How to change Google Account on Android

An account Google is needed not only to access Gmail mail, but also other products of the company. Without it, you will not be able to download applications from Play Market, use Google disk, make backup copies of data stored on a device (including passwords, logins, media files).

One Account can be used on different devices. It is convenient if you want to configure synchronization of data. If the Android device uses several people or you just want to change the account on a new one, then then we will tell you how to do it.

How to add an account

You can bind to the device already an existing Gmail account or create a new one. Procedure:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" menu on the phone.

Step 2. Scroll through the page to the section "Personal data" and here select "Accounts".

Step 3. A list of accounts attached to the device will appear. Press "Add Account".

Step 4. From the list of proposed options, select "Google".

Step 5. A window will appear where you want to enter data to enter the existing Google account. Specify the number or address of the Gmail email and press "Next".

Tip : If you do not have a Google account, then in the lower left corner, click " Create an account ", and then enter all the data you need to register (name, surname), come up with a login and password.

Step 6. After that, enter the password from the account and press "Next" to complete authorization. If you can't remember it, then click on the blue inscription "Forgot your password?" to request a letter with data for recovery.

Step 7. In some cases, verification may be required. Select the appropriate method of obtaining the check code (by SMS code, confirmation through the backup phone number, via the email address).

Step 8. Enter the obtained code and press "Next".

Step 9. If necessary, add an additional number, or press "skip".

Step 10. Read the terms of privacy and press I accept.

After that, you can use just added account. Note that the device will continue to synchronize the data and with the first account. If you do not want it to happen, then "superfluous" account Google Play needs to be deleted or disable.

How to change the account

If you have several accounts on your phone, you can switch between them, choose where to store backup copies, change other parameters. How to change the account on android:

Step 1. Through the application menu, run "Settings".

Step 2. In section "Personal data", find and select "Restore and Reset".

Step 3. Press the line "Account for reservation".

Step 4. A list of Google Accounts connected on the device will appear. Select the desired to change the account on the phone.

Step 5. Return to section "Personal data" and here Press the line "Accounts".

Step 6. Select "Google" to open and view the list of connected accounts.

Step 7. In the upper right corner, click on the "show more" (in the form of three points) and select "Cancel Synchronization" to configure manually backup. After that, click on the desired if you want to change the account.

Step 8. A page with detailed information opens. Configure all the necessary parameters for data synchronization. If you are using multiple accounts, then for different accounts you can enable or disable backups of certain types of data (for example, contacts or calendar).

Step 9. If you want to completely remove the previously connected account from the device, then click on the icon (in the upper right corner), and then select "Delete Account".

Step 10. A warning will appear on the screen. Once again, press "Delete Account", after which contacts and other data will be removed from the device.

Now you know how to change the Google account on Android. At any time you can delete or add another account. After that, do not forget to configure synchronization and privacy parameters if you plan to access data on another device (for example, a tablet or PC).