there will be no "sports" bracelets Extremely presence GPS. However, do not forget about other modules - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.

Regarding the last sensor, everything is simple. In Russia, devices are sold with NFC, but contactless payment in them is usually unavailable. However, there are exceptions. EXAMPLE - MI SMART BAND 4 NFC Xiaomi with contactless payment for connected MasterCard cards. According to the reviews of the Gadget owners, this option in the tracker does work, but not with all maps and there are certain difficulties in the setting. Perhaps other devices with this feature will appear in the near future. If it is important for you, specify in advance from the seller (or yourself) whether payment will be paid via NFC in the selected bracelet.

The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is largely an additional source of battery consumption, but it is worth understanding that the collected data is unloaded and processed in the applications that are installed on the smartphone. Without this, the work of the tracker is strongly limited, and therefore it is impossible to do without wireless modules. In most cases, Bluetooth is used for synchronization.

Wi-Fi Synchronization allows you to upload data to the cloud and view information about the result of your workouts on the PC (provided that the device has such a functionality). It is worth understanding that Wi-Fi is the lot of expensive devices and not the most common phenomenon.


Does the display need a display in a fitness bracelet - a question that worries many Buyers. Obviously, its presence makes the device more functional. A similar gadget can be used without a bundle with a smartphone, useful information will be displayed directly on the screen, which is convenient. On the other hand, the display spends the battery and here should be solved what's more. Today, trackers without displays are sold (information is displayed in the smartphone), with a monochrome display that displays a minimum of data, as well as with full color color screens. As a rule, devices with the last type are the most expensive, but also the benefits of them more.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude: those who do not plan to wear the tracker without removing or wants to obtain only basic functions, apply devices without a display or with a small black and white screen. The same one who is seriously concerned about their own health and plans not just to collect information, but to make their imagination to the real trainer, it definitely needs a bracelet with a large display well readable in the sun.

Analysis of the results

The benefits of the collected information will be only if the user will be Will be able to view it and get a full-fledged analysis. Smart bracelet manufacturers today offer different solutions for this: data display on the device itself, output information to the application for the smartphone or a full-fledged analytics and recommendations for training on the site from the manufacturer. Eminent brands allow you to download information not only to our own services, but also on international resources, where there are whole communities of athletes and lovers of outdoor activities. In this case, the user will be able to share its results and chat with like-minded people.

The most successful combination is a combination of all three display options. The actual data can be viewed on the bracelet (for example, during running), more advanced information will display an application in a smartphone, and a full-fledged assessment and comparison with previous training and tips for the future will be issued.


in 2021 in stores you can find a variety of bracelets - from thin Device without display to impressive gadgets with round, square and other screen forms. However, the last thing to pay attention to when buying is design. Of course, for many, this parameter is significant: hardly someone wants to wear a red fitness tracker under a rigorous costume, and for women in many ways the design is an extremely important parameter. But it is worth remembering: so that the smart accessory does not disappoint, first evaluate the possibilities, and only then appearance.

It should be noted that many trackers are sold with the possibility of changing the strap. Moreover, the available options imply not only different color, but also the material of the execution. When buying a device, it is worth understanding how ergonomically it is. Obviously, the model with a big display may not be easy to sit on a small female hand or will fly from it. For the bracelet to become a real assistant, he must be part of the hand, that is, the user ideally will remember its existence only if necessary to receive information.


To the selected fitness bracelet worked well with your smartphone, pay attention At such a criterion as compatibility.

First, the tracker should work with the operating system installed on the smartphone. Many models manufactured today successfully work together with Android and IOS, but if you have a silent Windows Phone, the circle of suitable fitness bracelets is essential.

Secondly, the version of the operating system also has the value. You can encounter the fact that although the bracelet is compatible with Android, but you will not be able to synchronize it with your smartphone, because It will be an outdated version of the OS, and the tracker works only with new ones. This nuance is also important to clarify when buying.


The parameters listed above are the most important when buying a tracker. Considering them, you will definitely pick up a gadget that is most suitable for your needs. However, for some buyers there are other, equally important selection criteria, for example, a brand. What do you think about this? Share with us in the comments, for what else, in your opinion, it is worth paying attention to the selection of a fitness bracelet.

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