High technologies for comfortable travel: gadgets and not only

Summer - vacation time and adventure. Do not refuse the technique, take a few useful things on the road.

Travel is one of the main pleasures in life. He is anticipating, hopes are imposed on him, they are preparing to him in advance. How to prepare for the trip? On the Internet you will find millions of councils, and yet every person perceives preparation in its own way. For some, it is important to have time to booked the most chic room in a five-star hotel. Someone is trying to distribute the time between a bunch of friends and relatives. And for some vacation, it is a chance to take one-only backpack and liking to go away from the boning setting.

"A good journey is a balance between the search for inspiration in the uncharted and confidence in yourself," says the founder of the site Wirecutter Brian Lam. - "Sometimes confidence give memories of the house, family, loved ones and friends. And sometimes familiar, reliable things in your bag. "

We fully agree with this idea and selected for you a dozen digital accessories useful in traveling. Pay them a place in the baggage, and everyone will come to help at the right time.

Leed Luggage Cowarobot: Robochemodan with battery

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In the last decade, not only phones and hours, but also other familiar items, for example, suitcases. Large manufacturers of road accessories have long found a way to apply the latest achievements of high technologies to their products. Leed turned out the following.

Leed Luggage Cowarobot is a smart assistant who will deliver the luggage to the right place. You do not have to apply any physical effort to make any physical effort, except to press the button in the application. This spacious gadget weighing 5.5 kg is equipped with a laser tracking system. He remembers the pose and gait of his owner to learn it at a distance of 80 meters. The suitcase follows the owner, adjusting to the pace of walking. Loan more than two meters - immediately send a notice.

Battery with a capacity of 6400 mAh is enough for 20 km stroke. That is, the gadget will have time not only to transport baggage from the station to parking, but also recaptures a pair of smartphones through the built-in USB ports.

Leed designers did not pass the side and the question of security: the suitcase is protected by an electron lock, LED indicators and alarms, and its housing is made of durable materials that will serve not one year.

Wiwu Cosy Storage: Road Organizer for Wiring and Fine Elements

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We continue the topic of bags and handbags.

You are unlikely to go on a trip without a smartphone or laptop. And this means that in addition, you will have to capture charging cables, headphones and possibly other accessories like Fitness bracelets, flash drives, docking stations, etc. To store this good, you will need an organizer, such as Wiwu Cosy Storage case.

It has three sizes and many compartments. There is a place and under small SD cards, and under larger things, for example, plunder or a spare mobile phone.

Case is equipped with a carrying handle. The main material is moisture-resistant nylon. Wiwu Cosy Storage will protect its contents from dampness. Nothing will not lose with him, all the little things will be at hand.

SILICON POWER ARMOR A30: Fortified external HDD per 1 TB

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Real Mast Hav for enthusiastic photographers and those who on vacation does not part with a collection of favorite films. External hard drive is an additional storage for laptop computers. From this category, we recommend paying attention to Silicon Power ARMOR A30 with a capacity of 1 TB. HDD compact, not at all noisy, and most importantly - durable. Silicone shockproof design is not afraid of drops. You can not worry that non-accurate employees of the luggage compartment will somehow damage your valuable media files.

And the Silicon Power ARMOR A30 has a special cable mount.

DIGMA X600: Budget electronic reader

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Capture an electronic reader and a single shot to kill two hares on the road. First, there will be what to take yourself during a long flight, and secondly, the reader will reduce the load on the smartphone and will help save his charge.

Many guidebooks are produced in electronic form, they can be read on any display, but we recommend reader for three reasons: it has a large screen (from 6 inches), keeps the battery well (On average, about a week with active use), he will have a place in any bag.

Technically, readers do not worry for a very long time. Boldly acquire one of the inexpensive models, for example, a sixdhass Digma x600 with responsive touchscreen, built-in backlight and 8 GB of its memory. It will take five years, and its relevance almost will not suffer.

