Does not turn on android phone - what to do?

Modern smartphone for one reason or another may refuse to be turned on. What to do in this case - our article will tell me.

Every year, electronic gadgets are becoming more complicated. The Android operating system is gradually both in functionality, on the basis of which the overwhelming majority of smartphones are created. Sometimes it does not lead to anything good. Some devices regularly issue certain errors, hang, and sometimes it is impossible to include them at all. The last case is the most rare. Most often, unsuccessful flashing leads to it - that is why manufacturers recommend not to do this case using standard firmware.

Why does this happen?

The Android consists of millions of lines of code. Even Google itself says that there are mistakes somewhere in the depths of this code. They are eliminated with each update, but at the same time new appear. In most cases, these errors do not affect the efficiency of the device. But sometimes some third-party application is drawn to the ill-fated piece of code, which is why the smartphone hangs. In such cases, the reboot is usually saved. But there are situations when after such a device does not want to turn on.

Do not assume that inept programmers work in the company Google. As such, the fatal errors in the "bare" operating system are not. But the creators of corporate shells may well be allowed. But this case is about some small manufacturers who are not engaged in the most meticulous check of the created software. That is why problems most often arise on the devices from Prestigio, Cube and other little-known companies.

But most often in the "brick", the smartphone turns after the actions of the user itself. In particular, such cases that occurred after the phone firmware are widely known. More precisely, after trying to install a custom firmware based on the unsuitable version of the operating system. This can be the most serious problem that you often can be "cured" only in the official service center, which has serious equipment.

Other user actions leading to the inability to enable the device are associated with damage. For example, a man dropped their smartphone into the water and immediately got it. It may seem that it will not lead to anything terrible. But corrosion is a terrible thing. It gradually covers metal elements. If it gets to RAM, processor or some other components, then you can forget about the device. In this case, there is already a possibility that even the service center will not help. That's why carry the device to a specialist is needed immediately after it (gadget, and not an employee of the service center) visited the water.

Attempt to save the smartphone after immersion in water

Now exist waterproof smartphones, who are not afraid of even the harsh tests. But most of us owns the device, the case of which perfectly passes water. If the smartphone or tablet on Android fell into a river or a filled bath, then it will definitely not turn on after you get it. If you do not have the opportunity to immediately run into the service center, then make the following:

Step 1. Try to remove the battery. If you have a closed lid, then the likelihood is that nothing without the use of special tools will no longer succeed.

Step 2. Place the device in a plate with rice. Before this wrap the device with a paper or rag napkin. It is necessary that minor rice grains do not get inside the smartphone.

Attention! In no case do not try to warm and dry the smartphone artificially. For example, hairdryer or putting the device on the battery. So you only aggravate the situation.

Step 3. Wait for a while. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture, as a result of which the smartphone itself becomes dry.

Step 4. Remove the device and clean it from rice.

Step 5. Buy a new battery and insert it into your smartphone. Theoretically you can try to include the device and with an old battery, but it risks - the battery entering it could damage it.

After such a procedure, many phones returned to life. But if your device stays in water long enough, then it may not help him. If the water managed to damage the contacts on the motherboard, then it will not be able to save it. The only working version when the moisture smartphone gets into the inside is to quickly disassemble the device, displace all the water and process the parts with alcohol in order to avoid corrosion. However, without special tools and knowledge, this will not work. Better immediately attribute the smartphone to the service center.

Program errors

As we have already been told above, the smartphone does not turn on not only after physical exposure, but after the intervention in its firmware. If an attempt to establish another version of the operating system was not crowned with success, the device may refuse to download anything. But it is possible that this problem can be solved without the involvement of specialists with their special equipment. Try to go to Recovery Mode. On different devices for this use their methods. We wrote more about them in the article about, How to reset Android settings to factory . If you hit the RECOVERY menu, then make a complete reset. It is possible that this will help the computer to determine the device, so that you could install the former firmware.

How to flash android if it does not turn on?

If the device at least somehow reacts after you hold the power key, then there is chances of salvation. If there is no reaction, then try to connect the smartphone to the computer first, then keep one button "POWER" or it along with a volume reduction key. If the PC issued a signal or even immediately defined the connected device, then you have every chance to flash your smartphone.

To tell in detail about the methods of flashing the dead on the type of device there is no point. It all depends on the manufacturer, the smartphone brand and on some other parameters. Mark only the fact that you will need to find and install on the computer drivers for Android devices (if you want to reflash the smartphone on the MTK database), as well as a special flash driver - a special utility from the manufacturer or third-party developers. Also, do not forget to acquire a high-quality USB cable that does not suffer from sudden loss of contact.

Note : reflash the device only as a last resort, if you do not know how to do it, then better contact a specialist. If you do something wrong, then turn the smartphone in the "brick".

Other solutions of the problem

If you did not try to change the operating system, then the reason for the problem should be sought in the other. It is possible that you used very the old smartphone, which eventually failed the battery. The fact is that each battery is designed for a certain number of charge cycles. The closer the limit, the less the battery capacity. Also at some point the battery risks to discharge in zero, after which it is impossible to charge regular means. Or after the drop in the smartphone, the power controller was damaged, which immediately blocks the possibility of recharging. In a word, the reasons for the appearance of a problem can be a set...

will be better if you take a smartphone on android to the service center. You will spend some kind of money for diagnostics, but you will definitely know the source of the problem. After that, it remains to replace the battery (it can be done by yourself) or the power controller (here you have to hope for specialists). There are also cases when the power button breaks - it is also usually repaired without any work in the service center.

Summing up

Sometimes the smartphone refuses to turn on after resetting the settings. In other cases, such a problem leads to water. And there is also such that even experienced professionals do not understand why the Android phone does not turn on. In short, the reasons for this are very different. We will hope that our article helped solve your problem. If not, you will have to either experiment with the device, resorting to the most fantastic resurrection tools, or contact the service center.