Tablet Explay Informer 701 refers to budget devices, but at the same time possesses good characteristics: a fairly productive processor, Android OS 4.0, 7-inch display. On the shelves of stores, the novelty appeared in the spring of this year. In this mini review, consider the main characteristics of the tablet computer.


Explay Informer 701 has a classic appearance for budgetary devices: almost the entire front surface of the device occupies a display, in one of the corners there is a frontal chamber for of video conferencing, the control keys on the front surface are missing. The display is coated by protective film.

On the back of Informer 701, which is made of glossy plastic, the company's logo is specified, the device model, the holes for the speaker are also visible.

On the upper end there is a power key, as well as such control buttons as "home", "Menu" and "Back". On sidelights are also located: MICROHDMI and connectors, microSD slot, standard audio, microphone, recess for the reset button.

There are no special claims to the quality of the assembly of special complaints: there are no symptops during normal operation and the backlash. But it is worth noting that a small embroidery can be heard near the frame.

Dimensions of the device - 186x145x12 mm, and the weight is 340 gr.

Delivery kit includes the following items: tablet, USB cable, network Charger, cover and headphones.

Performance and operating system

Explay Informer 701 tablet is based on a 1-nuclear processor Boxchip A10 with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, MALI-400 and 512 MB RAM graphic accelerators. These characteristics allow you to use the gadget to solve everyday tasks: video viewing, play for informer 701 games, upload and run the necessary applications. On the Internet you can download many programs for this tablet. Due to the presence of such a graphics accelerator as Mali-400, the device provides a very good performance in the graph.

Below are the performance tests ExplayInformer701:

permanent memory in the device of only 4 GB, but it can be increased with it help memory cards MicroSD (max. volume up to 32 GB).

The tablet supports the work Wi-Fi, and the GPS modules, Bluetooth and 3G are missing, but there is an OTG adapter with which 3G modems and external drives can be connected.

Gadget running the Android 4.0.3 ICS operating system. From the pre-installed programs for Explay Informer 701, we note the following: Adobe Reader, CoolReader, Hi-Qmp3 Browser, Yandex-Cards and Yandex-Tubes.

We also pay attention to the unstable work of the preset browser, which constantly "slows down", but this problem is easily solved if you install the relevant version of Opera Mini.


Explay Informer 701 became the holder of a 7-inch capacitive sensory display, made using TFT technology, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, which is very little For display of such sizes. Immediately note that the image is not enough for clarity, the average quality of color rendering.

The screen almost completely fades in the sun, so it is impossible to use it into clear summer weather on the street. The viewing angles at the tablet are very small.

The gadget does not provide a light sensor, therefore, the display of the display brightness is manually.


In the InforMer 701 tablet, only the front 0.3-megapixel camera for video link is provided.


The gadget is equipped with a non-removable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, which The application of the manufacturer will allow you to work offline up to 8 hours. But practical results showed a weaker result: under web surfing - up to 6.5 hours, when reading of electronic books, with a minimum screen brightness - up to 7 hours, when watching a video - up to 5 hours.


Recommended cost of the Explay Informer 701 tablet at the start of sales of 3990 rubles, but at the moment in some stores you can see the device for the price more Low.

Explay Informer 701 Video Overview: