How to break a laptop: 5 actions that are guaranteed to leave you without a computer

Want to know what actions are destructive for a laptop? Now we will tell.

When we go to rest or on a business trip, a stationary PC remains safe behind the walls of the house, which cannot be said about the laptop. He accompanies us from beginning to the end of the trip, where in every step a danger awaits him. He shakes on the bus, it peacefully lies at the hotel window sill under the rays of the sun, while the owner swells after the flight.

Sometimes it is not necessary to break the laptop anything special. Sometimes you can do nothing at all: malfunctions appear and inaction.

We hope for your interest to this issue there is no evil intent. Although there are extremely reliable copies among modern computers, most of them are still fairly sensitive and errors do not forgive.

How to kill the overheating laptop

over the years, computer processors began to consume less energy, the average operating temperature decreased. But under heavy loads, laptops are still heated, and quite noticeable.

To remove the internal heat, portable PCs are equipped with coolers or other cooling tools, and the user's task is to keep the ventilation openings free. Observe this measure, otherwise there will be no place to get out of the depths of the laptop, and its electronic components will warm up.

Some laptops are protected from overheating: they turn off when the temperature reaches a dangerous level. Others keep until the latter until they roasted to death. Only experiments will help find out which of these two categories is your computer.

Household surfaces dangerous for laptop are upholstered furniture, carpets and blankets.

Wherever you set the laptop, make sure that the ventilation holes will remain free. Even the stack of books near can prevent hot air outflow.

But these measures are not enough. Over time, dust feels inside the housing. It cautates on the cooler and in the ventilation paths. If you have a laptop for several years, it makes sense to open it and thoroughly clean it. Of course, it is better to do it more often than once a few years.

Pay attention to how cooler works with what sound. If the computer is not loaded with complex operations such as games or rendering, and the fan roars as a jet engine (it is very difficult to ignore), consider it a cry of help. It's time to take action.

How to kill a hard disk in a laptop

The solid-state drives SSD are widely used as a data warehouse in laptops.. They are all static, they work perfectly in vibration or shaking.

However, in old and cheap laptops, mechanical HDD hard drives are still found. Here they are easy to remove their building even with a slight shocking. Move the laptop more often, transfer it from place to place to demonstrate your work, tilt your work. Of course, it should work on the full coil. Very soon, when turned on from the inside, crusts and scattering will be commemorated. Live a hard disk left for long.

And now seriously.

A weak place in hard drives is its moving parts. This slab is associated with the fact that round rotating plates are used in the HDD to store data. Processes read / write head information. And heads, and plates have some inertia. When moving the working laptop from place to place, they can deviate. There will be unnecessary contact between the internal components of the disk, which will lead to mechanical damage to the plate and loss of data.

Laptop with HDD sharp maneuvers are contraindicated. It cannot be moved during operation (at least when accessing the disk). And even if only SSD is installed on it, it will be very useful to learn the first signs of a solid-state drive failure in order to react to a malfunction.

How to kill a laptop in improper handling

The guaranteed method of bringing a good laptop into disrepair is to raise it for the display. Or keep on weight over an angle with one hand. The result will be similar.

Restless attitude will bring even a premium technique to the handle with a reinforced design.

The correct way to raise the laptop: first, close the lid, and secondly, to keep behind the front or back. For reliability it is better to do it with two hands. Opened computer - even super light - always take two hands for the side parts.

In no case do not raise it for the display. If you have an optical drive for reading disks, do not keep the laptop with one hand for the side where the drive is located. When working, put it on a flat solid surface to eliminate the enclosure of the case.

Some laptops can survive such an appeal, for others it is death like. Much depends on the reliability of the loops and how much they can withstand. But in general, they are not designed to lift the laptop by the top cover, so in most cases the hinges immediately break and the screen fails.

How to kill a laptop by damaging cables

If you still want to lose your computer (or at least the ability to use), take a look at the charging cable. It is long, and strives for something to catch on and wind up. In no case do not straighten it, wait a bit: time will do its job, and cracks will soon appear on a smooth, even shell. Profit!

Seriously now.

The power cord only looks solid. In fact, it is not designed for numerous twists and kinks. A laptop is a portable computer, so the cables for them are made light and thin so as not to burden the entire system.

Some users wrap part of the wire around a nearby object to keep it out of the way. If this object has sharp edges - write wasted. Ruler, organizer, table or chair leg - any sharp edge will damage the plastic shell.

If you really need to shorten the wire, fold it the way it was folded when you bought the laptop. Maybe you even have a piece of sticky tape left to hold it together. If not, then it doesn’t matter - take a screed or at least scotch tape.


Do not shorten the wire too much. Make sure that the adapter does not hang in the air when connected to the outlet, otherwise you will have to solve another problem: under the weight of the adapter, the plug will loosen over time, the contact will disappear, and the laptop will stop charging.

How to kill a laptop by improper transportation

As mentioned above, laptops with HDDs do not tolerate shaking well. Movies where the characters casually click on the keys while riding a motorcycle in the midst of a chase are, to put it mildly, far from reality.

Well, that is, if you really want to ruin an expensive computer, then such working conditions are exactly what you need. If movie-like police chases don't happen often in your life, then at least turn on your laptop in your car while driving down a bad road. The effect will be the same. Away with protective cases and special backpacks with a compartment for laptops. They are for the weak.

Jokes aside.

A special bag will help protect the laptop during transportation. But the problem is that of all the bags that are called laptop bags in stores, there are not so many really strong ones.

Cheap bags and backpacks have a dedicated compartment for a laptop without any additional protection. The maximum that they can do is to protect the computer case from scratches. In products, a little more expensive and materials are early, and there are rigid inserts on the sides. If such a bag is hung or pushed in the crowd, the case will not work, the display will not crack. But dropping the same bag to the floor, you risk staying without a laptop, because from the bottom side, nothing will protect it.

Good bag or backpack for carrying a laptop is the one in which hard gain is present everywhere: both on the sides, and below, and even on top, if the design of the bag allows.

The ideal option that will ensure real protection for all occasions-resistant bag with ingenious clasps, durable frame and water-repellent properties.

Have you ever broken a laptop?

When it comes to modern electronic technology, any habit may have consequences. Do you work on the sofa? Organize a smooth solid surface nearby and make sure that the laptop ventilation function properly. Do you like to eat from time to time for the monitor? Be careful with drinks and do not forget to clean the keyboard.

Some people serve the technique for years. There are, of course, in this and the proportion of luck. But still a person who knows which errors of operation cannot be allowed, has more chances to maintain their acquisition for many years.

Most often, laptops come into disrepair with a combination of small, it would seem completely non-serious actions that at first do not cause any consequences at all.

In this article, we told that it disrupts the working capacity of hardware components, connectors and laptop cables. Do not forget also that the battery also requires careful circulation. But this is the topic for a separate article.