First impressions of Nokia 8

Smartphone Nokia 8 Returns the Finnish company to the highest league manufacturers. After the announcement, journalists were able to try it in business and tell what could be expected from this device.


Manufacturers of smartphones come and go, but long-term brands should conduct flexible policies. The best example of this is the company Nokia, which so often changed the operating systems, which was difficult to keep track of it. Now the production of smartphones called Nokia is engaged in HMD Global, which previously managed to release the Nokia 5 and models 6. These were the devices of the average price category; Although they are bought most of all, the manufacturer's real capabilities show flagship devices and is Nokia 8.

In Berlin on the exhibition of electronics IFA 2017, journalists were able to familiarize themselves with this apparatus. It has high characteristics and a clean version of Android. Can this attract the attention of buyers? Let's get a look.


In many respects, Nokia 8 has a classic appearance. There are no experiments with an explosive wide screen, the manufacturers did not try to make the thinnest case.

As a result, this smartphone will not shock the imagination compared to advanced impressive devices, but not everyone is chased for such. Nokia does what can do best.

There is no new aspect ratio 18: 9, but the appearance from this does not become less attractive. Metal housing looks great, some color options have a matte finish, others are polished and look like glass.

One of the disadvantages was the lack of protection of the body from water. Rating IP54 promises protection against random splashes, but in the pool or sink, your smartphone is better not to bathe.


Nokia 8 has a LCD screen with a diagonal of 5.3 inches. This is a rather non-traditional size. The manufacturers did not reach a general opinion, whether the permission of Full HD on flagships or necessarily need Quad HD. Any choice will have some drawbacks, in this case Nokia 8 has received a higher option with a pixel density of 550 PPI.

The screen does not have any remarkable effects, but the use of Gorilla Glass 5 gives the device a premium high-quality appearance.

The display is highlighted by its brightness, which allows you to see everything you need even in the sun. When photographing this smartphone, the screen brightness had to be reduced to obtain a normal exposure.

Interface and Functionality

Some smartphone manufacturers apply forces to create android's own software shells, add functions and change the appearance. The final result depends on the skills of developers and from your requests.

Many users do not need such excess and they are satisfied with clean versions of Android, which offer simplicity and fastest updates. It is such a system that is installed on Nokia 8. The absence of unnecessary applications and functions will not allow users with increased complexity.


If you read the reviews of previous Nokia smartphones, expectations from the speed of the new model could not have the highest. Nokia has not released real flagships for a long time, but Nokia 8 is ready to compete at the top level.

This occurs primarily due to the processor Snapdragon 835, which helps 4 GB of RAM. The same configuration has presented in Berlin LG V30 and several other expensive smartphones.

The amount of permanent memory is 64 GB, there is a connector for a memory card microSD.

The chamber

is still the impression that this smartphone is too correct and boring. Simple design, clean Android, the processor is the same as everyone else. What to catch a look? Such a component is a double rear camera with the Zeiss brand.

Nokia made a choice in favor of switching between color and black and white shooting. Two sensors of 13 megapixel are used, of which the color received optical stabilization. The front camera, although single, is an almost accurate copy of the rear. It has a resolution of 13 MP, the same pixel size, the same aperture F / 2.0.

The shooting mode called Bothie simultaneously removes photos to the front and rear chamber, and you can also conduct streaming video broadcast videos simultaneously from two cameras.

As for the video, you can record the spatial sound of 360 degrees due to three microphones.


Nokia 8 is perceived as a well-equipped device without any complaints. In the world, where more and more manufacturers create smartphones with all sorts of cunning tricks, their absence will soon allow to stand out from the crowd. Buyers receive a familiar name, although nostalgia is unlikely to be a good reason for choosing Nokia 8. However, not all suitable for the choice of a smartphone from a rational point of view, someone will buy it precisely.

However, the price of 600 euros makes it think twice. For such money, I would like to see some additional possibilities, especially the protection of water. If everything suits you, this smartphone will be a good option, beautiful and fast. Perhaps, it is Nokia 8 to force again to be considered with Nokia to truly.