How to authorize a computer in iTunes?

Computer authorization in iTunes is a procedure unfamiliar to most domestic users. It must be performed by those iPhone owners who buy content in the iTunes Store. The article will teach you how to authorize / deauthorize a PC in a media combine.

To download content stored on a PC disk to iPhone, the user does not need to think about authentication and authorization of the computer at all. However, if you need to copy movies, music or other files purchased in the iTunes Store to the gadget's memory, authorization is no longer enough.

Unfortunately, in Russia only a few people know that a computer in iTunes should be authorized – those very rare users who buy content, and not download it from pirate sites for free. But every Yabloko should be able to perform PC authorization - in view of the fact that the anti-piracy struggle in the Russian Federation is rapidly gaining momentum, this simple skill will definitely come in handy in the near future.

How to authorize a computer in iTunes?

Useful for PC authorization:

  • Stable internet connection.
  • Data from Apple ID - email and password.
  • Program iTunes - preferably the most "fresh" version. You can download it from the official Apple website by following this link. The download is free.

After you check the internet, install and run iTunes, proceed as follows:

Step 1. In the main menu of the media combine, click on the “ Account ” tab and select the “ Login ” option.

occupy the "Shop" tab.

Step 2. In the window that appears, enter the email address and password from the account Apple. Then click " Login".

This will authenticate to iTunes .

Step 3. Click again on the " account", Move the cursor to item " Authorization" and select the option " to authorize this computer.

Step 4. Enter the password from Apple ID again.

Then press " authorized".

After that, the PC will be authorized, and you can listen to songs and view movies purchased in iTunes Store, right in the mediacombine.

The number of computers that can authorize according to the same Apple account is limited to maximum 5. If there is a need to authorize the sixth pc, you should first "reset" one of five acting connections.

To find out the number attached to Apple ID computers, you need to hover the cursor to the " tab" in the main menu and select " View." Opposite item " authorization of computers" and the search will be present.

How to de-computer in iTunes?

In no case cannot be left by authorized someone else's computer. If the owner Apple ID allows such an oversight, the computer user will receive not only access to paid applications (which gadget owner bought on "his blood"), but also the opportunity to acquire a new content from iTunes Store - From the card that is tied to the account.

DEVORITY PCs can be possible:

Step 1. Click on the " tab" in the main menu iTunes.

Step 2. Move the cursor to item " Authorization" and in the menu that appears, select " Devutorize this computer".

Among domestic users Apple's referred to: what does it mean to "deavitory an Audible account"? Audible is a company owned by Amazon and audiobooks ; Account Authorization Audible in iTunes Allows the user to listen to books downloaded from the seller's website, right in Mediacombai. distributes only English-speaking literature - that is why in Russia it is not heard about this portal.

Step 3. Enter the password from the Apple ID and click " Devutors. If the procedure is completed successfully, you will see such a message.

After that, you can not worry about the safety of content and money on the card.

How to reset all authorized computers at once?

Once per year owner Apple ID has the ability to reset all authorized computers at once with one click - even if there are no computers at hand. To do this, the user needs to perform the following operations:

Step 1. Click on the " tab" and select " View. In the same way, we have previously learned the number of authorized computers.

Step 2. On the " record information", find item " Authorization of computers. If for one Apple ID is authorized 2 or more PCs, then a button " to deavodilize all" (" Deauthorize All will be located next to information about the number of computers ).

Pressing this button, you reset all computers from which iTunes in is made under the password of your Apple account.

The instruction is relevant for iTunes 12. In less modern versions of the mediacombine, the deavutorization of all computers can be performed otherwise.

If there was a need to reset all computers for the second time in the year, it will have to go to the US Apple Support Service (available on the link http: // ) and write a request in English. The request will be satisfied during the day if the user iTunes corrects the mandatory details (email address, the country of residence).

What if iTunes is constantly asking for authorizing PC?

Complaints that iTunes When trying to reproduce purchased media files, it requires authorization (when the PC is already authorized), multiply on the Internet. The user who collided with this problem sees about this message on the screen:

Because of which an error occurs, it is not known to the end - but Apple knows how to fix it, and willingly divides this information. According to the manufacturer, you should delete and create a newly folder " SC Info" - this directory is very important for correct operation iTunes. Here is a detailed algorithm for action for owners of PCs with Windows:

Step 1. First of all, close iTunes.

Step 2. Make visible hidden files and folders - the desired catalog is exactly the same. Click on the " start button" and lend to the search string " folder parameters". Then select the same section.

In the window that appears, go to the " tab", then in the block " Additional Parameters ​​»Scroll the list of options to the Niza itself - the last you will find the item" to show hidden files, folders and discs. Install the cursor opposite it.

Finally, press " to apply" and " OK."

Step 3. Go to the disk with - you will see the hidden folder " ProgramData.

Open this folder, then proceed along the path " Apple Computer" - " iTunes. In the last directory you will find the folder " SC info", from which all problems.

Send this folder to " to the basket".

Next restart the PC, open iTunes and authorize the computer. The " SC info folder with correct content will be automatically created - and the problem will be solved.


Authorization of PCs in iTunes is a kind of mechanism for protection against carelessness; With it, Apple encourages the users of "apple" technology to monitor what computers they enter their accounts.

However, the mechanism, apparently, was not brought to mind - and this is not a subjective point of view of by the author, but the opinion of the set of iPhone and iPad owners, which iTunes Muffins constant requirements to log in. Apple recommends solving the problem by deleting the " SC INFO folder (which is then created automatically), but this method does not always give the result. If the deletion of the folder did not help, the user does not remain anything except to seek help in the support service and hope that Apple employees will help.