Kensington Castle: Anti-Eagle for Laptop

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Kensington Castle is a mandatory attribute for trips with a large road electronics. In fact, this is the same as the anti-theft cable for a bike: it will reliably connect a laptop with any fixed design and will save the hotel staff from the temptation to pull your tool. Out out of a laptop, without damaging the device itself, is unrealistic. It is not easy to have a snack: inside steel veins.

The Kensington Castle slot has almost all laptops issued after 2000. It is located on the sideline. This is a rectangular hole in the housing, next to it is usually the icon in the form of a lock. The lock itself is either closed on the key or has a code mechanism. As a vacation version, we recommend an option with a key to not suffer from passwords.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro 10 000 mAh: Slim lightweight chain for frequent recharging

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The thing that is better to take than to leave at home is a chalk. It will ensure the smooth operation of all your electronics from the smartphone to the camcorder. What capacity to choose - directly depends on the duration of the trip.

We chose Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. Its enough about 3 full smartphone charging. Two weekend ports allow you to simultaneously charge a pair of gadgets. Mi Power Bank supports an accelerated charging of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which is used in mobile phones from leading manufacturers, and also has a mode for nutritional fitness trackers, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

Its thickness is only 12 mm. Put Mi Power Bank Pro in your pocket when you go on an excursion and take pictures of every step without fear that the battery of your smartphone or camera will soon run out.

Chipolo Plus 2ndGen: search tracker for things

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Second generation Chipolo Plus is a key fob with energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0. This is a search device that can be attached to any thing and then found using iPhone or an Android smartphone and a special application. The key fob emits a signal with a volume of 100 dB, its range is 60 m (1.5-2 times more than that of analogues from other manufacturers). Chipolo Plus can be attached to luggage, wallet, keys and any item you care about.

Inside the plastic housing is a 12 month battery. The Chipolo Plus app is compatible with iOS (version 9 and up), iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Android (4.4 and up). The tracker has IPx5 protection: you can take it to the beach, it is not afraid of splashes, but it is better not to submerge completely under water.

Bose SoundSport In-Ear: Noise-isolating, water-resistant wired headphones

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Russian airlines do not welcome passengers with Bluetooth technology. Extra proceedings are useless, so take wired headphones with you on the flight.

Bose Soundsport In-Ear is a model designed for sports. The soft silicone eartips are great for extended wear and are held firmly inside the ear by the horns. The standard 3.5 mm jack allows you to use them with almost any electronics, and because they are wired, you won't have to worry about charging them in time.

Bose Soundsport In-Ear are available in several versions: for iPhone and Android (they differ in navigation volume), with remote control and without.

Minijack splitter: accessory for wired headphones

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Since we are talking about music, in addition to wired acoustics, it is also worth taking a splitter on a trip. With it, you can connect two pairs of headphones to one smartphone at once to listen to content along with a satellite.

Defender makes some of the cheapest splitters. There are much more expensive on sale - for example, belkin luxury accessories with five connectors for connecting five headphones.

Olloclip Multi-Device 3 in 1: a universal set of lenses for smartphone

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Clothe lenses will open up new features of photography on Android and iOS. The Olloclip kit includes three different lenses: macro, wide-angle and fisheye. The first is needed for shooting items at close range. The second is useful for landscape photos and group Selfie. The third will give pictures of artistic distortion.

The fastening is made in the form of a soft clothespin, it does not scratch a display or native smartphone lens. Olloclip lenses are universal, suitable for the frontal and master camera of the smartphone of any manufacturer on any OS.

Bonus: SeaWag Case - waterproof case for underwater shooting

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with Waterproof Case Seawag Submarine Shooting will become a reality, even if your smartphone has no own water refractory: Transparent The material does not prevent the use of touchscreen and Camera. Standard SEAWAG is suitable for smartphones with a diagonal of 5, 7 inches. SEAWAG Tablet Case is designed for larger devices.

Successful tests at a depth of 25 meters ensure that you will have the most positive impressions and a pack of beautiful pictures from the water ride.