How to cancel android subscription

We will tell about two simple ways of how can you cancel any connected subscription to account Google for Android in a couple of minutes.

Android operating system has its own application store - Google Play (Play Store or, in common, "Play Market"). Sometimes after installing a service, the program goodly hints to us that you should activate a paid subscription to expand the functionality and get new opportunities. Often, together with a subscription, some free trial period is offered so that we can appreciate the feasibility of this purchase.

But there are situations when the trial period is expired automatically extended, despite the fact that we want it or not. This is happening if we do not give up the subscription in advance, destroying the "insanged" developer's intentions.

Cancel subscription on the phone / tablet

The following instruction will tell about how to cancel a subscription in any application on the Android device. You can do this without any restrictions and conventions at any time. At the same time, it will be possible to use all the capabilities of the subscription to the end of the previously paid estimated period.

Step 1. Open the store Google Play on your device.

Step 2. We check that we entered into that account Google on which the subscription is activated.

Step 3. Press the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen on the search bar and open the context menu.

Step 4. Go to the tab "Payments and subscriptions", where we open the section "Subscriptions".

Step 5. We find a subscription that we want to cancel, and click on the corresponding button - "cancel subscription".

(with a problem in step 2): if you have several accounts, and you are not sure which of which funds are written off, you can try to find payment receipts In the Gmail Electronic Box.

The receipts have approximately such a type:

But this will look like the application screen in The case if there is no paid subscriptions on Google account:

Depending on the store version Google Play Android operating system on which the device works, some items in the menu may differ. In older store assemblies, in section with subscriptions, you must press "Control" button, from where it is canceled.

If there is no mobile device at hand

the easiest way has already been described above, but if you only have a computer, the output also has.

To cancel a subscription, follow the actions below:

Step 1. Go to the store according to this link.

Step 2. Authorizes in Tom Google's profile, to which we have a valid subscription.

Step 3. In the side menu of the site we find a section called "Subscriptions". Go to it.

Step 4. A screen will appear with all applicable subscriptions, from where we cancel any of them.