How to charge iPhone?

users of even the most modern gadgets sometimes blindly follow the rule, which was distributed at the dawn of mobile communications: before using the device must be completely discharged, then completely Charge. The most fanatical users developed this rule to the absurd, offering to fully charge and discharge the iPhone three times. Is there any sense in this - consider in the article.

How to charge an iPhone for the first time: a bit of theory

The practical studies of the problem of charging mobile devices was engaged in someone Eric Limer - experiments led him to unexpected conclusions. To charge an iPhone to 100%, as it turned out, in general harmful - the optimal level of charge should be from 50% to 70%. When charging up to 100%, the iPhone battery is able to withstand only 500 cycles, while when charging up to 70% is more than a thousand.

Where did the prejudice come about the importance of full charge? The first cell phones were equipped with nickel batteries subject to the so-called memory effect. The memory effect lies in the fact that in violation of the operating recommendation, the active substance of the nickel battery is crystallized - as a result, the maximum amount of energy is reduced that the battery can stock. The battery "remembers", which was not completely used, and therefore it gives energy only to a fixed limit - hence the name of the effect.

Modern gadgets are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which memory effect is not peculiar. Almost everyone who talks about the need to use to discharge the phone completely, belong to the elder generation and started with black and white "reversals" for which this rule was relevant. Now, from the competent consultant in the salon, the buyer will not hear such a recommendation.

How much time needs to be charged iPhone?

The iPhone recharging time depends on a number of conditions:

battery capacity. The latest modifications 6 and 6s have more replaceable batteries, so recharge them longer.

  • Power supply . There is one secret: If you use the power supply from the iPad, the recharging time is reduced to a minimum. It is not necessary to ensure that this method will adversely affect the battery, it is not necessary: ​​Apple itself does not rebel.
  • Parallel use. If the owner of the gadget during recharging uses a gadget (for example, playing), time, of course, will need more.

"healthy" battery does not need more than 3 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

If the iPhone lacks and night to recharge completely, it is better to contact the service or to the sales office for warranty.

How to charge iPhone: Apple recommendations

Apple gives a number of recommendations, following which the user will be able to extend the life of the battery:

Do not allow the gadget overheating. Pay attention to such a scale that is posted on the official website of Apple:

The ideal temperature for the operation of the iPhone is from 16 to 22 degrees. Using at a different temperature will not lead to a deterioration in the quality of the battery, however, the device itself will keep the charge less time.

Recharge - Other Case: If it is performed under conditions of high temperatures devastating for the effects of the consequences not to avoid. Statistics says: Permanent recharging at a temperature of 10 degrees above the norm leads to the fact that over the year the battery sits at 20% - after three years your iPhone will need expensive repairs.

Therefore, in no case leave the smartphone "on the feeder" on the windowsill in the summer, in the car, do not cover it with a pillow and a blanket, remove it from it Case while he is charging!

Use only Certified Accessories. Please note that we are not about original, but about certified USB cables and power supplies. The latter can be made not only Apple, but also another company, and therefore have a less high price. To determine which accessory is certified, you can on the inscription "Made for iPhone" on the package.

Certified accessories (like the iPhone itself) have special PMIC controllers, which "follow" to ensure that the current, voltage, the temperature does not go beyond the permissible. If, for example, the iPhone will overheat, the charge will stop and the message appears on the screen like this:

on Chinese accessories- "Nooney" controllers no controllers, so the user Applies them at your own risk. Mark statistics: Increased voltage when charging only 4% higher than the norm will lead to the fact that the gadget battery will be twice as fast.

Fully discharge the iPhone, but do not do it more often than once a month. Monthly complete discharge is needed to calibrate power controllers. Many Apple users notice that their devices are turned off when charging in 2-3% - is a sign of non-liberated controllers. However, it is impossible to constantly "radiate" the iPhone to zero - it is extremely detrimental for the battery. Strive not to bring the gadget to forced to turn off more than once a month.


Sooner or later, it will be possible to spend money on replacing the iPhone battery is a given. Regarding the terms of the opinions of many experts and the author of the article, it is possible to meet the recommendations to change the battery every 2 years of intensive use of the gadget, however, the author's iPhone battery constantly in the case and for 3 years it has no complaints. It is important to monitor the quality of accessories and the co-charging conditions and then do not have to enrich the masters of service centers.