How to animate a photo on Android

Any time captured in the form of photography can be revived and give it an animation, because the moving picture is much more interesting static.

In order to "revive" a photo on any Android device, you can use special applications that are able to turn one frame into animation. Simply put, these programs are able to convert the image to the GIF graphic format, which has already found tremendous popularity in social networks and the Internet as a whole.

programs for "revival" photo

at the moment it is worth highlighting two most Popular services capable of converting a picture in Gif animation: Giphy and Motionleap. The first can be absolutely free to use for most smartphones and tablets running Android, and for the possibilities of Motionleap will have to pay a subscription.

GIPHY: quickly and free

Giphy is a free application to search for GIF-ok on any topic or creating your own animation. Thousands Emodi, stickers, memes and fun clips from millions of other users in one place.

To revive your photo, repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Open the Official Google Play store and download Giphy to your device.

Step 2. Run the program and press the button "Get Started".

Step 3. Register in the system and create a new GIPHY profile by entering the email address, password And nickname.

Step 4. On the main application of the application, press the "CREATE" key to create a GIF animation.

Step 5. Accept the User Agreement, as well as provide the program access to the device and storage (need to work), By clicking on the buttons "ALLOW CAMERA ACCESS", "Allow" and "I Agree".

Step 6. Select any image from the gallery and start it edit. On the toolbar, you can insert text with an animated font, add stickers or other effects, and crop the picture.

Step 7. After converting the image, click the “Save GIF” button to save the “ animated" photo in the device's memory.

You can also save the converted picture as a video, or instantly share it with your friends in social networks and messengers : Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat.

Motionleap: More advanced commercial tool

With a wide variety of GIF editing tools, Motionleap lets you tweak literally every detail in your photo's animation. In addition, the program can save the result as a video file of any format (16:9, 1:1, 3:4, etc.) and with a resolution of up to 4K. But you have to pay for it: a monthly subscription costs from 74 rubles.

Unlike many other programs that offer to animate a photo according to pre-set templates, here you can create unique projects by changing any part of the picture using gestures.

So, to animate the photo, do the following:

Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Motionleap program.

Step 2. Launch the application, scroll through the home screens and press the Forward key. After that, a demo project will appear on the screen, where you can practice editing and try out the possibilities of Motionleap.

Step 3 Press the Home key and go to New work", giving the application access to the internal storage.

Step 4 Select any photo from the gallery you want revive.

Step 5. Make any changes and animate the image using the available tools. You can contact the "FAQ" section, where the developer explained in detail the capabilities of each function.

Step 6. After editing, press the button "Export" to save the file on the device.

Step 7. Set the settings as shown in the screenshot and click on "Export" (If you want to purchase a subscription, you can select the item "GIF" and immediately get the format you need).

Step 8. Since the project can be saved only as a video, continue further and go to CLOUDCONVERT site.

Step 9. Set the conversion parameters from " MP4" (VIDEO) in "GIF" (Image), as shown in the screenshots.

Step 10. Press the button "SELECT FILE" and select the string "from My Computer". Provide the necessary permissions to the browser by clicking on "Allow" (if requested).

Step 11. From the list of files, find the video that happened after processing the image in Motionleap, then press the button "CONVERT" and expect results.


Step 12. Download the converted GIF image to the phone by clicking on the green key "download".

Using online services

In case you do not want to download any program to the device, there is another way of reviving photos. To do this, you can use "EZGIF", "ILOVEIMG" and other services.

This method may seem much less convenient than the previous one, since editing images is most conveniently implemented in the applications described above.

Step 1. Open any browser on your device and go to the site EZGIF.

Step 2. Determine the image format you want to convert to GIF animation. If this is a photo, then, most likely, there will be a ".jpg" format, if the picture, then ".png".

Step 3. On the site's main page, select the function "GIF Maker" in the upper left corner.

Step 4. Press the button "Select files" to select photos and "Upload and make a gif!" for download. If you want to create a variety of frames in your "gif", you can download several images at once.

Step 5. Edit the GIF parameters, if you wish, set the effects and press the "Make A GIF! ".

Step 6. In section "Animated GIF" you will see the result and get access to the set Editing tools. To save on the device obtained, the GIF image remains to press the button "SAVE".