How to choose a computer chair right

We tell why it is impossible to just take and buy an armchair for work for PC.

Those who first think about the purchase of a PC chairs are often surprised: it turns out that even such a simple product has special parameters that can affect the choice of one or another Models.

Many are focused on their budget, and this is the right approach. The price is one of the key factors in the question of which chair to choose, but besides it, Ergonomics and operating conditions are important. Since the price variation on computer chairs is great, in some cases you can contact the market for used products.

So what chair choose? And how to do it right? In this material, we will consider five important points when choosing a computer or game chair for PC.

1. Determine the budget (as an option we consider the purchase of a used chair)

The first task is to clearly designate the amount you are willing to spend Since in most cases the final decision depends on it.

The choice of computer seats is very wide, among them there are models of various categories - from very cheap to incredibly expensive. The best office chairs are sold for the amount of fifty thousand rubles. Premium class products for leadership pisting prices are passing for 200 thousand.

Only the most secured class of buyers can afford the acquisition for the home environment. But even if the money is not a question, it is necessary to remember one thing: in the super-leading chairs, the emphasis is placed on the decoration and quality of materials, and often to the detriment of practicality and real convenience.

Other extremes - budget options rated in less than 5 thousand rubles. Where and how they are going to how long they will serve - a big mystery.

When choosing a PC chair, it is better to focus on the average segment - something around 10-20 thousand rubles. The goods are very diverse there, and its quality deserves a good assessment.

Separately, I want to say about the market for used goods. Since premium gaming chairs are designed for a long service life, several months of operation are unlikely to affect their condition. If you are lucky to find on Avito used a dear class model without traces of use, consider it a big luck. The disadvantage of the purchase will be only the lack of a manufacturer's warranty.

2. We study different types of seats

At the initial stage, it is necessary to decide with the type of computer chair. There are many designs and designs. Some requirements for them can dictate your workplace.

Small-sized room, a small computer desk or a table for working is all different conditions for which the chair needs to be chosen individually. In such a situation, a compact chair or a working chair like a stool fit well. But there are alternative options: for example, a chair for a PC without armrests and a head restraint, which also economically spend the space.

Another key point in this regard is the type of finishing. Manufacturers offer fabric and leather models. The last option looks solid, it is easy to clean, it is not scary to shed a drink on it. Tactile sensations in a sense more pleasant. However, in hot weather, it is more comfortable to spend time not in the leather, but in the tissue chair, besides, a tissue of good quality is cheaper than leather.

If the air permeability is of particular importance, look for models with a mesh back.

Dear computer chairs are notable for premium functions, for example, a built-in heater or cooling system. The choice of such a product is fully justified if it is predominant or high or low temperatures.

3. Ergonomics: What is it and why is she paying so much attention?

The Ergonomic PC Chair is a product of high comfort with extensive adjustment capabilities. As a rule, there are expensive models.

Of course, each office and gaming chair is developed in such a way as to meet at least minimal convenience requirements. But still, in some models, adjustment is limited to one or two settings: a change in the height of the seat and sometimes tilt the back.

True ergonomic models allow you to adjust the position of the seat bowl, shifting it forward or backward, the back of the back, as well as the spring force with the slope, height and position of armrests, head restraints, etc.

With a significant amount of parameters, the chair is easily adapted to any shape of the body and allows you to properly distribute weight at long pastime. Also, ergonomic models are interesting in that they use thoughtful design solutions and advanced technologies. For example, the Humanscale Freedom office chair has a self-regulating back, which is continuously adapted to a person sitting in it.

4. Support for the lower back - this is also important

Cheap chairs are devoid of one important thing - orthopedic pillow. It occurs on the middle and premium stage, and sometimes sold as an additional accessory for 1-3 thousand rubles.

Why is it necessary for? Sit in a chair with a lumbar pillow is much more comfortable. Its presence will first be assessed by your spin: disappearing pains will disappear, the duration of work will increase.

To do not suffer for a long time with the question "What Chair to choose", stop on the model with orthopedic pillows with a dense adjacent to the lower back and neck.

5. We test the chair before purchase

sensations - the thing is purely individual. The same armchair can cause different opposite impressions from different people. Someone will seem quite comfortable, and someone is unbearable hard. The same can be said about the form of the back, armrests and other elements.

This means that it is not always worth navigating reviews and purchasing reviews. Take time to go to the store and sit for a couple of minutes in a chair that you are interested. In this way, you can experience several models at once, if you do not want to spend time on learning feedback on the Internet. 2-3 minutes are quite enough for first impressions about convenience.


Nevertheless, serious disadvantages appear after long-term contact with the product. A true answer to the question "What computer chair is best" you will learn only after you spend in it a full-time (or even a few days).

Then how to choose a computer chair correctly and not make mistakes? Many online stores offer a 30-day guarantee of money back. The service will be useful if the product is not suitable for some reason. The reverse delivery, most likely, will have to pay at your own expense, but it is much better than spending a few tens of thousands on an expensive chair, and then try to sell it from the hands of the goods as a used product.