EUFY Robovac G30 Hybrid Robot Robot Robot Review - Stylish Clean

Robots-vacuum cleaners have long got rid of the label of senseless dear toys and confidently continue to become everyday household appliances. Power grows, the battery life increases, the functionality is developing - now these automatic helpers will be able to not only remove dust and rubbish with a smooth surface, but also to spend the carpet, and wipe the floor with a wet cloth, and to work on a schedule. The recent RobVac G30 Hybrid model from EUFY copes with all this pretty good, and in this review we would like to share with you impressions after the month of its use.


  • Size: 325x325x72.4 mm
  • Dust Capacity: 600 ml
  • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Battery running time: 100 minutes
  • Purpose: Dry and wet cleaning
  • Power: 40 W
  • Noise level: 56 dB

A pair of words about the manufacturer

BRAND EUFY PR Entrely by the Chinese company Anker Innovations and occupies a niche of devices for smart home and security. Under this brand, conventional and robotic vacuum cleaners, smart locks, alarm systems, video surveillance and many other accessories, a significant part of which can work within the Unified Ecosystem of the Smart House, which, in accordance with the motto of the Smart House, is simply created as convenient as possible and Available.

The Robovac series is one of the first lineur brand products. Robots-vacuum cleaners were created taking into account the analysis of many years of experience in the application of such equipment, so they were constantly improved and now claim the title of the most advanced gadgets in their field.

Equipment and design

The vacuum cleaner is packaged in a kindly, but stylish white box with mild Claims for premium. Inside the tray of pressed cardboard, the vacuum cleaner itself, Charging station with Power supply and double-sided tape for consolidation, water container with a set of spare valves, a set of disposable and reusable napkins for wiping the floor, Two side brushes, a spare filter, a restrictive magnetic tape, brush for cleaning, a set of screens for securing wires and documentation.

In terms of design G30 Hybrid, the classic is a standard cylindrical body height 7 cm, power switch on the side, touch panel with light shock absorption and damping polymer overlay in front, three buttons of the most important features (start / stop cleaning, point cleaning, return on the base) on the top panel, bottom - lateral brush, sufficiently massive drive wheels, contacts for charging, drop sensors, small roller ahead and, naturally, "fall" The main window for collecting dust with a rotating brush.

Yes, this is not a typo - the lateral brush is only one here, The second one is included exclusively as a spare. Of course, it slightly reduces the effectiveness of cleaning, forcing the robot to pass twice there, where the models with two side brushes could make only one pass.

Containers for collecting dust and water of a pleasant translucent bluish color. As with many other robots vacuum cleaners, they are behind. The water container is quite thin and is attached to the bottom of the dust collector, entering special grooves - it is possible to remove them together together. The dust collector also has a filter. Everything easily disassembled, removed and cleaned.

The G30 Hybrid color literally screams that the robot clearly does not want to be a toy for lazy gicks, and worthy to clean the "best houses". Glossy-black color with golden details can fit even into a strict classic interior, but from the very first minutes upset the fact that the dust and fingerprints are very clinging.

Connection, Setup and Control

The main thing in the above-mentioned documentation is a quick start guide, Where can I learn about the EUFYHOME application designed to control G30 Hybrid and other smart brand devices. You can deliver this program to any smartphone running Android or iOS.

Immediately after installation, an intuitive wizard is launched, which allows you to connect the vacuum cleaner to the home network and synchronize it with the application. It is carried out by Wi-Fi, and for the initial setting, the smartphone and the vacuum cleaner must be connected to one network of 2.4 GHz. 5 GHz frequency and SMART Connect mode are not supported. True, after pairing, the phone can be connected to any network at all - it will find a vacuum cleaner over the Internet.

Despite small problems with localization, I liked the application. In addition to standard cleaning management functions, it is a room map, leads a job log, allows you to configure suction power or set a job on a schedule. For particularly difficult cases, there is even the possibility of manual control of the vacuum cleaner.

It is gratifying that the application is constantly updated and pleases with new functions. For example, a relatively recently there was an opportunity to write voice alerts on their own - now the vacuum cleaner can speak with you in Russian or any other language, and even call you your own master if he wants.

impressions of use

as usual, the first thing that is required to start work - Select a place for charging station. According to the instructions, it requires to a meter of free space on the sides and two meters in front. Practice has shown that these requirements are redundant - I have the opportunity to ensure such a space that there is no, but a half-meter on the sides and about half the front, the gadget was enough.

To start the standard cleaning mode, just press the corresponding button in the application or on the vacuum cleaner itself, and after a voice message, the robot will start working, mapping the room along the way. The average cleaning speed is just over a minute per square meter.

The vacuum cleaner announces by voice about the end of work or the discharge of the battery, which is enough for about an hour and a half of continuous work, and returns to the charging station, moving to an imposing and measured pace when approaching. Looks very nice. The gadget charges quite slowly – it takes about four hours to fully charge.

In addition to automatically cleaning the entire available space, there is a so-called "spot" mode, when the vacuum cleaner moves from the starting point in a spiral that "unwinds" to about one and a half meters. If there are obstacles, the direction of movement changes.

Dry or wet cleaning is not set by any separate functions and is determined solely by the presence of a filled container with water and a napkin installed. About 200 ml of water is placed, and it is enough for 15-20 square meters. meters. The instructions specifically note that when you are at the charging station, the water container must be removed.

It is important to remember that a vacuum cleaner simply wipes the floor and does not replace a full wash, especially if there are some stains and heavy dirt. But regular use will greatly facilitate household chores, not to mention the fact that it significantly reduces the amount of dust and freshens the air in the room.

The cleaning quality is generally good, thanks to the impressive wheels, the vacuum cleaner easily climbs onto carpets and overcomes minor obstacles. Three suction power modes are available: standard, turbo and maximum, as well as an intelligent BoostIQ mode that independently changes it depending on the surface. But, unfortunately, due to the presence of only one side brush, the vacuum cleaner has to duplicate passes and be quite inventive in approaching routes. The corners also suffer a little.

In general, as with all such robots, cleaning efficiency is largely a matter of interior design. Personally, before starting cleaning, I have to prepare the rooms a little to provide the necessary width of the passages, remove the wires in which the robot can easily get tangled and fix all the necessary doors in the open position. Otherwise, the robot can literally get lost in the three legs of chairs.

The perfect option is to place the furniture so that the vacuum cleaner can pass in all the necessary places without additional training to set a regular schedule and maintain cleanliness constantly, but I have not yet achieved this zen. But the work of the fall sensors estimated to the full. I live in a two-story country house, and "settled" Robovac G30 on the second floor. When cleaning near the stairs, he is slightly supervised over the step, he understands that it is dangerous further, and it doesn't climb there.

Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner is not deprived of the flaws. Automation is limited only by the choice of route and schedule. To limit the cleaning zones, only a magnetic tape is provided - to set them on the map, unfortunately, it is impossible. There is no alarm that the water container is filled or ended, is also not provided - everything has to be pretending to the eye. The design of the dust collector is also not the most successful - when removing it from the vacuum cleaner, the input window turns out to be at the bottom, due to which the garbage is sometimes poured.


Robovac G30 - reliable and efficient assistant which will significantly relieve the burden of domestic work. If you do not require it impossible and slightly correcting the situation at home to achieve maximum cleaning quality, it will allow to maintain cleanliness and order, distracting my own cleaning only in case of severe pollution. And thanks to the continuous update of the application, there is hope that in the future we will see the expansion of functional.