From what the Internet speed depends: Important factors

No matter how you use the Internet - gaming, watching online videos, surfing, chatting on forums or video calls - connection speed always plays an important role. It depends on how comfortable you will be in your work.

If your internet speed leaves much to be desired, then the first thing you should do is measure it. There are different ways to do this. For example, you can use online services, a good option is speedcheck. In less than a minute you will know your upload speed, download speed and ping. It is better to take measurements on different equipment (smartphone, PC, laptop) and with different types of connection (wire, Wi-Fi ). If the speed corresponds to the one declared in the tariff and is approximately the same for all measurements, then you may need a faster tariff. If it is lower than declared or different on one of the connection methods or types of equipment, then you should think about what affects it.

Wired Internet

Wired Internet preferred a way to access the network through stationary devices. It is less susceptible to various kinds of interference, which means it provides the highest quality connection and stable speed. However, there are some nuances here as well. The speed of a wired connection is affected by:

  • the type and quality of communications;
  • technical characteristics of the network equipment of the provider and the user, as well as the parameters of devices for accessing the network.

Do not forget that in apartment buildings at different times of the day, the load on the network increases (usually in the evening and on weekends), so speed drops may occur.

Wi-Fi Internet

Despite that wired Internet is the most reliable way to get online, modern life is based on wireless technologies, and many devices are designed only for Wi-Fi connection. Here's what can affect its quality:

  1. The Wi-Fi standard used by the router and adapter in the receiving equipment. For example, if the router can work with the modern 802.11 AC standard, and in the old laptop only 802.11g, then the maximum speed will not succeed.
  2. Data frequency (2.4 / 5 GHz). In domestic conditions, it is preferable to work at 5 GHz.
  3. Apartment area, location of rooms, wall thickness and material from which they are made. For premises with an area of ​​50 square meters. Meters, with a complex location of rooms and thick walls, it may be necessary to configure from multiple network devices.
  4. Location of the router. Place it in the closet, niche or for obstacles (especially metallic) - not the best idea.
  5. Interference from other wireless networks that work in one range with yours. Such a problem is solved by selecting the least loaded channel, buying more of a powerful router or by switching to another range of networks (provided that the receiving devices can also work in it).

Important! When using Wi-Fi, a certain drop in speed will always be observed, so when measurements this nuance should be considered.

Responsibility of different parties for Internet speed

in case Falling the speed of the Internet should not mindlessly blame the service provider, since problems can be not only from the provider, but also by the user.

The provider is responsible for:

  • Channel loads (affects how many times in traffic will be fall speed);
  • Quality of equipment and communications in the house;
  • The quality of the user's equipment, if it is leased (sold) by the provider.

The user is responsible for:

  • Quality of own network equipment;
  • Quality of communications in the apartment (sometimes it can change after repair);
  • Technical parameters of devices used to enter the network;
  • The presence of software that affects the speed, for example, the use of torrent clients;
  • The presence of viruses;
  • The relevance of equipment drivers.

Before contacting the provider about the low speed of the Internet connection, it is worth previously solving all the nuances for its part.

Mobile networks

Separately, it is worth mentioning the speed of the Internet In mobile networks. The main criteria that are able to influence the compound:

  1. technical parameters of a smartphone or tablet (support for networks of different generations - 3G / 4G / 5G). In some cases, the problem with the speed is caused by non-weak equipment, but the wrong device setting.
  2. Coating. There are zones with a good coating (small cities and megalopolises) and bad (cottages, villages, etc.). As a rule, large providers provide approximately equivalent coating quality in large settlements. For a remote area, the quality of communication from different providers may be the same bad, so it makes sense to think about the direct improvement in the 3G / 4G signal.