For which there are several browsers on the computer.?

Why keep multiple browsers in one system, if they all perform the same functions? We know six reasons.

Almost every user has a favorite browser. Someone Chrome, someone has a less popular, but more private Tor. And there are people who hold several web viewers at once and the smartphone and are not going to remove any of them.

At first glance, this is a real waste: programs with similar functionality only occupy a valuable place in memory. Nevertheless, it is not worth limiting yourself with one program. Several browsers are numerous advantages, a variety of features, and another task distribution.

Distribution of tasks between browsers: Why is it important?

The separation of operations between browsers has a positive effect on privacy: to track actions on the Internet is still possible, but it is more difficult to associate with a particular user.

If companies cannot associate visits to different sites with one person, then collect "dossier" for the target advertising they will not work. So, online marketers will be available to a minimum of information about your personality.

To do this, it is necessary to have in the system at least two web browser: one to enter the sites with the need to enter logins and passwords, another simply to search for information. With this approach, the Internet company will not be able to compare your search queries with profiles on sites.

The separation of web activity gives a fairly high level of privacy, but it will have to strictly observe the separation of operations.

Multiple browsers on one computer: pluses

The presence of two, three and more browsers in one system is convenient because in each of them you can Run logging to a separate account on one site, as well as have a huge set of additions. All together it gives the following advantages.

Unique features

All browsers serve for one purpose, but this does not prevent each of them to have something special. For example, Google Chrome is able to synchronize bookmarks between devices: if you save the page to bookmarks on the phone, it will immediately become available on the PC, provided that both devices are logged in to the same account. Firefox is confidentiality, it includes antithring technologies to ban personalized advertising.

Microsoft EDGE, replacing Internet Explorer, offers a Read Aloud feature to voice the web page textbook, and Apple's Safari has an effective locking trackers which prohibits the issuance of cookie-based target advertising.

Ease of operation

The interaction method, that is, the user interface, each program has its own, and often he plays a major role in the preferences of people.

Here, for example, how the downloading of files in Safari and Chrome is displayed: Safari has a special window, and in Chrome, active processes are visible on the panel below. Both options are well implemented, but personally you personally may seem more convenient, and this browser you will adhere to both the main one.

After studying the interfaces of different browsers, you can decide for which tasks they are more convenient.

Multime Tracking

Actions on the Internet and settings of sites are written to cookies. Cookie is encoded information that is stored on the computer and contains a description of all the visited pages. Cookies are safe themselves, but they are of great interest to advertisers, since it is possible to learn almost everything about the interests, preferences and image lifestyle.

In addition to the history of search queries through the cookie, you can find out the area of ​​the user.

Work in different browsers reduces the amount of information you share with companies, supporting your anonymity. In other words, you will not receive personalized advertising, and it will be proof that third-party companies know about you minimum of information.

Rapid removal of unnecessary data

If all the work on the Internet is carried out through one browser, You will be difficult to delete records associated with a specific topic, it will be difficult: you have to view the history and delete the records manually instead of pressing one button and smear the entire history.

Separating activities between several views, it is possible to greatly facilitate the search and removal of irrelevant information.

labor productivity

Internet is completely different classes: view social networks, business Correspondence by electronic, blogging and much more. In one web browser, all these operations are superimposed on each other, having a qualitative result: the social networks tabs are distracted from work, and the work tabs do not relax in their free time. So separate browsers are the key to organized, productive work and a relaxing rest.

Separation of personal and work affairs

Previous clause suggests that two browser on one computer will help divide purely personal and working tasks. Yes, that is right.

If the employer has provided you with a Google Workspace account with the Gmail email address, and you already have a personal box in Google, switch between them in two in One browser will be difficult. Start your personal and work program. In each of them, the corresponding account will be active, they don't have to shift ten times on the day, and work will cease to invade a personal life.

The benefits are obvious, right?

If the home computer is at the same time work, and leisure, then at least one additional browser will definitely prevent. Do not be afraid of confusion: the human brain is designed in such a way that it quickly gets used to associate a specific thing with a certain task. In a short time, you will notice: tuning to work, the hand itself presses the Chrome icon, and at the end of the day stretches to Opera to chat on the network and read the latest news.