Does antivirus need for Windows Phone?

Find Antivirus, designed for Windows Phone, is not so simple: there is no similar application in the Windows Store store. Do you need an antivirus for mobile version of Windows?

The owners of the gadgets under the control of the Android OS are not acquainted with the defender programs, because the Google Play service is literally died with them. However, in the case of Windows Phone, everything is different: no antiviruses for this operating system, because they are actually not needed. Unlike Android, the Windows Phone operating system (and the next version of Windows Mobile) was developed by Microsoft with closing sight: that is, the OS source code is protected from access to it from both the user and the programs executed. Therefore, the virus will not be able to harm the system.

In addition, applications for this operating system can be downloaded only from the Windows Store store, where they are tested before the publication, so that the user will not even be able to install a program from the unverified source. In addition, the share of Windows-smartphones on the market is very small, and therefore this segment simply is simply interesting for hackers and viruses.

However, one loophole for malicious programs is still there. There is a way to unlock the device on Windows Phone called Chevron WP Labs, through which the applications cannot be installed on the smartphone from Windows Store. Using this method, the user can theoretically subjected its device to the attack of the virus with all concomitant consequences. The output suggests itself: it is not necessary to engage in unlocking your gadget, especially since it does not carry anything useful for the man in the man.

Viruses in our time, unfortunately, became a threat not only for desktop operating systems, but also for mobile devices. Half protection programs damage the data, send SMS messages to paid numbers, kidnap the logins and passwords to various services and PIN codes to bank cards. Therefore, if you still want to get the maximum confidence in the smartphone security and install reliable and free antivirus for Windows Phone, it is worth paying attention to the following application:

Kaspersky Safe Browser

Internet browser for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. It allows users of smartphones to get safe and reliable Internet access, protect themselves from phishing websites and secure unwanted content.


Model of distribution: free

Also in the near future, antivirus is expected from Avast Software for Windows 10 Mobile: According to representatives of the company, it will help protect users from the embezzlement of personal data and imposition of advertising. However, the specific application of the application's release is not reported, as not to the actual justification for installing it on devices with Windows Mobile Version.