How to change the font on Android?

Many users wish to make their smartphone unique. This is usually in buying a cover and installing some unusual topic. Where less often a person is solved on the installation of the launcher . Well, an attempt to change the font is at all out of a series of outgoing. This is due to the fact that changing the font is more difficult - in this plan Android is very different from Windows. But this action impossible is not, in connection with which we will still tell about how to change the font on android.

Why are such difficulties have been implemented?

Google seeks to ensure that the interface of its operating system satisfies absolutely all smartphone owners. And the font is hardly the most important element of any graphical interface. If it is selected wrong, then the ease of reading disappears. Moreover, if you install a font with wide letters or intervals on Android, then under some icons conceived by the developers the text simply does not fit. This will spoil the entire visual component of the system - you will be unpleasant to use the smartphone.

Install the font on android is difficult for another reason. Google owns rights to use all those present in the font system. But it cannot license all the fonts existing in the world, and users will definitely try to establish them. Theoretically, the right holder of the font may try to attract such a user to justice. Although in practice there were no such attempt yet.

But it is not necessary to scare our accession. Google still left loopholes for those people who like to experiment at their own risk. In this regard, there are several ways to change the color of the font, as well as its size and style. But be prepared for the fact that some of them will require the presence of root access.

Using system settings

If the creator of the operating system usually sews in Android only one font, then the manufacturers of smartphones often licensed several of their styles in the Android. Therefore, try searching for available fonts in " settings". It is not excluded that they are present there. And even if not, so you can change the font size.

Step 1. Go to " Settings".

Step 2. Go to section " Display".

Step 3. Press " font".

Step 4. In the menu that opens, you can select the size of the bow and the font style style if the latter allows the manufacturer.

Note: On some smartphones there is an item that allows you to load additional fonts. Consider some of them cost money.

Step 5. When you decide on the font and its size, click " Ready.

Unfortunately, such an easy replacement of the font on Android is possible. Many manufacturers do not want to spend their strength and money for additional fonts, which complicates life to users who have a tendency to experiment.

Using HiFont

On the open spaces of Google Play there is a special program for changing the font called HiFont . Perhaps its use is another fairly easy method of installing a new font. At the same time, it should be noted that after installing the font you liked, the application can be deleted - it will not affect the subsequent operation of the operating system.

The program is consistently functioning without root access only on smartphones and tablets from the SAMSUNG series Galaxy, and not at all. On other devices, root-rights are often needed. As for the use of the utility, it consists in the following actions:

Step 1. Run HiFont.

Step 2. You will be offered several tabs. In one of them, new fonts are displayed, in the other they are divided into categories, in the third they are collected in thematic packages, in the font fonts are sorted by colors, and there is no special order in the fifth tab. There is another sixth tab, but it does not interest us - there are only advertising banners in it. Choose your favorite font and click on it.

Step 3. So you will find yourself on a page of a particular font. Here you will see a picture on which several lines are written by this font. Also indicated the weight of the file - it usually does not exceed 200-300 Kb, so it is not worth worrying about this. Even below, you can see the buttons leading to similar fonts. You must click the " button".

Step 4. Once the download is completed - the signal will sound. Click on the same button, the inscription on which was changed to " use".

Step 5. Press the " button well", if you liked the font. Or on the " button to cancel", if not.

Step 6. Restart your smartphone. The font applies only after that.

If you use a device that is not issued by Samsung, then you are waiting for an intermediate step in the form of providing the application of the superuser's rights.

If you want to return to the system font, simply go to HiFont and pull the curtain from the left edge with the main menu. Here, click on the " font recovery".

After that, check the default point " " of the default font"and press the" button well".

It remains only to press the button " Download".

Set the default font immediately after it is downloaded. To do this, press the " OK button in the displayed pop-up window.

After these actions, the device is rebooting again.

Summing up

Some time ago, you could find another program that serves to install new fonts. It was called font installer and was distinguished by the fact that it supported not only the options contained in it. You could install absolutely any font by copying it from a computer to a memory card. But now there is no this application on Google Play, so we will not consider it. We only note that its use also requires the superuser's rights, even on Samsung's smartphones.

Carnish with a variety of fonts, it is possible, but it should be borne in mind that not all of them are suitable for a comfortable reading of large amounts of information with smartphone screen. With this task, the standard font is best coped - this is another reason why Google is in a hurry to embed additional styles of text drawing. Still for reading, Samsungsans font is not bad - its development was carried out by South Koreans for several years. For such a period, numerous tests confirmed that the text written by this font is perceived by consciousness faster, as well as tired eyes from reading such a text slowly.