HDR in the phone phone: what is it?

Speak you heard that modern smartphones support HDR shooting mode. This article will give you to understand what its essence is.

HDR technology was invented not yesterday. Nevertheless, her appearance could not happen in the era of film photographs. And the HDR mode could not be present in the first digital cameras and smartphones - they simply would not have enough power to process pictures at the right speed. These are now similar devices allow you to make a couple of frames in a second fraction of a second. So, let's understand what HDR is in the smartphone chamber.

When you need to turn on HDR mode?

Any digital camera, including built into the phone, has a limited dynamic range. This means that if there is very bright areas in the frame, problems with dark objects begin. For example, you take pictures of the building while in its shadow. Most likely, this will lead to one of two variants of the resulting picture:

  • The clouds in the sky will be clearly visible, but the parts of the building itself will be almost indistinguishable;
  • The house will be detailed, but at the same time the sky will turn into a white cleaner - in some cases it hides in its colors and roof the construction.

It is in such cases that the HDR feature saves. This mode allows, roughly speaking, make two frames with different exposures, combining them then into one. As a result, the picture will not be very dark areas, as well as too bright. Detailing will significantly increase - absolutely all objects will be distinguishable. But you should not use such a permanent mode. The fact is that HDR photos often look somewhat unfulstly. Activate the mode is in the event that the device camera does not cope with its task. For example, you remove against the light of the Sun or in the shade of the building - then you can use HDR.

Pay attention to the area in the shade: it turned out to be light, and the details are clearly visible

noted that owners budget Smartphones use HDR mode much more often than the owners of top devices. The fact is that expensive devices are equipped with a better chamber having a wide dynamic range.

How does it work?

When activating HDR, be prepared for the fact that the camera will make several snapshots at once - two or even three. Therefore, the moving objects should not be photographed in this mode, they may revealed, turning into peculiar ghosts, or smeared. Pictures will be created with different shutter speed and exposure. Specific exposure values ​​depend on the optics lights, the size of the matrix and many other parameters. That is why full-fledged cameras coped with this task markedly faster.

The following frames are merged into one. The more powerful the processor is installed in the chamber or smartphone, the less time this process will take. Although you need to not forget about the resolution of the matrix. Of course, 24 megapixel snapshots are harder than frames with a resolution of 8 megapixel. In any case, even on budget devices, you will see the result through a couple of seconds.

Another example of HDR snapshot

When creating photos, autofocus concentrates on areas with different graphs of brightness, contrast and remoteness from the camera. When writing the frame to each other, the system analyzes their quality, selecting areas with the greatest clarity. Also, the final picture will consist of areas with better saturation and fewer noise.

High Dynamic Range technology in different smartphones can be implemented completely differently. Somewhere snapshots are simply superimposed on each other, and then slightly "closed". And on more powerful and new devices, the above process takes place.

How to shoot in HDR mode?

Almost all applications "Camera" are available to the corresponding function, which are equipped with modern smartphones. This means that setting some additional applications for photography do not need. The HDR icon can be in the Mode Selection menu. And in many cases it can be found directly on the main screen of the "Camera", next to the activation of the outbreak. Be that as it may, and you require touching this icon.

Everything is simple

Then you make a snapshot with the usual touch to the shutter button. But if the usual photo is created for the split second, then in the case of the HDR mode you will have to wait for some time. Try one or two seconds to keep your smartphone motionless. It is important! Otherwise, you do nothing.


Some third-party applications provide HDR-mode settings. That is, you can choose how much the exposure will change when creating several frames. In pre-installed programs "Camera" such a setting is usually not.

The difference between the usual photo and HDR is obvious.

That's all, the HDR photo is ready! Nothing complicated!

Disadvantages HDR

Let's briefly summarize. The main advantage of the HDR mode should be clear to you: all areas of the frame made in it will turn out to be equally detailed and light. And what disadvantages have such a regime?

  • shooting multiple frames take time - and the worse the camera built into the smartphone, the greater the chances of getting the image with a lubricated objects.
  • Unnatural lighting - reality on the final photo will be far from what you have seen with your own eyes.
  • You can miss the moment - the processing of images in HDR mode takes at least a couple of three seconds. Serial shooting is thus excluded.

Now you understand what the charm of HDR shooting, as well as its main disadvantages. We hope that you have learned something new for yourself. Be sure to share your opinion in the comments if you use the HDR function, and whether it is well implemented in your smartphone.