How to buy a used laptop

High-quality productive equipment is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford to change the computer annually to the new one.

Of course, you can purchase a recent budget model, but this solution has many shortcomings. In order to sell a laptop cheaper than competitors, the manufacturer can establish a weak processor or a low-quality matrix. That is why some users prefer used technician.

Pros and Cons

Used technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to consider the main points that should be remembered by buying a used laptop.

The advantages of used devices

to the undoubted advantages of buying a used laptop can be attributed to get a powerful device at a budget price. In addition, a subsequent upgrade of some hardware components is possible.

Computer equipment is quickly obsolete. Those who chase for the newest powerful gland selling old equipment after two or three years after purchase. Most often, such people use a laptop for computer games or to work with productive software. However, even a laptop of five years ago perfectly copes with most everyday tasks. This is especially true expensive laptops, which were released not so long ago, but have already become cheaper. Usually, according to performance, they are very superior to budget models of recent years.

In addition, such laptops support the upgrade - the installation of more modern components. For example, a hard disk can be replaced with a faster SSD drive. You can also expand the volume of the RAM or replace the processor to compatible (not supported by all laptop models).

Someone is not solved to buy used equipment, since it does not provide a guarantee, which means all expenses, in the event of a breakdown, will have to bear it yourself. But this difficulty is also overcome. If you buy used equipment not from hand, but in a specialized store, you can count on 1-3 months warranty. For a fee, this period can be increased to 6-12 months.

The disadvantages of used devices

used equipment is not devastable. You can list only a few moments that it is worth considering.

cosmetic Defects

A new device looks more presentable, What you can not say about the used one. Of course, much depends on the previous owner, but cosmetic defects in the form of scratches and losses will inevitably appear. Yes, they do not affect performance, but still not nice.

In addition, it is worth considering the laptop and check the following points:

Li dents on the housing. If there are dents and chips, most likely it suggests that the laptop has already falling the laptop. This could lead to damage of the motherboard and other vital components. Of course, it all depends on the strength of the hull strength and strength, and such a device may later work for many years, and may stop incorporated after a couple of weeks.

Visually inspect the off, and then the display is on. Is there scratches on it, broken pixels or litwords? The user looks longer on the screen longer, so its cosmetic condition is directly related to the general impression of exploitation. In addition, if the image has litters, it may be about the fault of the LED-backlight - this display does not work for a long time.

Check what state is the monitor loops. The laptop is designed for a certain amount of discoveries and closures. If the loops came into disrepair, they will have to be replaced, and these are additional costs.

Make sure that all connectors are running, including USB ports, LAN-input, audio inputs, a power adapter socket, a card reader, etc.

Lack of necessary interfaces

with rapid growth of computer technologies, not only the computational power of laptops is increasing. Wired and wireless interfaces appear in new models, the presence of which is necessary for their full-fledged work.

Reducing the battery life

The battery life of the laptop rarely exceeds 2-4 years, which means to use such a computer only from the network. You can, of course, spend money on the purchase of a new battery, but they are not cheap, and the compatible components on the old technique are not always easy to find.

Dishonesty on the part of the seller

Fortunately, this does not happen often, but it does happen sometimes. Some unscrupulous users warm up the motherboard processor, northbridge, southbridge, or other places where the soldering has been physically damaged or as a result of very high temperatures. This is done in order to hide the actual malfunction and quickly sell the device. Of course, such a device will not work for a long time.

It is not always possible even for a master to determine whether the laptop motherboard has warmed up or not. In any case, the necessary knowledge and time are needed in order to disassemble the computer and visually inspect the microcircuit. But even this does not guarantee a 100% result.

As mentioned, this temporary "repair" is not that common in relation to the total number of laptops sold. However, it is still possible to get into such an unscrupulous seller.

Hardware requirements

It all depends on your needs - what is the bare minimum for one user may not be suitable for another. To evaluate the health of the hardware, various programs are used, many of which are free.

Processor power

Minimum processor frequency should not be lower than 2-2.5 GHz. For office work, two cores may be enough, but for more complex tasks, you will most likely need a more powerful processor. Benchmarking software you may find useful: CPU-Z or Cinnebench.


The amount of RAM must be at least 3-4 GB version DDR3 or newer. If you plan to play games, even if not at the highest graphics settings, you should have at least 6-8 GB of RAM. Keep in mind that if the motherboard of the laptop has the ability to expand RAM, the bracket can be purchased later if necessary. Testing program - MemTest (works from external media).

Video card

It is desirable to have not only integrated, but also discrete graphics. The first laptop is used in power-saving mode, while the second is used to handle more complex graphics tasks. For the test of video cards, the programs AIDA64, GeForce Experience (for Nvidia video cards) or CPU-Z, which was already mentioned above, are suitable.

Wireless Interfaces

Check whether wireless interfaces work, including Bluetooth (needed to connect Wireless Keyboard, Mouse or Headphones) and Wi-Fi. Whether the Internet connection is not interrupted or with conjugate devices - it could testify not only about software malfunctions, but also about hardware. To check the performance of a Wi-Fi adapter, it is enough to connect to the nearest wireless network and run video on YouTube in HD quality.

Battery state

If you plan to use a computer without connecting to the network, you need to know What state is the battery. This question is especially relevant if an inexpensive netbook is purchased, the main advantage of which is not the speed, namely the battery life. To assess the performance of the battery, you can use regular Windows tools and utilities from the manufacturer.

Touchpad and keyboard

It is necessary to check the health of all keys and buttons. They must work and have a soft move. For basic keyboard check, you can run a text editor. You can check the function keys using individual combinations (change volume and brightness, disconnection of the display, etc.), which each manufacturer has its own.

Operating system

The laptop should be sold with a pre-installed operating system, since it is possible to identify possible malfunctions. Fast loading of OS (no more than 10-15 seconds) to some extent may indicate the proper operation of the internal components.

Windows is suitable as an operating system for most users, it is not necessarily the last one. Licensed Windows 7 is quite good - it can later be updated to Windows 10 absolutely free. The license key of the product is usually indicated on the sticker, which is located on the housing from the bottom or in the battery compartment.

Security of the transaction

In any case, there must be some time for checking the laptop. And better, if it is not half an hour in the underground transition, but a few days or weeks. So, you will have more time to check and identify all possible malfunctions. As mentioned above, some shops even provide a guarantee that in itself says that the device is most likely working properly.