Error code 805a8011 on Windows Phone: how to fix?

Windows Phone users sometimes encounter error 805a8011 when trying to sign in to an account of the Windows Store, download or update applications. It is connected with the protection of the operating system from unauthorized access to the Microsoft account: if conflicts or inconsistencies occur during the verification of smartphone and remote server certificates, the system returns an error. In this article, we'll show you how to fix this problem.

troubleshooting error 805a8011

You can get rid of an unpleasant error and restore access to the store by trying the following options:

Option #1

Free up smartphone memory: Your mobile device requires at least 100 MB of free space for normal operation, so you should delete unused files and applications if the memory is full.

Option #2

Set date, time and time zone: error code 805-8011 on Windows Phone OS may appear due to incorrectly set parameters date and time. To set the correct settings, you need to go to the application “ Settings ”, select the category “ Time and language ”, go to the menu “ Date and time ”, disable synchronization and manually set the required parameters.

Option #3

Check if the Microsoft account information is complete and synchronize the profile. To do this, open the application “ Settings ”, select the category “ Accounts ”, and set user parameters in the menu “ Your data ” and “ Synchronization your parameters."

Option #4

Reset settings smartphone to factory. If you cannot fix error 805a8011 using any of the above methods, you will have to do a factory reset. To do this, you need to launch the application " Settings", select the category " System", go to the menu " About the system", press the button " Reset settings"and confirm the selection by pressing the button" Yes".

It is important to know: Return to factory settings will delete all user data, so you need to back up important information in advance.


All of the above options will help you get rid of the 805A8011 error, after which you can download, install and update Any applications from Windows Store.