GEOZON G-BEAT Wireless Headset Overview

Mobile iron producers have a serious competitor in the face of the Russian company Geozon, which has gone to the market a series of stylish Bluetooth headphones. Today we will tell a little about the G-Beat - a budget wireless headset with Bluetooth 5.0 support and capacious batteries.

  • Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Waterproofing: IPX4
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Microphone type: EMC
  • Accumulator capacity: 30 mA * h / 300 mA * h
  • Opening hours: 4 h / 14 h

In the mobile world, wireless technologies have almost completely supplanted headphones associated with portable gadgets inconvenient cord. And if earlier music lovers, motorists and users who need to remain in touch throughout the working day were content with overhead and monogarines, then today electronics manufacturers offer much more bold solutions, such as gaining popularity in recent years Bluetooth inserts.

At first glance, the headphones of this type seem not too reliable. There is a feeling that they are easy to lose the bags in your pocket or the device at the most inopportune moment crawling out of the ear. Issues arise to the sustainability of communication with a smartphone and the amount of charge of these tiny devices, as well as to the ratio of their price and sound quality.

Almost all doubts I intend to dispel on the example of the G-Beat headset from the Russian company Geozon - young professionals in the field of inexpensive and smart mobile gadgets.

Appearance and equipment

Headphones are placed in a small square case with Removable lid. Inside there is a booklet with all the products presented by Geozon and user instructions in Russian. Headphones are laid in charger. Kit go wire with a USB tip, cover and carabiner.

Device and its components are made of thick white plastic. The charging box is rounded along the edges and externally remotely resembles a gasoline lighter, but with a futuristic design and a lid, leaning down not to a lid, and back. On the front side, the only black item is the geozon logo.

The lid at the charger is equipped with a closer and fits tight to the surface. In incisions to recharge compactly placed the headset itself. It is very easy to extract, and when immersed, the headphones are tightened and fixed small magnets. Thus, the headset is securely hiding inside the charger without the risk of falling out.

Complete white case made of soft silicone completely wars the housing and the lid of the box, protecting it at the same time from scratches and shocks. The case is provided by the eye, where the last safety element is inserted - metal carbine. Cook it to something big and risk to lose the headphones who are in charge, is reduced almost to a minimum.

It is obvious that Geozon engineers were inspired by the "apple" achievements of designer thought. From white matte tones to the construction of the housing (up to the form and location of the ventilation holes), the design of the G-Beat is very similar to Earpods headphones. And here also a small charging wire with a lightning connector included.

It should be noted that such a decision definitely went on the headset - it not only looks stylish, but also very comfortable sits in the ear. And most importantly, it sits reliably, and no activity from the user will not attend headphones fall out and get lost.

Charging and conjugation

Headphones are automatically included when removing from the charging case. For manual activation, it will take a few seconds to hold the touch panel located on a cup in the area of ​​the hull joint and the lower oblong part of the structure.

Not being conjugate, the headphones are brightly flashed with blue and red lights, just a flashing light of auto emergency services. The headset is connected in the same way as any other device with Bluetooth. By the way, from G-Beat you can build a monogarity, picing for a smartphone just one earphone.

To the pairing I have no complaints. Being ugly experience in using wireless set, I did not fail to explore their performance in areas where other headphones for some reason "broke off" from the phone's pocket. There are no such problems here. The connection is not lost even when the smartphone is in backpack or a few meters from me.

Charging case is also equipped with backlight. When the headphones fall inside, he signals blue, and as soon as they sat down - goes out. Being personally connected to the power source, the box lights the red LED and extinguishes it when the full charge is achieved.

In working condition, G-Beat is able to hold out without further feeding about four hours. I lived a little longer, but I used them with interruptions. Case accumulates more about 14 hours of cheerfulness. Both devices are very quickly charged, and the capacity of their batteries fully corresponds to the declared manufacturer.

Sound and Control

As I already updated the above, on the G-Beat case There are sensors sensitive to touchs. To respond to an incoming call, it is enough to slap your finger one from the devices. A similar action is necessary to start or suspend the track playing on a smartphone.

To adapt to this system will not be easy - the range of sensors coverage is high and sometimes you can turn off the music or complete the conversation just correcting the earphone.

To the volume of the incoming signal can be affected by double pressing on the headset. Moreover, everything is very logical - the left headphone is responsible for lowering the volume, while two shocks on the sensors of the right will increase it.

Triple TAP switches the tracks in the active player. The right earphone is the next track, the left is the previous one, and the holding of the finger on any of the G-Beat enabled will activate the voice assistant of the smartphone. In my case - Google Assistant.

with sound, alas, a miracle did not happen. When listening to music on the maximum volume, the volume is lost, the upper frequencies scratch drumpipens, brightly split the bits in the membranes responsible for the bass. At the same time, the volume at the volume is low, and sound insulation like a vacuum set here is not here.

It is sad that the problems are present with telephone conversations. The interlocutor is audible relatively well, but it broadens exactly from very limited space. The microphone copes significantly better - the outgoing sound comes confidently without stuttering.

Another unpleasant moment - background resonance in the headphones conjugate. In absolute silence and even during a telephone conversation, heard is heard, but obsessive hiss, from which it is difficult to abstract. Surely establish the reason for this phenomenon I could not, as well as get rid of it completely.


Despite some disadvantages, Geozon G-Beat is a good example of a budget wireless headset with a sustainable bond, a good microphone and a reliable design, embodied in the form of magnetic fasteners, a protective cover with a carbine and self-blocking lid of the charger.

mediocre sound, moderate playback volume and presence of extraneous noise, G-Beat is trying to compensate for the capacity of batteries, ergonomic design, sensory control and more than affordable price tag - at the time of writing a review on the official website of Geozon Headphones are all 1790 rubles.