Hiper Stark DX650 Electrosoamocata Review - Lightweight, fast, inexpensive

For one electrosphames, they became a seasonal means of movement along with bikes and scooters, for others - entertainment for periodic walks in the park or yard. If you are from their number of latter, it is possible when buying your own transport, it is worth a preference to the ease and ergonomics of the device, and at the same time and to save it. Today we will tell about Stark DX650 Black - inexpensive electrospoocata from HIPER with a mileage of up to 18 km without recharging.

The modern city today is difficult to imagine without improvised parking for rental electric transport. At the bus stops and near the metro stations, near the city parks and pleasure zones along the embankments, slender rows of powerful and fast electrosocats were frozen. Few people willing to experience them in the case, but to get used to them much easier than to giros and even to bikes.

Self-colts addressed to these devices, at some point they are not attentively thinking about buying their own. Moreover, with proper use of electrical sinks, it is incredibly a survival and very easy to maintain, and the components and accessories for them have long been sold in all sports and specialized stores.

Today I will tell about Stark DX650 Black - the most budget model in the Hiper assortment, which is perfect for summer walks with the breeze. Perhaps this device will give way to the power to large brethren, but it is very easy, durable and compact. I tell you more.


  • Material: Aluminum, plastic
  • Waterproofing: IPX4
  • Accumulator capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Speed: up to 20 km / h
  • Mileage: to 18 km
  • Load: to 100 kg
  • wheel diameter: 6.5 inches
  • brake: foot and electronic
  • Weight: 8.5 kg

Design and equipment

Stark DX650 Black Sale in an oblong cardboard box, the dimensions of which are significantly higher than gabari You are the device itself. Scooter is packed in foam blocks. Includes a detailed instruction with safety rules, Charger and a pair of removable handles.

The length of the wire connected to by the power supply, reaches about one and a half meters. The color indicator on the block flashes the battery level level, and the port is built into the steering mechanism. Battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

The device itself is very modest sizes. The height of the steering wheel is not regulated and is about 105 cm, the length of the scooter (from the wheel to the wheel) is approximately 90 cm. Inped folded, the design width does not exceed 35 cm, which is why the device is easy to fit into the closet or chunnel.

Stark DX650 BLACK is decorated in black and gray colors and consists mainly of aluminum. The HIPER logo is printed on a thick steering column, it also flaves on a small deck skirt, made by metal ribs to reduce slip. The column with the frame shares the rubber clamp.

The folding mechanism is installed on a small black frame and is something like a foot pedal. In front of the deck there is a footboard to fix the scooter in a vertical position. She can also be manipulated by foot.

Stark DX650 Black 6.5-inch wheels that are not very suitable for ground roads. The lead is assigned the role of the master, leading it in motion. Construction is isolated by a plastic plug. Both frames are also made of thick plastic. On the back there is a LED flashing during the rotation of the wheel.

Two comfortable control levers are located on the steering wheel of the scooter, as well as a digital display. There is no flashlight, instead there is a reflective element, but does not build anything to purchase a lantern and a call for a scooter separately, if you like to ride in the dark (although the manufacturer does not recommend this).

Despite the seeming brittleness, Stark DX650 Black for calibration is very durable, high-quality collected and easily withstands up to 100 kilograms of weight. The disadvantage is that the device is very quickly covered by traces of wear. The same plastic brake plug on the wheel or aluminum deck with careless circulation MiG is thrown by scratches and scratches.

Features and Impressions

Stark DX650 BLACK is a very convenient folding mechanism that instantly Transforms the electrosphamokat in the device size with some skateboard (however, some "boards" are even larger), and back. We arrived at the destination, pressed on the pedal and took the device with you.

Because of its incredible compactness, find a place to store the device much easier than for the same bicycle. Andresoli, storage rooms, cabinets, just free from winter clothes - even in the smallest apartment you can attach it to any angle and forget about it until the next season.

Stark DX650 Black Weighs only 8.5 kilograms and easily placed in some bags for scooters. And if this will not be found, you can buy a strap to wear a device on the shoulder. He is light and small, and gives you a minimum of inconvenience.

By the way, one more excellent advantage follows from its weight - this device can be used as a regular scooter. Large and powerful analogues are too heavy and uncomfortable for this, Stark DX650 Black is excellent and easy to slide on the roads and without its electromotor.

if the battery was discharged before you got to the house, or you are in a crowded place where it is better to go and move very carefully, or you just They decided to warm up and remember childhood - just push off the foot from the Earth, and Stark DX650 Black will move forward without excessive resistance. The main thing is not to use it for tricks and extreme ride - for this device is not provided.

On the left on the left on the T-shaped handle are installed two pressure lever. One is responsible for overclocking, the second for braking. The classic foot brake on the back wing is also provided and very by the way, since the front block brakes quite sharply and at high speed with inappropriate, you can easily fly forward the steering wheel.

But the accelerator works smoothly. The more intense you click on the lever, the faster it will dial the speed of the scooter and vice versa, with a slight pressing you can maintain a very small speed of movement. The levers are conveniently located under the thumbs, while the remaining fingers are firmly fixed on rubberized flu.

The digital display is equipped with speedometer and shows the current transmission. There are only four of them, including zero, in which the accelerator will not work at all. At maximum transfer, Stark DX650 Black can accelerate to 20 km / h about six to ten seconds depending on the surface of the road.

Additional features of the display allow you to track the mileage at the current session, the overall mileage of the scooter, as well as the load intensity on the battery and the battery level. The black and white scoreboard, but with a good illumination, so that even on a sunny day, the testimony will not be difficult.

According to the manufacturer's statements, a fully charged battery will allow you to cover on Stark DX650 Black of about 18 kilometers. In fact, everything will depend on the degree of load, the weight of the user, the preferred speed of movement and the evenness of the roads.

For example, when lifting a slide, the scooter consumes more energy, and if its steepness exceeds 20 degrees, it may not be at all. When driving at high speed on uneven or paved road tiles, Stark DX650 Black also squeezes the maximum from the battery. Under such conditions, the battery can be depleted after 10, and even after 8 kilometers.

Unlike major electrical sinks, you are unlikely to be able to cross the ground roads with comfort, and on the stony surfaces you will be too shaking. As a result, if you are looking for a scooter for distant throws and know that the path promises to be a bumpy and hilly, you should look at more powerful and expensive alternatives.

The main disadvantage of STARK DX650 Black can be considered a low degree of moisture protection. This scooter is not designed to ride in unfortunate days and may perish, ride you on it on a puddle. If the shower will be covered on the road, you will have to lose somewhere under the canopy.


Stark DX650 Black from HiPER - Excellent Teenage Solution or Young People which likes the wheeled walks or must often move within 10-15 kilometers for some workers or educational tasks.

According to the measurements of scooters, it is very easy to carry and incredibly convenient in storage, but assembled at the conscience and not exactly fall apart if you handle it carefully.

Speed ​​20 km / h More than enough for trips through people's pedestrian streets or specially equipped tracks, and with control, absolutely any user will cope, even if he did not have experience in handling scooters or bikes.

Not the latest argument in favor of Stark DX650 Black is the price - at the time of writing a review of the device can be purchased in some stores for 14 thousand rubles. Comparative, this is a very worthy price tag. Especially for the first electrical sink.

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