Google Account Synchronization for Android

By default, Google synchronizes all user data (letters, contacts, applications) and saves them in the cloud.

Thanks to this, access to them can be obtained from different devices (smartphone or computer). It is convenient if you use multiple phones or simply worry about the safety of important files. Next, we will tell you how to enable and configure synchronization account Google on Android.

How to enable Google Account Synchronization for Android

With Google Account You can synchronize contacts, messages, photos, passwords and other user data. For example, to have access to them from another smartphone or computer. How to enable backup:

Step 1. If there is an item "Synchronization" in the phone settings, then select it. In the page that opens, move the slider "autosynchronization of data" to the state "Inclusive".

Step 2. Confirm the action. If necessary, immediately synchronize objects, limit the data synchronization (for example, only in Wi-Fi ). Here you can adjust individual accounts.

Step 3. In the settings, locate and select "Google". Here, click on the line "Backup".

Step 4. Slide the slider "Download to Google Disk" to the state "Inclusive". After that, the information on the screen will be updated, the button "Start copying" will appear with which you can immediately create a backup of the data.

Step 5. Through the settings, go to the menu "Extended Settings". Here are found and select "Reservation and Reset".

Step 6. In the settings "Local Reservation", you can manually create a backup copy of the system settings or delete the existing one.


Step 7. In section "Google Reservation" You can select an account, auto-installation, configure other parameters. Depending on the device model, other sections may also be here.

After that, you can synchronize android with Android. To do this, it is enough to use one google account on two devices. It is convenient if you want to transfer all user data from one smartphone to another.

How to disable contact synchronization on android

By default, when creating a backup android copies to the cloud all settings and user data. If you do not want to synchronize between devices, it can be turned off. Instruction:

Step 1. Through the Settings menu, select "Extended Settings". Here are found paragraph "Reservation and Reset".

Step 2. Select "Autorewriting" and in the page that opens, click on the line "Reservation Objects".

Step 3. If you do not want to synchronize the contacts android, then select "System Settings". Here, remove the checkbox from the line "Contacts" and press the button "OK" to confirm the action.

Step 4. If you want to disable other application synchronization, then press "Application selection" and check those objects that do not plan to save.

Depending on the model of the device, the name of some menus and buttons may differ. This also applies to the location of some sections. Therefore, if you cannot disable the synchronization of contacts, you can transfer them to SIM -card and remove from Google account.