How to change the account on Windows Phone?

The main user account, which is created when the smartphone is first launched, is used for a variety of activities - primarily identifying the owner of the mobile device, as well as synchronization data between devices, making purchases in the Windows Store, getting technical support, and so on. If the smartphone changes ownership, it becomes necessary to change the account on Windows Phone. How to do this - we will tell in the article.

How to change an account

A user profile that is set as primary cannot be deleted or made secondary. Changing an account in Windows Background, due to the peculiarities of the operating system, will only be possible by resetting the smartphone settings. Before doing this, you must unlink the device from the old account, and also create a new one (for users who have not previously owned Windows devices). To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to and sign in to the account from which you want to disconnect your smartphone;

Step 2. Go to the section " Devices" and click on the link " Delete phone" opposite the desired mobile device;

Step 3. On the same site, log out of the profile and create a new account that will be used as the main one (if the new smartphone user does not have a Microsoft account);

category “ System ”, select the item “ About the system”, press the button “ Reset settings” and confirm by pressing the button “ Yes” ;

Step 5. After the machine performs a factory reset (which will delete all user information, including photos, contacts, and videos), you can enter the data of the created (or existing) account.

How to replace application accounts

In addition to the main account, Windows 10 Mobile can also use profiles for various applications - mail, calendar, contacts. To manage them, you need:

- launch the application " parameters" ;

- Go to category " Accounts" ;

- Select item " Email address"; Application accounts;

- to produce necessary operations: add and delete accounts, change passwords and content synchronization parameters.