How to check iPhone when buying from hand?

Buying a second-hand iPhone"from hand" is not such a bad idea as it might seem at first glance. Used iPhones are worth significantly less than the most obvious alternative from the store - " refurbished" devices ( Refurbished ): discount for "like new" iPhones when buying does not exceed 3- x thousand rubles, while used gadgets can be found for half the price of a new device. The external condition of a used iPhone depends on the user: if the previous owner of the device is a neat housewife, then it will be impossible to visually distinguish a used gadget from a new one.

Purchasing a used smartphone is associated with a high risk – the buyer may be offered a stolen or lost device. Therefore, you need to not only carefully check the gadget itself, but also pay attention to the behavior of the seller.

When is the best time to walk away from a deal?

If a used phone dealer is acting weird and sneaky, it's best not to make a deal to buy an iPhone. Pay attention to such moments:

  • Cost. The price always reflects the condition of the goods. To believe that the seller sets an unreasonably low price because he is "saving up for a new gadget" (as stated in the ad) is naive - by agreeing to buy such an iPhone "on hand", the buyer exposes himself to an increased risk of running into a huge "underwater rock".
  • Requiring advance payment is a clear sign of fraud. Do not give the seller even a small part of the money until you subject the used gadget to a thorough check.
  • Closed contacts. Conscientious sellers have nothing to fear, but scammers usually do not provide contact numbers and only allow potential buyers to contact them in other ways (for example, through messages on bulletin boards). The reason is clear: it will not be difficult to find out information about a fraudster by the police number, because a SIM card is registered only for a passport.
  • Meeting place. If the seller has offered a meeting in a less crowded place, think three times before agreeing. It's not just that you're traveling with a large sum of money to meet a stranger who knows where (although you should think about this first of all), but also that there is probably no Wi-Fi in such a place, which means that it will not be possible to fully check the iPhone when buying "by hand".

Another important point: check if the seller knows passwords iPhone - meaning the code security and Apple ID password.

Demand that the seller unlock the device and reset the settings before your eyes (path « Basic » - « Reset » - “ Erase content and settings ”) - for the second procedure, you will need your Apple ID password. If the seller has doubts, difficulties and nervousness at the same time, it is very likely that he simply does not know the passwords, because he is trying to sell a stolen gadget.

How to check a used iPhone for mechanical damage before buying it?

The risk of buying a stolen used iPhone is not the only one: the buyer also runs the risk of receiving a gadget in which there is a flaw, imperceptible immediately upon superficial examination. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully protect against this risk, however, due to careful checking before purchase, it can be minimized. Be sure to check:

Is the iPhone “Locked”.

Remove the SIM card tray and see if there are any overlays with Gevey or R-Sim signatures.


If such an overlay is present, the iPhone “ is locked ”, that is focused on working with only one mobile operator (usually foreign). Despite the fact that a high-quality hardware unlock does not cause any particular problems, it gives the buyer the right to demand a discount, because “locked” iPhones are sold cheaper with new ones.


The test method is as follows: press the gadget screen and hold your finger until the icons begin to “dance”. Then try moving the icon to a different corner of the screen. If the icon constantly "breaks away" from the finger, the sensor was changed.

Wi-Fi module

To test the Wi-Fi module just connect to a signal source is not enough - leave the gadget connected to the wireless network for 5-10 minutes. The defect (if any) always appears after the device heats up.

Sensor approximation

Call someone and cover the top of the front edge of the device with hand - the screen should go out.


Use the device with a broken approximation sensor is very problematic: you have to watch the button The call discharge did not touch the cheek.

Does iPhone

(for headphones) connector) do not flood. If you find a red point there, it means that the iPhone is flooded. About buying, naturally, can not go and speech.

Sensor "Upiration" iPhone is placed not only in the headset connector: on the iPhone 4 / 4S it is also present in the 30-PIN charging connector, And on the iPhone 5 / 5S - in the SIM card nest.


Run any application, then turn the iPhone. The contents of the screen should "turn" to the same side as the device itself.

The presence of scratches

It is recommended to insist that the seller removes all films from the device. Perhaps this is a kind of "masking" scratches and scuffs.

Activation Lock

Do not think to buy a gadget with the function "Find iPhone"!

This feature is present on the iOS devices above the 7th version - if it is activated, reset the settings or restore the iPhone from the copy iTunes will not be possible. Require from the seller to disable the function - for this, it will be needed to go through the " settings" - " ICloud", deactivate the toggle switch in front of " to find the iPhone" and enter the password from Apple ID.

Next, ask to completely delete the ICLOUD account - you need to press the button below, " Delete an account".

Buying an iPhone "from the hands", do not forget to also check it on the authenticity of the serial number and IMEI. You can find out here about how it is done here -

How to check the battery used iPhone?

Unfortunately, check the iPhone battery without additional software facilities will not be possible. "Apple" gadget can count the charging cycles, however, this information is intended for Apple employees, and not for ordinary users, therefore, in " settings" does not find it.

will help the IBackupBot program , which can be here. The program is paid, but check the number of charging cycles is real and using the trial version.

To use this utility, itunes is installed on the PC!

Before buying, act as:

Step 1. Start iBackupBot and connect your smartphone to a computer. You will see such a window:

Step 2. Click " more information.

A window with statistics appears before you - pay attention to the very first indicator of the section " Battery" CYCLE COUNT. "

The iPhone battery is calculated on 500 charging cycles - after that its efficiency is rapidly falling.

By example, we see that this standard is exceeded more than twice. Buying an iPhone with such characteristics, be prepared that you will have to change the battery immediately.


even if an externally used used device looks perfectly, there is no sign of influence and stay in repair, the buyer should still be Ready for the fact that he will have to invest in the gadget money. One of the most vulnerable points of the iPhone is the battery. Sale of an iPhone with 1000 charging cycles not always can be considered for deception; Sellers sometimes do not assume that the gadget battery has the property to sit down. If the buyer holds a thorough check and indicates the battery wear seller and other existing flaws, most likely, it will be possible to achieve a significant reduction in cost.