How to change the time and date on the iPhone?

All novice users Apple techniques allow one and the same error: if desired, change the time and date they enter the application " hours" and Begin to explore it on the subject of a suitable partition. Finding ways to set the time through this program of fruits will not bring - without a visit to " settings" of the device, this adjustment cannot be made.

How to change the time and date on iPhone?

To change the date and set the time on the iPhone, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Open " settings" and follow in the section " Basic".

Step 2. Next, find the subsection " Date and Time.

You will see such a screen:

Step 3. Set the time format - 24-hour or 12-hour. Americans are more accustomed to the second option: they count 12 hours to noon and 12 after it. Therefore, the 12-hour format is worth the default. If a Russian wants to go to a more familiar 24-hour time format, he needs to switch the corresponding toggle switch.

Step 4 . Deactivate the slider " automatically" . If you enable this option, iPhone will independently select the time zone and determine the date / time, pushing out the data that will receive via geolocation and from the Internet. There are a number of reasons to abandon the use of this option:

  • The time can vary spontaneously in those days when most countries go to the summer calculus on the winter (or vice versa). What threatens it? At a minimum, late to work.
  • The time is determined incorrectly when the owner of the iPhone travels and overcomes several time zones. This is due to the fact that the SIM card constantly loses the signal and cannot provide a location data device.
  • ​​
  • The option requires the inclusion of geolocation services, which in turn leads to rapid energy consumption.

Step 5. Select the time zone - click on the appropriate field.

Then, add to the search engine " Russia" and select the city in which you live or that matches your clock zone. We choose the option " Moscow, Russia" and establish Moscow time ( UTC +3 ).

Step 5. Click on the line in which the blue is spelled out the date and time, and manually install the necessary parameters, scrolling the peculiar drums. Find out the exact time for any city, for example, using Yandex service.

The drum, which would be answered for the installation of the year, no. Therefore, if you wish to translate the date a few years ago or ahead you will have to try.

After that, continue to use the gadget and do not worry about the fact that the time is collected.

The year is incorrectly displayed - what is the reason?

Trying to change the time, the user of the iPhone can detect that it lives in the 28th year of the Haysey era.

This means that the device is not activated Gregorian Calendar (which we all use you), A Japanese. Set the faithful calendar easily: You need to return to the " main" settings, then proceed to subsection " language and text" (located near " Date and Time").

in the menu " Calendar" It should be preferable Gregorian Souluscripts Japanese and Buddhist. Then in the time settings will be displayed the usual year.

How to "kill" iPhone with the help of hours?

"Forumchang" Blog found a curious vulnerability of Apple devices with 64-bit processors (this is iPhone 5S and newer models). If you put on the gadget date on January 1, 1970 and time up to 3 o'clock in the morning, after rebooting the device will turn into a "brick", and return it to life will not succeed in any software - even through Mode DFU.

What is the name of the named date noteworth? It is from it that the so-called era of UNIX begins, which is also called computer time. From the midnight of the 1st day of 1970 and at the current moment, UNIX-time is counted in seconds without breaking on days, months and years. "Capriciousness" Apple technology is simply explained: if you put, for example, 2 hours at night in time zone UTC +3 (Moscow time), the UNIX counter will leave "in minus".

You can protect yourself from this security barrier in several ways. Jailbreak gadget owners are advised to download the tweak BrickingDate, which blocks the ability to set a “deadly” date. Other iPhone owners should simply update their gadgets to iOS 9.3.1, after which only dates after January 01, 2001 will be available.


Statistical fact: 60% of people watch the time not on their wristwatch, but on a cell phone. That is why it is so important to ensure that the iPhone is accurate. Automatic time setting on "apple" gadgets - so far, alas, is clearly an unfinished function; for users who prefer to travel and move between time zones, it only confuses. It is more efficient to set the clock on the iPhone manually, based on data from popular online services, such as Yandex. Time.