Highscreen Spade Smartphone Review

The principle of release phones with multi-core processors picked up and company Highscreen. In order to keep up with their competitors, she developed the next SPADE brainchild, which is no less inferior to other similar devices and has the right to fight for his buyer.

Delivery and equipment

The smartphone is supplied in the usual Highscreen box, inside which is the gadget itself, synchronization cable, battery, stereo chart, power adapter and documentation.


Classic housing with rounded edges, What gives this phone a strict design and additional convenience for the user during operation. On the front side, the front camera is installed, the transmitted call indicator, the approximation and illumination sensors, the speaker. Volume adjustment swings and power button are placed on the right edge. The main chamber with a led flash was installed from behind in the upper left corner, and lowering the look below, you can see the company's logo and the slot under stereo speakers. The body is made on conscience (with the lack of creaks in the prescript places), it looks attractive and presentable in the hand.

Hardware and functional characteristics

This is a really big phone with a 5.5-inch screen diagonal. Its permission is 1280 per 720points and supports IRS technology. The transmission of color saturation at a high level, this parameter does not change even at maximum viewing angles. The smartphone supports two mobile operator cards with an alternate mode of operation. RAM in this device is only one gigabyte, and sorry, it was possible. Included memory 8 GB with the ability to set the ROM memory card microSD. The heart of the novelty is the 8-nuclear processor MT 6592 with a frequency of one nucleus in the range of 1.7 gigahertz. Quality video settings in games and films provides a fourth-generation MALI-450 graphics accelerator.

The entire system works well without explicit slowdown in the opening of software applications and games, not the last role played in this, of course, the Operating system Android 4.4. The front camera coped well with the tasks assigned and perfectly showed itself on testing, as is the main video at the time of shooting video at the maximum resolution.


Highscreen made a good product, the device turned out with outstanding characteristics, which so sometimes necessary to perform work of varying complexity. You can take your phone with you on a trip and use it as a tool to have a good time, for example, watching movies and more.